Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed22 Jan 1712VolPageMemorial 
   EndorsementDate of earlier deed 102603652 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
1 P2DBELLThomasofDublin CityMerchant 
2 OBENNETT ofSt James' St, DublinWidow 
3 OBENNETTThomasofSt James' St, Dublinpublican 
4 OBEVIN ofSt James' St, Dublinpublican, Widow 
5 OBROOKFIELDHenryofSt James' St, Dublin  
6 OCUSACKWilliamofSt James' St, Dublinpublican 
7 OFENTONJosephofSt James' St, Dublin  
8 OHESKITTRichardofSt James' St, Dublinpublican 
9 OHEWETSONDominickofSt James' St, Dublinpublican 
10 OHEWETSONFrancesofSt James' St, Dublinpublican, Widow 
11 OHOWARD ofSt James' St, Dublinpublican, Widow 
12 OHOWARDJohnofSt James' St, Dublin  
13 OJOHNSON ofSt James' St, Dublinpublican, Widow 
14 OJOHNSON ofSt James' St, DublinWidow 
15 OJONESThomasofSt James' St, Dublinpublican 
16 P2DMARTINJamesofDublin CityMerchant 
17 OMURPHYPatrickofSt James' St, Dublin  
18 OSTONES ofSt James' St, DublinWidow 
19 OTOPHAMJamesofSt James' St, Dublin  
20 OWHITEMathewofSt James' St, Dublin  
21 OWILDERThomasofSt James' St, Dublin  
22 P1DWYBRANTSBartholomewofDublin CityEsq 
AbstractComment for person [1] :property in St James' Street, Dublin
Person [2] : 
Person [3] :ran "The Sign of the Ram" & "The Three Goats' Heads"
Person [4] :ran "The Sign of the Wool Pack"
Person [5] : 
Person [6] :ran "The Sign of the Phenix"
Person [7] : 
Person [8] :ran "The Sign of the Holy Lamb"
Person [9] :ran "The Sign of the Fox & Geese"
Person [10] :ran "The Sign of the Dog & Duck", with a brewhouse with three acres of land
Person [11] :ran "The Sign of the Kilkenny Gate", with a brewhouse, malthouse & mill
Person [12] : 
Person [13] :ran "The Sign of the Thread Mill"
Person [14] : 
Person [15] :ran "The Sign of the Ring of Bells"
Person [17] : 
Person [18] : 
Person [19] : 
Person [20] : 
Person [21] : 
MS  Date registered  Date abstract added20070401 

Abstract made by: Roz McC