Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed1 Aug 1746VolPageMemorial 
   indentureDate of earlier deed24 Mar 168612512884450 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1ARISMarthaofBlackditch, Co Wicklowwidow [died between 1 Aug 1746 and 1 Nov 1747] 
B P1ORSONMargaretofcity of Dublinspinster 
C P1ORSONMaryofcity of Dublinspinster 
D P1WELDEdmundofHarrold’s cross, county of Dublingent 
E P1THWAITESAugustineofcity of Dublingent 
F P1RAYNERMaryofcity of Dublinspinster 
G P1RAYNERMahettibleofcity of Dublinspinster 
H P1RAYNERMargaretofcity of Dublinspinster 
I P1RAYNERJosephofcity of Dublinmerchant 
J P1RAYNERNathanialofcity of Dublinmerchant 
K P1WALKERWilliamof Alderman 
L P1WHELLINGWilliamofcity of Dublinclothier 
M P1WHELLINGAnne (ow SMITH)of his wife 
N P2, bP2WALKERRichardofcity of Dublinmerchant 
OP1 MERKAnthony Percyof since deceased 
PP2 HAYESHenryof Clothier 
QO adj WYSEWilliamof   
RO adj ROBERTSPhilipof   
S bP1PIDGEONThomasofGeshill in the Kings Countygent, executor of the last will and Testament of A 
T bP1HAMILTONMarthaofcity of Dublinwidow, executor of the last will and Testament of A 
U WTHWAITESRichardof clerk to V 
V WJOHNSTONBenjaminofDublinpublic notary 
Abstractreciting that by indenture dated 24 March 1686 did demise and to all that corner plot of ground fronting to the upper Comb in the liberty and manner of St Thomas court and Donore near the city of Dublin bounded on the South to Q's ground on the East to the pavement of the new Street called Brabazon Street on the West to R's house and on the North to the street fronting up of Combe to hold for 500 years from 29 Dec then next at the yearly rent of £10 shillings and reciting that the said persons were under the will of P or otherwise lawfully entitled to shares and proportions A 1/4 part B + C to 1/8 each D to 1/12 part E 1/12 F-J to 1/12 amongst them K to 1/16 M to 1/16 and the said indenture witnesses that that in consideration of £160 to said persons paid by N as in the said deed they did grant and assign a makeover unto N all all we have aforesaid parcel of ground for residue of term and also a Memorial of an assignment bearing the date 11th of November 1746 endorsed on said indenture whereby S + T acted for A
MS  Date registered12 Nov 1746 Date abstract added20121012 

Abstract made by: Gillian