Irish Convicts to New South Wales

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Charles Daly


Alias: Daley Dayley            Irish Rebel:           Religion:       Age on arrival: 21
Marital status:
Calling/trade: Landholder
Born: 1772        Native place: Dublin
Tried: 1792      Dublin City          Sentence: 7     Former convictions:
Ship: Boddingtons (1793)
Crime: Stealing saddles
Remarks: Crime details available
Spouse: m (1) 1796 Parramatta Ann Lockett (d 1806) m (2) 1810 Windsor Susannah Alderson (d 1854) Charles lived with Michael Balf
Died: 1831  Winston Hills Windsor Rd

References (See Primary Sources)

Convict indents:     Various
1801 Muster:     Y
1806 Muster:     Y
1811 Muster:     Y
1814 Muster:     Y
1825 Muster:     Y
1828 Census:     Y
Hawkesbury Pioneer Register:     p39
Smee & Selkirk Provis - Pioneer Register Vol 2:     Y
Hall - A Desperate Set of Villains:     p25
Hall - Of Infamous Character:     p56-58


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