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   Type of deedDate of current deed8 Oct 1709VolPageMemorial 
   IDDate of earlier deed 428687 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
1P2DP1DALCOCKWilliamofDublin CityGent 
2P1D BERRYElizabethof decd; Mrs 
3 P3DBERRYWilliamofDublin CityEsq 
4P1D BERRYWilliamof   
5 WD WMCONNELLJohnofDublin CityClerk 
6P2D CROWEJohnofDublin Citydecd; Esq 
7O LOVETTChristopherofDublin CityAlderman 
8O NEWMANJacobofDublin City  
9 WD WMSKYNNERPan Gran ParabowofDublin CityClerk 
10 P2DWARDPeterofDublin CityGlazierA
11 OWARDPeterofDublin City  
12 REGWORTHINGTONBruenofDublin CityNotary Public 
AbstractComment for person [1] :property in Essex Street, Dublin
Person [2] :late wife of said William Berry; also administratrix & relict of said John Crowe
Person [3] : 
Person [4] :sold said Weigh House to said William Alcock
Person [5] :clerk to said Bruen Worthington
Person [6] :was demised house etc in Essex Street, called Weigh House, by Mayor & Citizens of Dublin
Person [7] : 
Person [8] :was granted short lease by said Christopher Lovett
Person [9] :clerk to said Bruen Worthington
Person [10] : 
Person [11] :present occupant of said Weigh House in Essex Street, now a merchants' coffee house
Person [12] : 
MS  Date registered10 Oct 1709 Date abstract added20110108 

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