Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed1 Nov 1792VolPageMemorial 
   IDR conveyanceDate of earlier deed 46269294378 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1MCRONEMargary (ow GAW)of widow, heir at law of I 
B P1CONNORElizabeth (ow GAW)of widow, heir at law of I 
C P1MILLIKENThomasof heir at law of I 
D P1MILLIKENSusan (ow GAW)of wife of C, heir at law of I 
E P1HASLEHenryof heir at law of I 
F P1HASSEJane (ow GAW)of wife of E, heir at law of I 
G P1BOYLEJohnof heir at law of I 
H P1BOYLEAnn (ow GAW)of wife of G, heir at law of I 
I mentionedGAWPatrickoflate Belfast, Co Antrimmerchant 
J P2DREWWiliamofBelfast, Co AntriminnkeeperA
K O adjWHITEEstherof widow 
L O adjBOSWELLCharlesof   
M OFRAZERSimonof   
N lifeCHICHESTERArthur (Rt Hon)of Marquis of Donegal 
O WD WMMCCLUREFrancisofBelfast, Co AntrimprinterA
P WD WMTIRDALEJohnofBelfast, Co AntrimprinterA
AbstractP1 for £1600 from J land on south side of Castle Street Belfast 47ft wide 100ft deep + other land in Cornmarket Street except for that granted to K + part occupied by J as an assignee of L, occ by M for life of N and 99 years from 1767
MS  Date registered16 Nov 1792 Date abstract added20130615 

Abstract made by: nickred