Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed29 Feb 1747VolPageMemorial 
   indenter 4 part deedDate of earlier deed 12853187890 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1TEMPLEHenryof Chief Remembancer High Court of Exchequer, Viscount Palmerston 
B P2DUCHARAlexanderof surviving exors of D 
C P2DUCHARElizabeth (ow MULLEN)of surviving exors of D 
D  MULLENJamesof deceased 
E P2HUNTPercivalof Alderman 
F P2KELLYElizabethof widow, adminitrix of G 
G  PALFREYRichardof Esq, deceased 
H P2MASONThomasof surviving exors of I 
I  MASONEnochof deceased 
J P2MASTERSONFrancisof Admon of K 
K  MASTERSONJohnof deceased 
L P2JOHNSONBenjaminof   
M P3WEBBElizabethofDublin citywidow, adminitrix of NA
N  WEBBDanielof Gent, deceased 
O P4HAMILTONJosephof   
P P4HAMILTONElinor (ow KENNEDY)of wife of O, surviving exor of Q 
QaP1 KENNEDYJamesof deceased 
R  ESPINASSPaulof exor of Q, deceased 
S WD WMMADDOCKJosephofDublin cityGentA
T WD WMHARRISONRobertofDublin citycutterA
U signed for O + PROBERTSLewisof Esq 
AbstractQ on 20 Oct 1732 bill in HM's Ct of Exchequer aganist persons in deed, and by his will appointed R + P his exors, P + R coninued the suit then P, until sale of land to N, to confirm sale to N was in trust for P also reciting several death and marriages occurred; A for £20 by M, 5s to P2 piece of ground in Mary St for the residue of the term [ie land used to settle outcome of court case]
MS  Date registered4 Mar 1747 Date abstract added20111211 

Abstract made by: nickred