Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed14 Jul 1810VolPageMemorial 
   I conveyanceDate of earlier deed 619268424746 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1POOLWm Welsleyof Rt. Hon. Chief Remembrancer, Exchequer Court, Ireland 
BmortgagorsP2; P3CHARTERSAlexofAdmin of Goods & Chattels of H  
CmortgagorsP2LEDLEYAlexofAntrim, ANT  
DmortgagorsP2CLARKWilliamofSteeple, ANT  
EmortgagorsP2MONTGOMERYHughofBenwarden, ANT  
FmortgagorsP2FERGUSONJohn StephensonofBelfast ANT  
GmortgagorsP2FERGUSONJamesof__ Park, ANT  
H P3MCLOUNANJohnoflate of Antrim, ANT, deceasedinn holder 
I P4MCLOUNANAbigalofParish of Antrimwidow of H 
J P5 - mentionedMCLOUNANPatrickofminor, eldest & nat son of H  
K P6ARTHURJamesofDublin cityAtty at law, GentA
L a creditorORRSamuelof   
M lifeMCLOUNANHenryof   
15 REGGRIFFINJohnof   
16 WD WMIRWINRobertofCo ANTGent 
17 signed deed on behalf of ATHOMPSONFred.of   
AbstractComment for person [A] :I&J confirmed their rights unto K of tenement on w.side of Bow Lane, Dublin following court order 2JUN1808 [party 2 were plaintiffs vs H&I] settled 14NOV 1808, upon payment of £330 by K including £48.7.7 to L and K to BCDEFG of 10s, to hold for life of M & others by virtue of orig lease, forever subj to rent fees and fine upon renewal.
Person [L] :was paid as creditor £48.7.7 ster
Person [14] : 
Person [15] : 
Person [16] : 
Person [17] : 
MS  Date registered1810-2-20 Date abstract added20101224 

Abstract made by: VancouverMike