St Sava Monastery is located 15 km north of Canberra, Australia, near the village of Hall. Access to the 40 acre grounds of the monastery is via Wallaroo Road off the main highway leading to the township of Yass.

The monastery was built during 1981-1990 by the effort and will of Serbs from all over Australia. It is the headquarters for the Serbian Orthodox New Gracanica Metropolia Diocese for Australia and New Zealand, the spiritual centre for the people of the Serbian Orthodox faith, and the venue for annual gatherings of Serbs to celebrate their cultural heritige.

"Old Kalenich" was built in Serbia during 1407-1413 and the New Kalenich in Australia is modelled along similar architectural lines.

05-027   Reflecting the glory of God and His Creation

This holy shrine - New Kalenich, pride of Australian Serbs, built to the glory of God, and dedicated to St Sava, was consecrated by His Emminence Metropolitan Iriney, Bishop of America and Canada, and Bishop Basil of Western Europe, with clerics and monastics of the Free Serbian Orthodox Church on 27 January 1990.


Viewed from the north-west, the church is a marvelous sight from Wallaroo Road, near Canberra. Twelve years in the making, the fruit of Australian Serbs' love and effort.


The Bishop's residence across beautifully landscaped grounds. A quiet spot by the water to meditate and pray.


Looking towards the residences, the monastery grounds are spacious and serene. The water is low this year, as the land is gripped by drought.


The cemetery, before the peaceful backdrop of the Australian landscape. The Brindabella mountains in the distant blue, souls resting in peace.


Looking towards the tennis courts and hall. This year is very dry and the water is low.


The rural setting and it's hazards - front entrance blocked by sheep on the move.

"Old" Kalenich is near Svetzarevo in Serbia. It was founded by Bogdan, chancellor at the court of Stefan, and dedicated to the Holy Virgin. It was built from 1407 to 1413 and is considered the supreme achievement of the Morava school of Serbian architecture. It was abandoned in the 17th century after Turkish assaults, then restored in 1766, and destroyed again by the Turks during 1788-91. Further restoration occurred in the early 19th century. More ...

This image reproduced from Kazich, T.,(ed), 1992. "Serbs in Australia: history of the building of Saint Sava Monastery - church 'New Kalenich'". Canberra: Monastery Press.
Old Kalenich