Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed3 Apr 1740VolPageMemorial 
   IDDate of earlier deed12 Mar 17251001069383 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1COOPERWilliamof Dr. One of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery 
BaP3P1LYONSColleyofRiver Lyons, King's CoEsq 
C P2SINGEREdwardof Rt. Rev, Dr. Bishop of Ferns & Leighlin. Later Bishop of ElphinA
D P3+ Ex for FCOPERobertofCity of DublinEsq 
E P3+ Ex for FTOWNSElizabeth Cope o/wofCity of DublinWife of D. Exec of will of F 
Fb P2 TOWNSWilliamof Baronet, Deceased April 1735 
G P4LUMThomasofSumvill, King's CoEsq 
HaP1 LUMDorothy o/w Purefoyof Widdow of I 
IaP1 LUMElnathan?of Deceased 
JaP2 MOOREJohnof Esq. later Lord Tullamore 
KaP2 JONESThomasof Esq 
LaP3 PUREFOYWilliamof Deceased 
MaP4 WESTBURYWilliamof Gent 
NaP4 DALYThomasof Gent 
Oa Mentioned b P1 LUMHannahof Daughter of H+I. Married S 
Pa Mentioned LUMDorothyof Unmarried daughter of H+I 
Qa Mentioned WOODSJohnof   
Ra Mentioned LUMPurefoyof Eldest son and heir H+I. Died 1722 
Sa Mentioned LUMThomasof son of H+I 
Tb P1 DEYOSRogerof Husband of M 
U WD+WMVIPONDLukeof Gent. Attorney of Exch. CourtA
V WD+WMABBOTTChristopherof Clerk to TA
Abstract1708- land in King's Co was let to B+L. Proceeds to secure funds for H,M,N+Q. H died leaving estate to Q. M married S; 1725 - M+S assigned funds to F. Q died and R became heir; 1738 - Suit brought by D+E against R+B; 1740 - To satisfy the decree A, B + C settled with D+E
MS  Date registered24 Jul 1740 Date abstract added20131031 

Abstract made by: Halifax