Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed24 Nov 1824VolPageMemorial 
   ConveyanceDate of earlier deed19 Jun 1786797491538626 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1FAWCETTWilliam KnoxofEnaghan, Kings Coesq 
B P1FAWCETTBenjaminofEnaghan, Kings Cojunior, esq 
C P2MOLLOYMichaelofTullamore, Kings Comerchant 
D P2MOLLOYAnthonyofTullamore, Kings Comerchant 
E P3MOLLOYJohnofTullamore, Kings Cogent 
FP2 FAWCETTBenjaminof senior, 1786, 1798, 1820 deeds 
GO NEVINSArchibaldof former owner 1786, 1798 deeds 
HO NEVINSPimof former owner 1786, 1798 deeds 
I  BARRETTSamuelof suit against BF senior before 1820 
J  MERCIERCottrellof 1816 judgement (1) 
K  MERCIERMariaof d/o Cottrell, heir 1816 judgement (1) 
L  ROBINSONJohnof 1816 judgement trustee (1) 
M  LYONFrancisof 1816 judgement (2) 
N WMARAJeremiahofCity of Dublinattorney at law 
O WMARAJeremiahofCity of Dublinjunior, gent 
AbstractDeeds 19 June 1786, 10 June 1798, 29 June 1820 for land at Enaghan; judgements in 1816 resulting in 3 deeds 23 Nov 1824; this deed to cover WKF & BF for those
MS  Date registered27 November 1824 Date abstract added20120104 

Abstract made by: aroha