Notes on completing the abstract form


The purpose of this document to provide some guidance on completing the abstract form.


The Registry of Deeds Index Project has been set up to gather and share a person index for the memorial volumes of the Registry of Deeds. The project works by people submitting index entries covering the deeds they might be looking at for their own genealogical purposes. The main home page has a number of ways of submitting these index entries to the project as worksheets or wordprocessing files.

This form is for submitting one abstract at a time to the project. Simply enter the data in the appropriate field and press the Check and submit button. The required fields have an * at the end of their name. Failure to have a value in these fields will halt the processing. The submissions are sent by e-mail which you have to press the send button.


Note: Do not use ampersand "&" in your coding. Use a plus sign "+" instead.

Meanings of the codes and numbers. See also

Volume is the volume number of the memorial book. These were sequential until 1833 after which the volunes were numbered by year and then volume in year. Thus we have volume 183301 to 183320. Each volume of these later had 300 memorials. The page numbers are the page number of the volume prior to 1833 afterwards they are the number of the deed memorial in that year.

The number of the memorial were sequential until 1833. Thereafter the number are represented as the volume number concatinated with the memorial number in the volume. eg 183301001 to 183301300.

For some years after 1900 there are more that 99 volumes in a year. So for all volumes after 1900 use a 10 digit memorial and 7 digit volume. eg 1909 Volume 108 folio 78 would be coded as Volume 1909108 Page 78 Memorial 1909108078.

Year, Month and day of the date of the current date is the earliest date on the deed and the release. The dates are entered using drop down lists. Enter as written so that 1 January 1710 will mean 1 January 1710/1. "01" if for January etc.

Current deed type —

If the deed is a marriage settlement check the marriage settlement check box.

for each person mentioned in the memorial enter their name with the family name last. If the family name of the person is unknown use "[unkown]" in its place. If the part of the deed is a corporate entity such as a company use "[none]" for the family name. Thus the Bishop of Limerick would be written as Bishop of Limerick [none].

If there is no forename of person you only need to enter the familyname.

Residence of the person. Give all the details given. Thus include townland or town, barony, and county if stated. Leave field blank no residence is stated.

Occupation, title and/or relationship. When entering this field you can use the codes A, B etc to cross refernce to other people mentioned in the deed. Also use this field to record family relationships mentioned in the deed or memorial.

Role in current deed — A person may have a number of roles in the deed and memorial. They can be:

Role in earlier deed — A person may have a number of roles in an earlier deed mentioned in the memorial. They can be:

Year, Month and day of the date of the date of the earlier deed. Enter as written so that 1 January 1710 will mean 1 January 1710/1. See comments regarding the date of the current deed above.

Abstract field enter comments and any relevent additional data not captured in other fields. Do not use more than 254 characters.

Screen name of the indexer — the code for the indexer

Ref / Sgn — Is an alphabetic code that can be used to refer to people in the deed. In the comments field you might say: "A set to B for lives of C, D and E" where the letters are in the rows of the people referenced. Check the check box if the person signed memorial in the role of a party or witness of the memorial. Note: if a person is a witness of the deed but not the memorial leave the box unchecked.

Most important

It is most important to capture the volume, page and memorial numbers, and the names. The other information while useful is less important and can be omitted. The abstract will not be processed unless there is a memorial number, screen name, e-mail address and at lest one name.

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