Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed3 Feb 1713VolPageMemorial 
   Deed of SurrenderDate of earlier deed 113674747 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1GAHANGeorgeofMountrath LEX  
B P1PIMThomasofMountrath LEXmerchant 
C P1PAVEYSusannaofMountrath LEXwidow 
D P1DULANYDanielofMountrath LEXmerchant 
E P1SIMONSIsaacofMountrath LEXmerchant 
F P1HARRISJohnofMountrath LEXmerchant 
G P1THORNELLWilliam (jr)ofMountrath LEXtanner 
H P1PAVEYJohnofMountrath LEX  
I P1DESPARDWilliamofCrana LEX  
J P1SEGERRichardofRed Castle LEX  
K P1HONORRobertofFromery LEXfarmer 
L P1FISHERJamesofClonenagh LEX  
M P1ROBERTSFrancisofRushin LEXfarmer 
N P1ROBERTSJohnofRushin LEXfarmer 
O P1MOOREPeirceofLoran LEX  
P P1HUGOUJohnofDerrycraroe LEX  
Q P1STEELERobertofBallaghmore LEX  
R P1CARRAmos (sr)ofBallaghmore LEX  
S P1FISHERThomasofRathleaghe LEXfarmer 
T P1BRERETONHenryofCappanara LEX  
U P1BOATEGershonofCoolraheen LEX  
V P1ROBERTSGeorgeofRushin LEXfarmer 
W P1PIMTobiasofRushin LEXfarmer 
X P1CHAUNDERSCalebofCloncouree LEXfarmer 
Y P1ROBERTSWilliamofBallyduff LEXfarmer 
Z P1WALPOLEWilliamofMondrehit LEXfarmer 
AA P1CANTRELLThomasofCastle Cuff LEX  
AB P1MEREDITHRiceofRorymore LEXfarmer 
AC P1FRENCHWilliamofMoyvanna, Co Roscommon  
AD P1SHEPERDSONJohnofBranockstown, Co Kildare  
AE P1BRYANEdmondofArdan OFFfarmer 
AF P1BENTLEYWilliamofArdan OFFfarmer 
AG P1FLEETWOODJohnofBallydrohidmore OFF  
AH P1HALLJohnofBallyboy OFFfarmer 
AI P2COOTECharlesof Earl of Mountrath 
AJ WPHILLIPSRobertof Servant to AI 
AK  ALLENWilliamof Servant to AI 
AL WBURNCormuckof servant to AM 
AM  KINGJohnofKarmirhir, Co Roscommon  
AN WBRANDJohnof atty in Court of Exchequer 
AO WLEWISWilliamofTulligory, Co Kildare  
AP WANDERSONJohnof servant to AQ 
AQ WPODMOREJohnofDublin  
AR WGRAYDONAlexanderofCo Kildare  
AS WGRAYDONHenryofCo Kildare  
AT WMORTONThomasofMountrathfarmer 
AU WCUREChristopherofMountrathfarmer 
AbstractParties of the 1st part giving up their various holdings (specified), Mountrath to pay each of them £1500
MS  Date registered18 Feb 1713 Date abstract added20070401 

Abstract made by: AnneChamney