The Sharp Family — Extracts from the Queens County Grand Jury Indictment Book 1818 - 1882


The Grand Jury, comprising landowning gentlemen of the County appointed by the sheriff, met immediately before the twice-yearly Assizes, as a preliminary hearing to consider whether there was a case to answer against persons charged ("indicted") with serious crimes.  If the grand jury considered the indictment was a "true bill" the case then went before the visiting judge at the assize court.

Selected extracts from the Queen's County Grand Jury Indictment Book1, relevant to the Sharp family and others mentioned in these pages, are transcribed here.

Names Offences Witnesses examined True, or No Bill
Lent Assizes 1830
John Connor
Wm Delany
Feloniously attacking a dwelling house & firing shots John Hanlon
Hugh Beale
Hugh B Wray
True Bill
Thomas Fingleton
otherwise Thomas Power
Michael Sharpe
Feloniously & unlawfully breaking into the dwelling house of Patk Brennan John Brennan
Patrick Brennan
Mary Donnelly
John Doran
Harvey Lalor
True Bill
John Connor
William Delany
Laurence Shortall
Feloniously firing at the Police Richard Madden
John Stoker
Richard Whitehead
Richard Biddulph
John Hanlon
Hugh B Wray
Hugh Beale
True Bill
Daniel Walsh Robbery Revd Thos Kemmis True Bill
Lent Assizes 1831
John Sharpe Sending a Rockite Notice John Power
Matthew Keegan
Lewis Whelan
Robert Carter
True Bill
Summer Assizes 1831
Philip Neill
Charles Neill
Arthur Neill
Thomas Langton
Patrick Gill
Thomas Sharpe
John Maher
James Tynan
Riot & assault James Horan
William White
Samuel Neville
John Wafer
Thos Farnan
True Bill
Thos Farnan Feloniously discharging a Gun with intent to kill Mary Whelan
Thomas Murphy
Samuel Neville
Joseph Fletcher
Thomas Sharpe
True Bill
William Casey Feloniously & maliciously attacking a dwelling house Patrick Brennan
John Robinson
Arthur Brennan
James Matthews
Mary Brennan
Fanton Delany
True Bill
Lent Assizes 1833
Brian Donnelly
James Condrum
Tendering an unlawful oath, to compel Chas Quinn to give up land George Wallace
Charles Quinn
True Bill against Donnelly
No Bill against Jas Condrum
John Sharpe Feloniously taking Fire Arms John Houghey
John Heydon
John Badlow
True Bill
Phelam Neill Unlawfully and maliciously injuring the dwelling house of Laurence McCarthy Laurence McCarthy
Bridget McCarthy
Bridget McCarthy Junr
True Bill
James Condrum Assaulting the Habitation of Chas Quinn Chas Quinn
Catherine Quinn
No Bill
Lent Assizes 1835
Thomas Keating
John Sharpe
William Holmes
Abin Hayes
Abduction & assault with intent to commit a rape Catherine Moore
otherwise Butler
Catherine Kennedy
Mary Butler
True Bill for abduction only
Lent Assizes 1838
John Sharp
William Hughes
Andrew Redmond
John Burke
Assault Anne Conway
Hugh Maher
James Neil
James Condron
True Bill



  1. National Archives of Ireland: Queen's County Grand Jury Indictment Book 1818-1882 (NAI, 1D/18/44)

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