Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed8 Aug 1743VolPageMemorial 
   L + RDate of earlier deed1 Feb 168211140877195 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1HAGUEJeremiahofCity DublinThe Younger. cutler 
B P2LEATHLYJoshuaofCity Dublinwoollen draper 
C P3DICKENSONEphraimofCity Dublingent 
D P3HAGUEJosephofCity Dublinbro of Jeremiah Hague the younger 
E P3HAGUEIsaacofCity Dublinbro of Jeremiah Hague the younger 
F P3HAGUEElizabethofCity Dublino'wise Williams. sister of Jer.Hague the ygr 
G P3WILLIAMSElizabethofCity Dublinwidow o'wise Ellizabeth Hague 
H P3HAGUEEstherofCity Dublino'wise Mathews. sis of Jer.Hague the ygr 
I P3MATHEWSEstherofCity Dublino'wise Esther Hague. sis of Jer.Hague the ygr 
J P3HAGUEAnnaofCity Dublinspinster. sis of Jeremiah Hague the ygr 
K P4HAGUEJeremiahoflate of City DublinThe Elder. clothier. deceased 
L P4HAGUEElizabethoflate of City Dublino'wise Frensium dec'd wife of Jeremiah Hague the eld. dec'd 
M P4FRENSIUMElizabethoflate of City Dublino'wise Hague dec'd wife of Jer. Hague the eld. dec'd 
N P5CAVENAGHDenisofCity Dublinfeltmaker. son of Elizabeth 
OP1 DOWLINGMurtoghoflate of City DublinEsq. since dec'd 
PP2 FRENSIUMJohnoflate of City Dublinfeltmaker. dec'd 
QO adj TWIGGAnnofLittle Butter Lane, Dublin[ Feb 1682. since dec'd ? ] 
RO adj FISHERWilliamofLittle Butter Lane, Dublin[ Feb 1682 since dec'd ? ] 
SO adj NORMANWilliamofLittle Buttler Lane, Dublin[ Feb 1682 since dec'd ? ] 
T WDMULOCKThomasofCity DublinNotary Public 
U WD WMMULOCKJoshuaofCity Dublinclerk to Thomas Mulock 
V REGDELANDREBarthwofDublinDep Reg 
Abstract1 Feb 1682 Dowling to John Frensium field called Tib & Tom, Dublin bound on east by William St, on west by Lt Butter Lane in poss. of Twigg, on north to malthouse of Fisher
MS  Date registered9 Aug 1743 Date abstract added20120602 

Abstract made by: SW