Hassans Walls NSW - the early settlers

Parish of Lett 1890
Parish of Lett 1890, showing old and new Bathurst roads, the Mudgee road,
and the original settlers along the road under Hassans Walls
(NSW Department of Lands, Parish Map Preservation Project


Richards plan 1832
Surveyor Richards' plan of Akhurst and Keenan's grants at Hassans Walls, Oct 1832
(Based on NSW Department of Lands Crown Plan B41.691)
Detail of Richards' plan of 1832
Richards plan 1837  
Richards'plan to support Keenan's application to puchase 57 acres adjacent to his original grant.
Note the change in Mitchell's road since 1832, and the "new cut" marked.
(Based on NSW Department of Lands Crown Plan B303.691)  
Richards plan 1837  
Detail of Richards' plan of 1837  

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