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   Type of deedDate of current deed21 Jan 1797VolPageMemorial 
   IDDate of earlier deed 51564333799 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1GERNONPatrickofNavan, co. MeathMerchantA
BaP1 bP1P2MAGRATHAliceofNavan, co. Meathwidow 
C P3McEVOYLaurenceofNavan, co. MeathFarmer 
D mentionedMAGRATHNicholasofNavan, co. MeathMerchant, deceased, former husband of B 
E mentionedMAGRATHMaryof minor, daughter of B & D 
F mentionedMAGRATHJosephof minor, son of B & D 
GaP2 FAYJohnofBlack Water Mills, co. MeathFlour Miller 
HbP2 GIBNEYMichaelofDawramstown, co. MeathEsq 
I WD WMKILLINWilliamofNavan, co. MeathReverend, ClerkA
J WD WMFITZPATRICKCorneliusofNavan, co. MeathApothecaryA
K REGMOOREJohnof Esq, Deputy Registrar 
AbstractComment for person [A] :Marriage being intended between B & C, and B having issue by D, E & F, to each of whom D bequeathed a sum of 200 lb, B, desirous to secure said two sums for E & F, laid out same on two Bonds and Warrants, to be paid to E & F on conditions set down in the Bonds, and by this deed C laid out Bond and Warrent with A for the sum of 600 lb to be paid to B if she should survive C.
Person [I] : 
Person [J] : 
Person [K] : 
MSMS Date registered9 February 1798 Date abstract added20120927 

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