Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed13 Apr 1750VolPageMemorial 
   indenteed deed 2 leases and a releaseDate of earlier deed 13853694843 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A (a+b)LP1 RP1MATHEWSEdwardofDublin cityEsqA
B (a+b)LP2FOSTERWilliamofDunleer, Co LouthEsq 
C (a+b)LP2MCNEALMalcolmofBallymasscanlan, Co LouthEsq 
D RP2DRELINCOURTMaryofBest Drelincourt, WalseWidow 
E RP2BOLTONRichard (Rev)of clerk, exor of I 
F RP2NORMANSarahof widow, exor of I 
G RP2BOLTONThomasof Esq, exor of I 
H RP2BOLTONThomas (Rev)of clerk, exor of I 
I  NORMANRobertoflate Dublin Citydeceased 
J RP2PUTLANDJohnofDublin cityEsq 
K RP2COOKEHon Letitia (ow CAUFIELD)ofDublin citywidow 
L RP2SINGLETONHenry (Rt Hon)of Esq, Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas 
M RP2LESLIEJulia Henriettaof widow and sole executrix of N 
N  LESLIEHenryoflate Market Hill, Co ArmaghEsq, deceased; who was sole exor of O 
O  HAMILTONJaneoflate Downpatrick, Co Downwidow, deceased 
P RP2DAWSONRichardofDublin cityEsq 
Q RP2NORRISCharles (Rev)ofBalltloghin, Co Downclerk 
R RP2ROGERSJonathan (Rev)ofLoughall, Co ArmaghDD 
S RP2DOPPINGAnthonyofDublin cityEsq 
T RP2DELGARNOMaryofDublin cityspinster 
U RP2GATERSarahofDerryaghy, Co Antrimspinster 
V RP2COGHILLMaryofDrumcondra, Co Dublinspinster, sole executrix of W 
W  COGHILLMarmadukeoflate Drumcondra, Co DublinEsq, deceased 
X RP2MONTGOMERYGeorgeofMonaghan, Co MonaghanGent 
Y RP2COPERobertofLoughall, Co ArmaghEsq 
Z RP2LENNOXWilliamofDublin cityEsq 
AA RP2SHEPPERDJohnofDublin cityEsq 
AB RP2FOSTERAnthonyofDublin cityEsq 
AC RP2MOORECharles (Rt Hon)of Lord Baron Moore of Tullamore 
AD RP2VERAILLESJamesofDublin citymerchant, executor of AE 
AE  VERAILLESAnthonyofDublin citymerchant 
AF RP2WARDMichael (Rt Hon)of Second Justice of HM's Court of Common Pleas 
AG RP2WILCOCKSJohnofDublin citybanker 
AH RP2DAWSONJohnofDublin citybanker 
AI RP2DICKSONJames (Rev)ofSea Patrick, Co Downclerk 
AJ RP2MATHEWSEdward (Rev)ofLisburn, Co AntrimDD, sole executor of AK 
AK  PRINCEMagnusoflate Downpatrick, Co DownDr of physick, deceased 
AL RP2JONESLeursofDublin cityEsq 
AM RP2BALLMarthaof wife of AN 
AN  BALLJohnofDublin citysadler 
AO RP2GOSSARTGeorgeofDublin citymerchant 
AP RP2LEEMargaretofDublin citywidow 
AQ RP2HOUSTONJaneofSeaford, Co Downspinster 
AR RP2HUSSEYElizabethof widow; relict + sole executrix of AS 
AS  HUSSEYIgnatusoflate Dublin CityEsq, deceased 
AT RP2HAMILTONLeslieoflate Dublin City but now LondonGent 
AU RP2PHILIPSWilliamofDublin cityEsq 
AV RP2GLEADOWThomasofDublin cityEsq 
AW RP2CUFFEFrancisofBallyno, Co CavanEsq, exor of AY 
AX RP2GIBBONSRichardofMountainstown, Co MeathEsq, exor of AY 
AY  RICHARDSONMaryof widow of AZ, deceased 
AZ  RICHARDSONHenryof Esq, deceased 
BA RP2ROWANAnnofSeaford, Co Downwidow 
BB RP2WANDESFORDGeorge (Rt Hon)of Viscount Castlecomer 
BC RP2DESBRISAYTheophilusofDublin cityEsq 
BD RP2FARRANJohnofDublin citymerchant 
BE O prevROSSRobertofRosstrevor, Co DownEsq 
BF O prevMATHEWSJohn (Rev)ofNewrydeceased 
BG O prevBALLANTINEJamesof   
BH lifeMATHEWSDanielof   
BI lifeMATHEWSHillof   
BJ lifeMATHEWSJohnof   
BK WDMOORERichardofDublin cityGent 
BL WD WMFITZGERALDWilliamof clerk to BNA
BM WMREYNOLDSJamesof clerk to BNA
BN  MATHEWSAndrewof Gent, atty of Exechequer 
Abstractlands of Fennis DOW ++ some trusts lives BH, BI + BJ
MS  Date registered  Date abstract added20111223 

Abstract made by: nickred