Irish Convicts to New South Wales

Provided by Peter Mayberry

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Martin Burke


Alias: Bourke            Irish Rebel: R           Religion:       Age on arrival: 35
Marital status:
Calling/trade: Landholder in NSW
Born: 1771        Native place: Glen Imaal Wicklow Co
Tried:      Wicklow          Sentence: State Prisoner     Former convictions:
Ship: Tellicherry (1806)
Remarks: State Prisoner from Ireland never tried in Ireland United Irishman
Spouse: m 1807 Sydney Phoebe Tunstall
Died: 1842  Sydney Asylum

References (See Primary Sources)

Convict indents:     Various
1811 Muster:     M
1817 Muster:     Y
1825 Muster:     Y
Whitaker: Unfinished Revolution:     p141 143-5 147-8 151-2 156 158 160-2 174 179-81 197 202
Rudé - Protest & Punishment:     p92 186 205


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