Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed14 Apr 1817VolPageMemorial 
   I of conveyanceDate of earlier deed 717395490530 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1HENNWilliamofHigh Court of Chancery, IrelandEsq 
B P2FOOTLundyofDublin cityBarrister at law; Esq 
C P3MAUNSELLCharles Francisofheir at law to D; of Ballyb__ LIMEsq 
DGrantee MAUNSELLJohnoflate of Dublin city; Dec'datty at law 
E P3BOWLESHenryofheir at law to F; of Youghall, COREsq 
F  BOWLESGeorgeoftrustee named in will of D; late of Mount Prospect, COR; dec'dEsq 
G P3MAUNSELLSamuelofsurviving exor to DRev. 
HSurviving trustee of KP4MAUNSELLWilliamoflate Chancellor, Dioc of LimerickRev. 
ISurviving trustee of KP4MEARDANJohnoftrustee named in deed 15 Dec 1803  
JSurviving trustee of KP5YORKEWilliamof   
KGrantorP6MAUNSELLThomas Ridgateofdeceased  
L P6MAUNSELLWilliam HenryofDouglass, Isle of Man; only son and heir at law of KEsq. 
M P6BRADSHAWThomas Ridgateof Esq. 
Nlegatee & devisee of will of KP6BRADSHAWJane orse MAUNSELLofwife of M  
O P6HARDINGWilliamofDublin cityEsq. 
Plegatee & devisee of will of KP6HARDINGSarah Pourie orse MAUNSELLofwife of O  
Qlegatee & devisee of will of KP6MAUNSELLAnne Forte MeardanofLimerick, LIMSpinster 
Rlegatee & devisee of will of KP6MAUNSELLEliza Fortye MeardanofLimerick, LIMSpinster 
Slegatee & devisee of will of KP6MAUNSELLMaria Daly FortyeofLimerick, LIMSpinster 
T P7HOAREStephenofDublin; admor of will of KGent 
U P7HANENathanielofDublin city; trustee in deed of settlement 6 Mar 1810Alderman 
V P7PEACOCKPryceofLimerick, LIM; trustee in deed of settlement 6 Mar 1810Esq. 
W P8HARDINGWilliam the elderofDrumcandra, DUBEsq. 
X P9BEAUCHAMPRobertofBaggott St., Dublinatty at law 
Y P10HARTIGANJohnofLimerick, LIMEsq. 
Zgrantee BRADSHAWThomasofdeceased  
27 WDCAULDONHenryofDouglass, Isle of ManEsq. 
28 WDDEVERAUXRogerof   
29 WD WMGANNANMichaelof   
30 WD WMGARMANNicholasofDublin cityGent 
31 WDGRANTELSJohnof   
32 WDGUINESSEdwardofDouglass, Isle of ManEsq. 
34 WD WMMCDERMOTTJohnof writing clerk 
35 REGMOOREOliverof Esq. 
AbstractComment for person [A] :Drumbane alias Drumawn alias __(?) Gortnamany & pt of De_keen [284 acres plantation] in ba of Clanwilliam LIM was with direction of A, released by CEGHI&J for ever + BLMNQRSTWPOU&V released accding to their rights their rights in Equity of redemption to hold unto X in trust for Y
Person [B] :Drumbane alias Drumawn alias __(?) Gortnamany & pt of De_keen [284 acres plantation] in ba of Clanwilliam LIM were conveyed in mortgage to B. B later becomes plaintiff in hearings before Court of Chancery, with L & others as defendants.
Person [D] :Drumbane alias Drumawn alias __(?) Gortnamany & pt of De_keen [284 acres plantation] in ba of Clanwilliam LIM were seized in K, then conveyed in mortgage to D in consid of £9411.19.4 ster, subj to redemption
Person [F] : 
Person [K] : 
Person [Z] :K to Z a warranty against liens on sd properties, was included in current conveyance
Person [27] : 
Person [28] : 
Person [29] : 
Person [30] : 
Person [31] : 
Person [32] : 
Person [33] :a true copy
Person [34] : 
Person [35] : 
MS  Date registered1817-7-18 Date abstract added20110804 

Abstract made by: VancouverMike