Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed19 May 1743VolPageMemorial 
   Deed Poll. MSDate of earlier deed10 Aug 173711132376809 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1FOSTERJohnofDunleer, co Lowth [ Louth ]Esq. [see AD1740 corn census county Louth ] 
B P2BROUGHTONJohnofDrogheda, Louthmerch [see AD1740 corn census county Louth]] 
C P2BROUGHTONCharlesofDrogheda, LouthEsq. eldest son of John Broughton 
D P3LILLThomasof   
E  SISLECatherineof spinster. indenture 10 Aug 1737 surname unclear 
F  BOLTONRichardofDublingent. indenture 10 Aug 1737. husb of Elizabeth Baker 
G  BOLTONElizabethofDublino'wise Elizabeth Baker, wife of Richard Bolton 
H  BAKERElizabethofDublino'wise Bolton, wife of Richard Bolton 
I  MASSEYGodfreyof   
J  TISDALLPhilipofCity DublinEsq. lent 100 pounds 
K  TISDALLJamesofBawn, co Lowthwith consent of Charles Pleasants 
L  TISDALLThomasof Rev. deceased 
M  TISDALLElizabethofMonoghin, co Catherloghdau of Rev. Thomas Tisdall, wife of Charles Pleasants 
N  PLEASANTSElizabethofMonoghin, co Catherlogho'wise Tisdall. dau of Thos Tisdall, wife of Charles Pleasants 
O  PLEASANTSCharlesofMonoghin, co Catherloghgent. married Elizabeth Tisdall 
P WDCARNEYPhilipoftown Drogheda, Louthmerch 
Q WD WMJOHNSTONBanjaminofCity DublinPublic Notary 
R WDMOLESWORTHMrof christian name unclear 
S REGDELANDREBarthwofDublinDep Reg 
AbstractJumbled deed. 275acres Clintonrath [ Clintonreagh ?] barony Atherdee, co Louth
MSMS Date registered18 June 1743 Date abstract added20120623 

Abstract made by: SW