Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed27 Jan 1830VolPageMemorial 
   sale of landDate of earlier deed21 Dec 178586298574598 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1BLAKEAnthony Richardof Esqre Chief Remembrancer of His Majestys Court of Exchequer in Ireland 
B P2PURCELLTobias JohnofDundalk, Co. LouthEsqre, eldest son & heir of C 
C deceasedPURCELLLetitiaof Formerly VIKERS, grand-daughter & Heiress of D 
DSurviving TrusteedeceasedVIKERSJeremiahof the elder 
E P3PAGEJohnofDundalk, Co. LouthEsqre; surviving trustee & Executor of Will of F 
F deceasedSIBTHORPERobertof Esqre 
G P4O'REILLYMylesofCity of DublinEsqre 
H P4O'REILLYGeorgina Elizthof Formerly SIBTHORPE, wife of G, daughter & co-heiress of F 
I P4O'REILLYJamesofButtraford, Co. MeathEsqre, eldest son & heir of J 
J deceasedLAWLORMargtof formerly O'REILLY, formerly SIBTHORPE, daughter & co-heiress of F 
K P4JONESSibthorpeofDunany, Co. LouthEsqre, eldest son & heir of L 
L deceasedJONESMary Anneof formerly SIBTHORPE, daughter & co-heiress of F 
M P5SIBTHORPEJohnofDundalk, Co. Loutheldest son & heir of N 
N deceasedSIBTHORPERobertof the younger 
O P5GILMERRobertofDundalk, Co. Loutheldest son & heir of P, natural child of F & Q 
P deceasedGILMERJaneof formerly SIBTHORPE, natural child of F & Q 
Q deceasedGASKINJaneof [mistress of] F 
R P6KENNYPatrickofKillartry (?), Co. Louthfarmer 
S  HEWERDINEChristopherof   
T  HEWERDINEJosephof   
V witnessARCHBOLDRichdofCapel St, City of DublinGent 
W witnessSHEGOGJohnofGardiners Place. Co DublinGent, apprentice to A 
X witnessMURPHYJacob CamacofCity of DublinGent, att[orne]y 
Y  [??]Dominic QUINNof name inserted 
Z witnessAIKENWmofCity of Dublingent 
AA  ARMSTRONGFrasof Esqre, Deputy Registrar 
AbstractN & P devisees named in F's will. R paid 510 pds. B, E, G, H, I, K, M & O sold land to R with consent of A. 14 acres (Irish) known as Plunkett land, Parsons town, Barony of Ferard, Co. Louth. S, T & U had ? rented Plunkett land ?
MS  Date registered3 Aug 1830 Date abstract added20121027 

Abstract made by: Jenny H