Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed12 Dec 1793VolPageMemorial 
   L+RDate of earlier deed 48453302832 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1EDKINSPeteroflate of Mill St, co DublinEsq. deceased 
B P1 lifeEDKINSMarthaofMill St, Dublinsenior. widow of Peter Edkins 
C P1 lifeEDKINSGeorgeofMill St, Dublineldest son of Peter Edkins dec'd 
D P2 lifeEDKINSJamesofDublinRev. (Drumcondra Church) son of Peter 
Elife EDKINSJohnofDublin  
F P2 lifeEDKINSAnnofDublino'wise Woods or Pearson 
G P2 lifePEARSONAnn WoodsofDublino'wise Edkins 
H P2 lifeEDKINSMarthaofDublinjunior. spinster dau of Peter Edkins 
I P2 lifeEDKINSSarahofDublinspinster dau of Peter Edkins 
J P2 lifeEDKINSElizabethofDublino'wise Tracy. wife of Philip Tracy 
K P2 lifeTRACYElizabethofDublino'wise Elizabeth Edkins 
L P2 lifeTRACYPhilipofDublinhusband of Elizabeth Edkins 
M P3LAWLESSPhilipofMill St, co Dublinbrewer. Strong Beer Brewery 
N OHORANMrofMill St, co Dublinor Morian 
O OMORIANMrofMill St, co Dublinor Horan 
P OHULLHenryofTanners Row, Dublintanyard 
Q WDDOWLINGMathewofCity DublinAttorney at Law 
R WDEGANLukeofCity Dublinclerk to Mathew Dowling 
AbstractB & C to M, warehouse north-side Lane from Mill St to Mills formerly called Double Mills. Tanyard occupied by P. Small beer brewery formerly called Lime Kiln Yard. Several houses
MS  Date registered  Date abstract added20121015 

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