Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed28 Apr 1788VolPageMemorial 
   I of ReleaseDate of earlier deed 39850262319 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1R intended groomEVATTHumphreyofMt. Lewis MON eldest son & heir of BEsq.A
B  EVATTCharlesoflate of Mt. Lewis, dec'dEsq. 
C P2RCROOKSHANKAlexof Hon Justice court of Common Pleas Ireland 
D P2RBAYLYClaytonofGowran KILLEsq. 
E P3RROPERRichard HenryofDublin cityHon __, executor of will of G; guardian of H 
F P3RCROKERThomasofDublin cityEsq.; executor of will of G; guardian of H 
G  BAYLEYSamueloflate Rector of Kilmore MON, dec'd  
H P4R intended brideBAYLEYElizofonly dau of Gspinster 
I P5RMONTGOMERYAlexoflate of Poplar Dale MON now of Cork city  
J P5RMITCHELLJohnoftown & co MonaghanEsq. 
K P6RROPERHenryofson of ERev., Clerke 
L P6RCOOPERJohn ThomasofCastlenock DUBEsq. 
M  EVATTBettannaofmother of A  
14 WD; WMMITCHELLBlayofDublin cityAtty at law 
15 REGMOOREJohn Thomasof   
16 WD; WMSMITHJosephofDublin cityAtty at law 
AbstractComment for person [A] :Intended marriage of A&H; marriage portion £3412; Mullaghtory orse Mountlewis, Formoyless orse Fermoyle, Nagraffagh, Killatan orse Killitan, Agrakelto, Gortmore, Henlough in Co MON from A to C&D upon trust, subj to £50 annuity to M and for use of A with power to make leases up to 30 years; on decease of A £150 to H if she survives, estate to eldest son.
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Person [M] :note that memorial showed spelling with uncrossed t's.
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MSMS Date registered1788-4-29 Date abstract added20110321 

Abstract made by: VancouverMike