Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed15 May 1708VolPageMemorial 
   WDate of earlier deed 4234914 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
1 ExecutorBLAKEAndrewof   
2 ExecutorBLAKEDominickof   
3Bride BLAKESurnaof   
4 WMBLAKENEYRobertofGalway TownRecorder 
5 ExecutorBRYANFurloughof   
6 BeneficiaryDONELLANNicholasof   
7Groom FRENCHHyacinthofDurus, GAL A
8 mentionedFRENCHPatrickof deceased 
9 TestatorFRENCHPatrickofDurus, GAL  
10 BeneficiaryFRENCHPatrickof   
11 OGERRYGeorgeofGalway Town  
12 WMHYNDJarvisofGalway TownMayor 
13 REGHYNDEWilliamofGalway TownMaster 
14 mentionedLYNCHMargaretof Mrs 
15 mentionedLYNCHMargaretof   
16 mentionedLYNCHPatrickof Doctor 
17 ExecutorLYNCHStephenof   
18 DebtorMORGANCharlesof   
19 DebtorMORGANJohnof   
20 WD WMMcDONOGHWilliamofLaftayagg, GALAgent 
21 TrusteeORMSBYJohnofDublin CityEsq 
22 mentionedSHAWRobertofNewford, GALEsq 
23 BeneficiaryTRENCHPatrickof   
24 BeneficiaryTRENCHRobuckof   
25 BeneficiaryTRENCHSurnaof   
AbstractComment for person [1] : 
Person [2] :or Dominic Blake fitzPeter; cousin of testator
Person [4] :JP
Person [5] :brother of testator
Person [7] :second son of said Patrick French
Person [8] :youngest son of testator. He died 25 June 1708
Person [10] :grandson of testator; shown as Patrick French fitzHyacinth
Person [12] :JP
Person [13] :delivered at Galway 19 Jan 1709
Person [14] :wife of said Dr Patrick Lynch; possibly one & same as Margaret Lynch, testator's sister-in-law
Person [15] :ors French ors Blake; sister-in-law of testator
Person [16] :sold lands in Barony of Dunkellin, GAL, to testator
Person [17] :or Stephen Lynch fitzNicholas; cousin of testator
Person [18] :owes money through mortgage granted by testator
Person [19] :owes money through mortgage granted by testator
Person [20] :residence unclear
Person [21] :is left lands in trust, to be conveyed to said Robert Shaw
Person [23] :or probably French. Third son.
Person [24] :or probably French. Son & heir. Unmarried
Person [25] :or probably French. Not clear who is her husband
MSW Date registered29 Jan 1709 Date abstract added20101009 

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