Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed23 Dec 1800VolPageMemorial 
   ReleaseDate of earlier deed 541224356740 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A  TYRRELLGarrettofMullingar Co. WestmeathEsq 
B  TYRELLGeorgeofCity of DublinGent and attorney at law and only son and heir of A 
C  BONDCatherine Tyrrell OWof wife of B 
D  BONDWensley (Rev)ofCity of DublinDean of Ross, father of C 
E  FORWARD[Rebecca] Catherine Bond OWof wife of D, father and mother of C 
F  HELY-HUTCHINSONRt. Hon Richardof Lord Baron Donaghmore 
G  DUGUERYHenryof one of His Majesty’s Counsel at law 
H  TYRRELLJohnofClonard, Co. Kildare  
I  BONDWilliamofEdgworthstown Co. Longfordesq. 
J  BONDRebeccaof wife of D 
K  LILLESJamesof   
M  BOWMANAlderman Nathanialof   
N  HYNDESJohnof Gent Deceased 
O  TYRRELLMaryof wife of A 
P  BEARDRichardof   
AbstractMarriage B + C on or about November 1798, Articles of Agreement deed 17th Apr 1799 marriage 10 shillings a piece to them D, E[? Or J], F +G by H and I acknowledged receipt D + E demise to H + I 95 acres 12p Lands and towns Moatinvalley formerly let to K on subdivision by trustees of L And 32 acres 1r 5p in said town and lands Moatinvalley formerly let to M And all town and lands of Cooldonye (except Newgrove) 49 ac 3r 34p late in possession of N all in Co. Longford H + I for 200 years at 1 peppercorn in trust And rent to C as marriage settlement A + B assign to H + I lease of 1 Yr. Town and lands Robinstown, formerly Robinstown Rochfort, Co. Westmeath And Town and lands Ferryglass, Aghamore Co. Leitrim for lives of A, O + P
MS  Date registered  Date abstract added20100130 

Abstract made by: RayTyrrell