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Irish Rebels to Australia 1800 - 1806

This database contains details of Irish convicts who were transported to New South Wales in the period 1788 - 1849.

Rebel remnants of the 1798 and 1803 Irish Rebellions were transported to NSW during the period 1800 - 1806.

The ships that these Rebels came in were:

The exact number of Rebels sent cannot be ascertained due to the poor state of information on the Shipping Indents. Only the Minerva identifies all her Rebels on board. The highest figure can be put at nearly 800 while the lowest is conservatively placed around 325.

Following the demise of the 1798 and 1803 Irish Rebellions, a number of the leaders and high-risk rebels were kept either in Kilmainham gaol or in prison ships. The lucky ones were those that had been sent to North America.

Reprisals after the Rebellions caused great ill feeling throughout the troubled lands of Insurrection Ireland. The government could not contemplate releasing those martyrs of Irish freedom back to their native land.

These Rebel remnants were transported to New South Wales with the hope that none would ever return. However a few did manage to accomplish this task.


Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin