Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed4 Mar 1812VolPageMemorial 
   Rent ChargeDate of earlier deed 639553443718 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
1 OBRODERICKThomasofLongorchard, TIP  
2 ODOHERTYDanielofLongorchard, TIP  
3 P2DDOHERTYJohnofAntrath, TIPEsq 
4 WDDOHERTYMichaelofLoughkent, TIPEsq 
5 ODULHUNTYConnorofLongorchard, TIP  
6 OKENNEYPatrickofLongorchard, TIPRevd 
7 OKIERNAHANJohnofLongorchard, TIP  
8 P1DLALORJerryofCottage, TIPEsq 
9 OMARDOKeiranofLongorchard, TIP  
10 OMARDOThomasofLongorchard, TIP  
11 WD WMPHELANWilliamofCashel, TIPGent 
12 OTRACYJohnofLongorchard, TIP  
13 OWHITE ofLongorchard, TIPWidow 
MS  Date registered5 Mar 1812 Date abstract added20110806 

Abstract made by: Roz McC