Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed5 Dec 1738VolPageMemorial 
   L + RDate of earlier deed 9316765303 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1WALKERWilliamofCity of DublinAlderman 
B P2WALKERRichardofCity of Dublinmerchant 
CP1 MARKHAMJohnofcity of Dublingent, eldest son and heir of D 
D  MARKHAMJohnoflate of the city of Dublinclothier deceased 
EP2 BYRNEJohnof Clothier 
FO adj FORSTERRichardof   
GO adj BROOKS of Mr 
HO adj SANDS of Mr 
JO adj PAYNE of Mr 
KO adj CHERRYOliverof Esq 
LO adj NOLAN of Mr 
MO adj HEWETSON of Mr 
NO adj MAGUIRE of Mr 
P LFORSTERNicholasof   
QbP2 HAYESWilliamofcity of Dublinbrewer 
R WVIPONDLukeof Gent 
S WJOHNSONBenjaminof public notary 
T WGIBBONSThomasof clerk of S 
Abstractreciting that C, by lease dated 20 Feb 1720 did demise to E, all-black piece of ground fronting the East to the mill race in Pimlico Street situate between Fs stable and garden wall on the North and the walls of the buildings then lately belonging to G, then in the possession of and on the South also those two fields situate westward partly behind the piece of ground before described and partly behind a ditch all then to be made by the F on the west side of his water pond the south end of which ditch all wall was to begin right against the West end of his garden wall the said field is bound being on the South with the Holdings then belonging to on the West with As then orchard and on the North to the field belonging to the house then lately enacted by the whole 1ac 2r 4p to hold during the lives F, O + P and reciting afterwards legally conveyed to Q and reciting that Q was dead lease conveyed to B and A allowed £75 witnesses
MS  Date registered22 Dec 1738 Date abstract added20121011 

Abstract made by: Gillian