Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed25 Nov 1713VolPageMemorial 
   deeds of lease + releaseDate of earlier deed 112454442 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
AcP3P1EVANSNathanielofBallywilliamcon, Co CarlowGent 
B P1DILLONEdmondofBoremore, Co CarlowGent 
CaP1 bP2 cP2P1, P3BAGNALLWalterofDunleck, Co CarlowEsq 
D P2CHAMBERLAINPhilip (Rev)ofDublin cityclerkA
EaP1 bP2 BARNALLElinorof wife of C, deceased 
FaP2 bP1 COOPEREdwardof   
GbP3 cP1 PRICERobertof   
HcP3 EVANSNathanielof son of A 
I WDFAGANHughofKilcarrick, Co Carlowfarmer 
K WDDALTONEdwardof   
L WDSISSONThomasofDublin cityPublic Notary 
AbstractThe release reciting C + E by indenture 16 Dec 1701 did grant + release to F Cruicrath DUB for ever subject to redemption; mortgage trqansferred to G 3 part deed 10 Oct 1706 F with consent of C + E to G; mortgaged transferred 9 Oct 1711 to A + H with consent of C; in deed 26 Apr 1712 A declared part of the money buying mrrtgage was B's; present deed transfer to D
MS  Date registered27 Nov 1713 Date abstract added20101114 

Abstract made by: nickred