Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed1 Jul 1790VolPageMemorial 
   IDDate of earlier deed 426285277850 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1MONSELLWilliam ThomasofTirvoe in liberties of LimerickEsq, eldest son + heir + sole executor of M 
B P2LATOUCHEDavid (Rt Hon)ofDublin cityPC Ireland 
CaP1 CROKEREdward (elder)ofRawleighstown, Co Limerick  
DaP1 CROKERJohnofBallynagard, Co LimerickEsq, Eldest son and heir apparent of C 
EaP1 CROKEREdward (the younger)ofCaircorney, Co LimerickEsq, eldest son of D 
FaP1 CROKERAndrewof son of D 
GaP2 ATKINSONAnthonyofCamford, Co Offaly (King's Co)Esq 
HaP2 DILLONJohnofQuartertown, Co CorkEsq 
IaP3 STAUNTONThomasofDublin cityMaster in High Court 
JaP3 MAUNSELLRichardofNew Ross, Co TipperaryEsq 
KaP4 TAYLORWalteroflate Raheen, Co GalwayEsq 
LaP4 TAYLORAnn [recte Elizabeth]of daughter of K 
MbP2mentionedMONSELLWilliamoflate, Limerick cityfather of A 
NbP1 PERYEdmond Sextenof Esq, now Viscount Pery 
O O prevBUTLERThomasof   
P O prevHYDEWilliamof Alderman 
Q O adjFRENCHMartin FitzRobertof   
R O prevKIRWANThomas Reighof   
S O prevWALLMarcusof   
T O prevERWINErasmusof   
U O prevBLAKEValentine (Sir)of   
V OFARMERStephenof   
W O prevBROWNEDominick (Sir)of   
X O prevLYNCHMartinof   
Y O prevKIRWANDenisof   
Z OSHAWRobertof   
AA O adjPERYWilliam Cecil (Rev)ofNewtown Pery  
AB O adjSOUTHLANDJohnofNewtown Pery  
AC O adjMONSELLJohnofNewtown Pery  
AD O adjFRANKLINAlexanderofNewtown PeryMr 
AE WD WMO'BRIENDenisofDublin cityGentA
AF WD WMMONSELLMeredythofDublin cityGentA
AbstractReciting L+ R 15+15 Feb 1728 [102702] tennament in Galway + land in Limerick vested in I + J for 99 years from death of F, which occurred in 1776, and lands became vested in M also lease 8 Oct 1766 N to M land in Limerick for lives renewable; houses in Kirwins Lane reputed property of O hitherto in possn of P a slated house 42' on Street 3 stories high 10 eooms 3 chimenies, a yard 40' long 20' broad lands of Anhill [Anhit]
MS  Date registered2 Nov 1790 Date abstract added20130804 

Abstract made by: nickred