Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed26 Feb 1824VolPageMemorial 
   MortgageDate of earlier deed28 Apr 1733789347533682 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1SMITHJohnofShinrone, Kings Coesq; devisee of Ralph Smith 
B P2FAWCETTIsaacofRoscrea, Co Tipperarymerchant 
C P3FAWCETTGeorgeofRoscrea, Co Tipperarymerchant 
D  CAVENDISHJamesof 1796 (P1), 1811 (P1) deeds 
E  CAVENDISHHenryof 1796 (P1) deed 
F  SMITHRalphof deceased; 1811 (P2), 1786 (P2) deeds 
G  JACKSONGeorgeof 1811 deed, former occupant Cullenwaine 
H  BUDGEFrederickof 1811 deed life 
I  BIRCHRichardof 1796 (P2) deed, trustee for Ralph Smith 
J  DAMERCatherineof w/o John Smith 
K  SMITHEdwardof deceased, brother & heir of John 
L  PALMERThomasof 1786 (P1) deed, Clareen, Carragotain 
M  SMITHRalphof 1782 deed, trustee for said Ralph Smith 
N  PALMERThomasof minor, 1813 deed Carragotain, Magheragh 
OP1 BALDWINJohnofCorlanty, Kings Coesq, land at Shinrone 
PP2 SMITHThomasofTulamore, Kings Co  
QO PALMERJaneof spinster, former owner Shinrone 
RO SMITHJohnof owner Shinrone 
SO MCDANIELJohnof former occupant Shinrone 
TO MCDERMOTTAnneof widow, former occupant Shinrone 
U  PARSONSWilliamof Sir, Bart, 1771 (P1) deed 
V  LLOYDJohnofGloster1771 (P1) deed 
W WSPLINTThomasofRoscrea, Co Tipperarygent 
X WOLDHAMMarcus Williamof gent, attorney 
AbstractMoney owed by John Smith to George Fawcett; land at Cullenwaine (05 January 1811, 04 August 1796); Clareen/Magheramore, Carragotain (23 April 1786, 30 & 31 October 1782, 20 Nov 1813); Shinrone (28 April 1733, 24 June 1771); Isaac Fawcett as trustee
MS  Date registered01 March 1824 Date abstract added20120104 

Abstract made by: aroha