Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed6 Oct 1713VolPageMemorial 
   Indented deeds of lease + releaseDate of earlier deed 163847779 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1BURKEJohn (Rt Hon)of Earl Clanricard 
BcP1P1BURKEMichaelof Baron Dunkettin, heir apparent of A 
C P2TAYLORWalterofMonkfield, Co GalwayEsqA
D WDKNIGHTLYJohnofDublin cityGent 
E WD WMDOLPHINRedmondofClostskin, Co GalwayGentA
F WDQUILLJeremiahofDublin cityGent 
G WDNOLANGregoryofDublin cityGent 
H WDDOLPHINRedmondofBallymurry, Co Galway  
IP1 BURKEWilliamof Earl Clanricard, deceased 
JP2 GARRETTColloof deceased 
KbP2 COLEMANJohnofcity of WestminsterEsq, deceased 
LcP1 STAUNTONJohnof   
McP2 VESEYJohnof Archbishop of Taum 
NcP2 LUDLONStephenof   
OcP2 BERNARDFrancisof   
PcP2 NUTLEYRichardof   
QcP2 TALBOTHenryof Esq 
RcP3 DONELLANJamesof Esq 
ScP3 KELLYDennnisof Esq 
TcP4 BUTLERTheobold (Rt Hon)of Viscount Mayo 
UcP4 BERMINGHAMFrancisof Baron Atheny 
VcP4 MAGHANBryanof Esq 
W  BURKEJames (Sir)of second son of A 
X WMHEALYFrancisof  A
Abstractlands of Corrafin + others some of which lands weremortgatged circa 1780 by D, F having claim due sale
MS  Date registered7 Jul 1716 Date abstract added20101114 

Abstract made by: nickred