Kurrajong Heights NSW: Early Surveys

SB1 Folio 79
Surveyor James Richards' first sketch of the Kurrajong, dated August 1829, shows newly-marked farms
along Hermitage Road, "land cultivated by Duglas Senr" and "Ditto by Duglas Junr". (SRNSW)1


SB1 Fol 73
Surveyor Richards' sketch dated October 1829, shows his work along the Tabraga ridge and Kurrajong Heights.
The names are those of the original grantees, many of whom sold their land before the deeds were issued. (SRNSW)2


Kurrajong parish 1881
Part of the parish map of Kurrajong, 1881, showing land owned by the Douglass family by 1833.
The names are those to whom the deeds were issued, mostly about 1839. (NLA)3


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  3. Based on Lewis, G.: Parish of Kurrajong, County of Cook, land district of Windsor. 1881. MAP F 40. http://nla.gov.au/nla.map-f40

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