Michael Keenan at Jews Creek

Surveyor Davidson's sketch for William Bowman's application
to purchase 640 acres at Ben Bullen April 1841.
Note the buildings straddling the village reserve and Bowman's
new purchase, adjacent to the "new Mudgee Road".
(SRNSW: Surveyors' Field Books; CGS 13889, Richards' Book 456; [2/5073])
Davidson's final sketch of Bowman's application to purchase, April 1841  
(SRNSW: Surveyors' Field Books; CGS 13889, Richards' Book 456; [2/5073])  
Baker's Atlas Co Roxburgh  
Baker, William: A map of the County of Roxburgh [cartographic material] : dedicated
by permission to Sir T.L. Mitchell, Knt. , Surveyor General of New South Wales /
compiled expressly for the printer and publisher of the Australian Atlas,
W. Baker, Hibernian Press, 103 King Street, East Sydney. c1843-46
(NLA N F3560 MAP RaA 8)  
Baker's Atlas Co Roxburgh (detail)  
Detail from Baker's Australian county atlas c1843,
showing the sparse freehold beyond the Bathurst district.
The gridlines depict one "section" of 640 acres (one square mile)
which was the normal minimum area for purchase or lease.
(NLA N F3560 MAP RaA 8)  

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