Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed0 Jul 1811VolPageMemorial 
   MSDate of earlier deed6 Jul 1762640360440212 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1DAVISHenryofJohns Grove, Queens Coesq; P2 1801 deed; s/o John Davis senior 
B P2FAUCETTCatherineofPortarlington, Kings Cospinster 
C P3FAUCETTBenjaminofPortarlington, Kings Coesq 
D P3DURONIsaacofPortarlington, Kings Coesq 
E P4TODDSimonofBallinagar,Kings Co  
F P4BAILYCharlesofGeashill, Kings Co  
GP1 DELANYMartinofBallyfin, Queens Co  
HP2 DAVISJohnofShraleigh, Queens Cogent, father of John & Henry; husband of Mary 
I  SHACKAnthonyof esq, neighbour at Bocca, Queens Co 
J  DILLONPatrickof neighbour at Bocca, Queens Co 
K  HARPERGeorgeof neighbour at Bocca, Queens Co 
L  PIMJonathanof neighbour at Bocca, Queens Co 
Mlife DAVISJohnofBorisinossory, Queens Cos/o John, aged 3 1762; P2 1792, P2 1790 
Nlife SHEARMANJosephof eldest son of Joshua Shearman 
O  SHEARMANJoshuaofDerrymalogue, Queens Cofarmer, father of Joseph 
P  HACKETTThomasofEyre Court, Co GalwayP1 1792 deed 
Q  SABATIERThomas MullyneauxofSummer Grove, Queens Coesq; P1 1801 
R  MOOREDanielof former owner of land at Tereene 1801 deed 
S  MOORELawrenceof s/o Daniel 1801 deed 
T  MANGANPatrickof neighbour at Tereene 1801 
U  LABATTAndrewof esq, neighbour at Tereene 1801 
V  FAUCETTPaulof neighbour at Tereene 1801 
W  DAVISJohn Hudsonof s/o John Davis junior; life 1801 
X  DAVISWilliamof s/o John Davis junior, life 1801 
Y  DAVISMaryof mother of John junior & Henry 
Z  BAILYChristopherof s/o Thomas Baily, life 1790 
AA  BAILYThomasofRaheenfather of Christopher 
AB  GRANGEWilliamof s/o John Grange, life 1790 
AC  GRANGEJohnofPortarlington, Queens Cofather of William 
AD  MERCIERCottrellof aka Cothell Mervin 
AE WFAUCETTSamuelof   
AbstractLands at Bocca (1762), Johns Grove (1790) & Nutgrove (1792), Queens Co, and Ballyduff (1801), Kings Co
MSMS Date registered21 October 1811 Date abstract added20111103 

Abstract made by: aroha