Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed3 Aug 1821VolPageMemorial 
   Indented Deed of Marriage SettlementDate of earlier deed 756326519261 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1SULLIVANMichaelofTedagh, Co CorkGent 
B P2SULLIVANRichardofTedagh, Co CorkGent, son of AA
C P3TRINWITHWilliamofFaha, Co CorkGent 
D P4TRINWITHMary Anneof daughter of C 
E P5VICKERYJamesofMollough, Co CorkGent 
F P6TRINWITHRichardofLeilrum, Co CorkGent 
G OCASKABarringtonofCappaleigh + Kelladrumalive, Co Cork  
H OSULLIVANTimothyofCappaleigh + Kelladrumalive, Co Cork  
I OSULLIVANRobertofCappaleigh + Kelladrumlave, Co Cork  
J OSULLIVANDanielofCappaleigh + Kelladrumlave, Co Cork  
K ODUGGANDanielofKnuckavallig, Co Cork  
L OBLAKESamuelofKeeladrumalive, Co Cork  
M WD WMCLERKERobertofBantry, Co CorkGentA
N WD WMFITZMAURICEFrancisofBantry, Co CorkGentA
AbstractIn consideration of the marriage of B son of A, + D daughter of C, A passed to E + F, as trustees, parts of lands of Cappaleigh + Keeldrumalive, Granure, Knuckavallig + Tedagh, some portions of which were in the tenancy of G, H, I, J, K + L
MSMS Date registeredSept 1821 Date abstract added20110608 

Abstract made by: RonPrice