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Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs

Maritime Customs Archives, Nanjing

19th Century Photos,Shanghai and Tientsin

Voyage of the "Indian" 1843 

"Indian" Passenger List

Voyage of the "Emigrant" 1850

"Emigrant" Passenger List

Voyage of the "Prince Alfred" 1852

Wreck of the "Heversham" 1876



Memorial Plaque to Passengers of the barque "Emigrant" 

A gathering of descendants of passengers of the barque "Emigrant" that arrived in Moreton Bay in August 1850, was held at Dunwich, Stradbroke Island on Saturday 10 August 2002. A bronze plaque naming those passengers who died during the voyage from Plymouth and those who died in quarantine on Stradbroke Island was unveiled by the Redland Shire Mayor, Don Seccombe. Over 100 descendants of passengers and crew of the "Emigrant" were present.

Shipping Research and Passenger Lists

Voyage of the brig "Indian" to Launceston, Tasmania 1843 and passenger list 
Voyage of the barque "Emigrant" to Moreton Bay 1850 and passenger list 
Voyage of the barque "Prince Alfred" to Port Phillip and shipboard diary 1852

Wreck of the barque "Heversham" 1876

Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs 1863-1911

Where are the descendants of Fleet Engineer John Langford Stevenson, R.N?

My Family Tree and Surname Index

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