Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed16 Jul 1742VolPageMemorial 
   L + RDate of earlier deed  Dec 17171083474494 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
AP2P1 O adjEVERARDBenjaminofLurgan St, DublinEsq. Trustee for linen / hemp & flax manufacturers 
B P2BURGHWilliamofCity DublinEsq 
C P2LANESBOROUGHVisc Humphryof Rt.Hon. o'wise Humphrey Butler 
D P2BUTLERHumphreyof o'wise Rt.Hon.Visc. Humphry Lanesborough 
E P2BOURKEJohnofPalmerstown, co Kildareo'wise Burke 
F P2BURKEJohnofPalmerstown, co Kildareo'wise Bourke 
GP1 BUTLERBrinsleyof Esq. TRUSTEE for Thos Pooly [ Pooley ] 
HP1 POOLYThomasof Lessor. o'wise Pooley 
IP1 POOLEYThomasof lessor. o'wise Pooly 
JP1 POOLYMaryof o'wise Pooley. wife of Thos Pooly 
KP1 POOLEYMaryof o'wise Pooly. wife of Thos Pooly 
LP1 POOLYElizabethof p'wise Pooley. only child of Thos Pooly 
MP1 POOLEYElizabethof o'wise Pooly. only child of Thos Pooly 
N O adjGARDINERLukeofLurgan St, DublinRt. Hon. 
O WDNEWBOURGHArthurofCity DublinEsq. o'wise Newburgh 
P WDNEWBURGHArthurofCity DublinEsq. o'wise Newbourgh 
Q WD WMJOHNSTONBenjaminofCity DublinPublic Notary 
R WDPAGIETTMathewofCity Dublinclerk to Benjamin Johnston 
S REGDELANDREBarwofDublinDep Reg 
Abstractyear 1717 the Warden of St.Michans Church, Oxmantown, Dublin to G, 2a.3r.24p. east-side Lurgan St in trust for H. Year 1720 to Everard
MS  Date registered16 July 1742 Date abstract added20120521 

Abstract made by: SW