Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed14 Feb 1798VolPageMemorial 
   ID of AnnuityDate of earlier deed 51588333892 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1THOMSONRobertofRavensdale, co. LouthMerchantA
B P2, lifeTHOMSONJaneofformerly of Newry, co. Down, now of Gloucester Street, City of DublinSpinster 
CaP1 bP1 cP1 FORTESCUEWilliam Henryof Right Honourable, Earl of Clermont 
DaP2 bP2 dP2 THOMSONBenjaminof Father of A, deceased 
EcP2 SEATONJamesof   
FdP1 TIPPINGFrancisof Esq 
G WD WMMERCERThomasofCity of DublinEsqA
H WD WMDEZOUCHEJamesofCity of DublinGentA
I REGMOOREJohnof Esq, Deputy Registrar 
AbstractComment for person [A] :A, in consideration of 800 lb to him paid, granted to B an annuity of 80 lb charged upon the 15 acres of the Lands of Dulargy, co. Louth, & the dwelling house offices Bleach Green & Garden thereon, demised by C to D in 1770, & also that part of the Mountain of Dulargy containing 29 acres 1 rood & 18 perches demised by C to D in 1768, & also that part of the Lands of Dulargy formerly in the possession of E containing 7 acres 2 roods demised by C to E in 1772, & also that part of the Lands of Dulargy, together with 8 houses and gardens in the Village of Ravensdale containing 11 acres 10 perches demised by C to D on 11 December 1778, & also that part of the Lands of Bellingan, co. Louth, containing 21 acres 3 roods, demised by F to D in 1785, for the life of B.
Person [G] : 
Person [H] : 
Person [I] : 
MS  Date registered14 February 1798 Date abstract added20121110 

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