Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed29 Sep 1709VolPageMemorial 
   AgreementDate of earlier deed 3185820 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
1 WMCONNELLJohnof   
2P2D DICKSONElizabethof   
3P2D DICKSONJohnof deceased 
4PlaintiffP1DFARRINGTONJohnofInner Temple, LondonGent 
5Life HAMERTONRichardofClonmel, TIPdecd; Merchant 
6Defendant HAMERTONRobertofClonmel, TIPEsq 
7PlaintiffP1DHARRINGTONJohnofInner Temple, LondonGent 
8P1D HARRINGTONJohnof senior 
9 WDHUMPHRYESCharlesofLondon CityClerk 
10 WD WMMAGRATHTerenceofClonmel, TIPGent 
11 P2DMARSHALLJohnofClonmel, TIPGentA
12P1D NELTHROPEdwardof decd; Merchant 
13 WDRADFORDJohnofLondon CityEsq 
14 WDWATTSRichardofLondon CityGent 
AbstractComment for person [1] : 
Person [2] :£400 bond granted by said John Harrington senr
Person [3] :£5000 bond
Person [4] :or possibly Harrington
Person [5] :father of said Robert Hamerton
Person [6] :1701 Chancery Decree re lands in Clonmel, TIP
Person [7] :or possibly Farrington
Person [8] :or Farrington, father of said John Harrington
Person [11] :lands in Barony of Iffa & Offa, TIP
Person [12] :£5000 bond
MS  Date registered10 Dec 1709 Date abstract added20100414 

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