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14109454134355689179951Pre-marriageMS MORTONCharles CarrEsqDrumrota Lodge, CAVP1D     27 Oct 1801The groom. He inherited various lands in Cos Cavan, Meath & Kildare from said Charles MortonRoz McC 20090202
14110054134355689179951Pre-marriageMS NUGENTOliverEsqBobsgrove, CAVWD     27 Oct 1801 Roz McC 20090202
14109954134355689179951Pre-marriageMS SNEYDNathanielEsqSackville Street, DublinP3D     27 Oct 1801TrusteeRoz McC 20090202
14109654134355689179951Pre-marriageMS STORYEdwardRevdBingfield, CAVWD     27 Oct 1801 Roz McC 20090202
14109854134355689179951Pre-marriageMS STORYJosephRevdBingfield, CAVP3D     27 Oct 1801TrusteeRoz McC 20090202
14109554134355689179951Pre-marriageMS TATLOWCharlotte Drumrota Lodge, CAVP2D     27 Oct 1801The bride; second daughter of said John Tatlow. £1000 portionRoz McC 20090202
14109754134355689179951Pre-marriageMS TATLOWJohnEsqDrumrota Lodge, CAVP2D     27 Oct 1801 Roz McC 20090202

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