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   Type of deedDate of current deed8 Apr 1818VolPageMemorial 
   MSDate of earlier deed 726348495883 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A Intended groomRIBTONJohn SheppyofLower Gardiner St Dublin city, eldest son & heir of L&SBartA
B intended BrideHAYESMary AnnofOnly da of C, spinster, age 21 or more, grand dau of D A
C  HAYESJerimiahoflate of Lisvana TIPP, dec'd  
D  HAYESWilliamofWhitestown WATEsq 
E  GROGANHamilton Knoxofeldest son & heir of F; a minor in 4 Mar 1768  
Ftrustee MS GROGANCorneliusoflate of Johnstown WEX dec'dEsq 
Gguardian of A, a minor ELLISThomasof   
H TrusteeGREENFrancis WilliamofKillranelagh WICEsq 
I TrusteeREIDRobertofBelvedere, DUBMedical Doctor; Esq 
J TrusteeWESTRYWilliamofMeridan Square, DublinEsq 
K TrusteeFERGUSONJohnofGloster Street DublinEsq 
Lintended groom RIBTONGeorgeofHilorgan(?) DUBBart; Sir 
M  GROGANJohnofJohnstown  
NIntended bride GROGANMaryofspinster, 2nd dau of M  
OTrusteee LORDWilliamof   
PTrusteee COLCLOUGHVeseyofDuffrey Hall, WEXEsq 
QTrusteee BAMBICHJohnofMaidenhead QUEENS  
RIntended bride to L SHEPPYMaryofeldest dau of S  
S  SHEPPYJohn?ofDublin cityEsq 
Tmortagee JOHNSTONJohn AllenofKilleran, DUB  
Utrustee OTWAYCaesarof   
Vtrustee TISDALLThomasof Rev 
Wtrustee OTWAYWilliamof   
Xmentioned FORSTERJohnofUpper Gardiner St. DublinEsq 
Y WD;WMBALEThomasofDublin citySolicitor 
Z WD;WMLYNCHThomasofclerk of YClerk 
AbstractComment for person [A] :A&E to H&I of certain lands as well as to J&K of certain lands & money in trust. B with consent of A to H&I of certain lands and to J&K of £2000 of certain stock, in trust
Person [B] : 
Person [C] : 
Person [D] : 
Person [F] : 
Person [G] : 
Person [L] :George Ribton first marr sett to Mary Grogan (N) who died shortly after without male issue; second marr sett to Mary Seppy Ūl; was entitled to £300 on death of John Forster (X); held mortgage of T.
Person [M] : 
Person [N] :died shortly after marriage to Geroge Ribton, without male issue
Person [O] : 
Person [P] : 
Person [Q] : 
Person [R] : 
Person [S] : 
Person [T] :mortgage to T held by L
Person [U] :UV & W were trustees oto an earlier deed where A was entitled to interest on £1000
Person [V] :UV & W were trustees oto an earlier deed where A was entitled to interest on £1000
Person [W] :UV & W were trustees oto an earlier deed where A was entitled to interest on £1000
Person [X] :Sir George Ribton was entitled to £300 life insurance on death of John Forster.
Person [Y] : 
Person [Z] : 
Person [27] : 
MSMS Date registered1818-6-13 Date abstract added20100404 

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