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   Type of deedDate of current deed27 Nov 1796VolPageMemorial 
   Deed of Conveyance or AssignmentDate of earlier deed 51540333688 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1CURRAGHJaneof otherwise McDowall, wife of B, sister & Legal Attourney of C 
B mentionedMcDOWALLWilliamofGanway, co. Down  
C mentionedJAMESONGeorgeofTown of Portrea, County of Southampton, EnglandClock & Watchmaker, son of D 
D mentionedJAMESONJohnofDrumkirk, co. Downthe late, Farmer, deceased 
E P2SINCLAIREJamesofBallyressell, co. DownFarmerA
F mentionedJAMESONHansof brother of D 
7 REGKENNEDYHenryof   
8 WMMONTGOMERYRobertofComtair, co. DownGentA
9 WD WMWALLACEJamesofBallyfaire, co. Down A
AbstractComment for person [A] :After reciting that E was entitled to a third share of D's farm called the Haw Farm, at the decease of F, A in consideration of 13 lb ster did grant unto E all D's Reversionary Interest Rights to the said Haw Farm mentioned in the will of D, to wit 1/3 part thereof & of the profits thereof upon the death of F.
Person [7] : 
Person [8] : 
Person [9] : 
MS  Date registered5 February 1798 Date abstract added20120831 

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