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PASKWITAN II, Comte de Rennes (895-903), m dau of BERENGER, Comte de Rennes (887-90)



JUHEL BERÉNGER, Comte de Rennes, d 970, m GERBERGA

                CONAN I


CONAN I “le Tort (the Crooked), Comte de Bretagne (990-92), m ERMENGARDE, dau of GEOFFROI I, Comte d’Anjou (see under Anjou for ancestors)

                GEOFFREY BÉRENGER

                JUDITH, m as 2nd wife of Duke RICHARD II of Normandy (see under Normandy)

                dau, possibly m GEOFFROY I de Mayenne (see under Mayenne for descendants)


GEOFFREY BÉRENGER, Comte de Rennes and later of Brittany (992-1008), m HAWISE, d 1034, dau of Duke RICHARD I, “the Fearless” and GUNNOR de Crépon, sister of Duke RICHARD II of Normandy (and then Duke RICHARD m GEOFFREY's sister JUDITH)

                ALAN III de Penthièvre, ruled jointly with EUDO till mother died

                EUDO de PENTHIÈVRE, joint heir (see below) & sole ruler when ALAN died


                Adela, Abbess of St. Georges, Rennes, d 1067


ALAN III, Duc de Bretagne (1008-40), a tutor of the young WILLIAM I, m 1stly BERTHA dau of EUDES II, Comte de Blois, Chartres & Tours (see under Blois for ancestors). She 2ndly m Hugues IV, Comte de Maine

                Conan II, Duc de Bretagne (1040-1066), dsp 11.12.1066 (had recovered title from uncle EUDO)

                HAWISE, d 1072, m HOËL, Comte de Cornouaille, Duc de Bretagne (see below)          

ALAN III also had an illegitimate son Geoffrey “Granon


EUDO de PENTHIÈVRE (see above), b 999, d 1079, Duke of Brittany (1040-57), m AGNES (ORGUEN) dau of ALAN, Comte de Cornouaille (see under Cornouaille for ancestors)

                GEOFFREY BOTEREL I, had Penthièvre & Trégier, d 1093

           Conan who d 1098 on Crusade at  Antioch

           HAMON BOTEREL

                      WILLIAM BOTEREL (see under Botreaux for descendants)

                Brian, probably at Battle of Hastings, given most of Cornwall, d 1069

                Alan “the Red”, at Battle of Hastings, given land of Earl Edwin & made Lord of Richmond, Yorks,  dsp 1089. Abducted Gunnhilda (dau of King Harold) from Wilton convent.

                Alan “Niger” (the Black) I, dsp 1093, succeeded his brother both as Lord of Richmond and of Gunnhilda


                ROBERT (see under Lovel for descendants)


                ÉTIENNE. Also participated in the abduction of Gunnhilda

EUDO also had four illegitimate sons

                Bosin, ancestor of FitzAlans of Bedale

                BARDULF, ancestor of FitzHughs of Ravensworth (see under FitzHugh for descendants)


                RIBALD, d 1120/30, ancestor of Nevilles of Meddleham


                                                ROBERT, d 1184/5, m as 2nd husband of HELEVISE, dau of RANULF de GLANVILLE (see under Glanville for ancestors)

                                                                RANULF, d 1252

                                                                                RALPH, d 1270

                                                                                                MARY, m ROBERT de NEVILLE of Raby (see under Neville of Raby for descendants)

                                                                                                RANULF of Spenithorne, ancestors of FitzRandolphs with present day descendants in USA      


ÉTIENNE (STEPHEN), Comte de Penthièvre, d 1135/6, succeeded his brother as Lord of Richmond and also in 1112 ALAN IV as Duc de Bretagne, thus uniting all the family’s Breton and English possessions, m HAWISE de Guingampe

                Geoffrey Botterel II, d 1148, had Penthièvre, m Hawise and had son Rivallon

                ALAN “Niger” II, Earl of Richmond 1136, d 1146, m BERTHA dau of CONAN III (see above for  ancestors)


                MAUD, m WALTER  de GANT (see under Gant for descendants)

                AGNORIE, m OLIVIER II, Vicomte de Dinan, and their grand-daughter ELEANOR m WILLIAM D’Évreux, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (see under Dinan for her

                         ancestors and under  D’Évreux for their descendants)

                OLIVE, m 1stly HENRI I, Baron de Fougères (see under Fougères for descendants). She 2ndly m William de St. John

                Theophania, m Rabel de Tankerville, Chamberlain of Normandy


HENRI, Comte de Bretagne, d 1183, also held Trégier, m MAUD, dau of JEAN, Comte de Vendôme

                Henri, b & d 1152






ALAN, d 1121, m 1stly Pernelle, dsp 1203. He 2ndly m AHELES

                HENRI d’AVAUGOUR, d 1281, m MARGUERITE, dau and heir of JUHEL de Mayenne (see under Mayenne for ancestors) by GERVAISE, Dame de Dinan,

                     ancestors of the Avaugours

                                Geoffrey Botterell


House of Cornouaille


HOËL, Comte de Cornouaille, d 1084, (see under Cornouaille for ancestors) jure uxoris Duc de Bretagne (1066-84), and HAWISE (see above)

                ALAN IV “Fergant”


ALAN IV “Fergant” de Penthièvre, Duc de Bretagne (1084-1112 when abdicated), d 1119, a companion of the Conqueror, 1stly m Constance, d 1090, dau of King WILLIAM I 

                Brian FitzComte dsp

ALAN IV 2ndly m in 1093 as 2nd husband of ERMENGARDE, d 1147, dau of FULK IV, Comte d’Anjou (see under Anjou for ancestors)

                CONAN III

                son 2

                GUY “le Strange” (see under Strange for descendants)


CONAN III “the Fat”, Duc de Bretagne (1112-48), b 1099, d 1148, m MAUD II (MATILDA), illegitimate dau of King HENRY I of England (see under England, Kings, for ancestors)

                Hoel, dvp, disowned by father



BERTHA, d 1167, m 1stly ALAN “Niger” II, d 1146, (for ancestors see under EUDO below), jure uxoris Duc de Bretagne, 1st Earl of Richmond, Yorkshire

                CONAN IV

                BRIAN FitzALAN of Bedale (see under Bedale, Barons, for descendants)

                Constance, m Alan, Vicomte de Rohan

                Enoguen, a nun at St. Sulpice, Rennes

BERTHA 2ndly m EUDO (EUDES) II, Vicomte de Porhoët (see under Porhoët for ancestors), jure  uxoris Comte de Bretagne (1148-56 when deposed)

                Son 1


CONAN IV “le Petit (the Younger), Comte de Bretagne (1156-70 when deposed) and Earl of Richmond (1066 till deposed), b 1137, d 1171, m 1stly in 1160 as 1st husband of MARGARET, dau of HENRY, Earl of Huntingdon (see under Scotland for ancestors). She 2ndly m HUMPHREY de BOHUN (see under Bohun for descendants)

                CONSTANCE, b 1162, d 1201. Duke CONAN IV had obtained help from HENRY II of England at the price of marrying his dau CONSTANCE to HENRY’s

                 3rd son Geofrrey, and on CONAN IV being deposed Geoffrey became Duke of Brittany (1170-86). CONSTANCE de Bretagne 2ndly m in 1187 Ranulph, Earl of

                 Chester till repudiated in 1199. She 3rdly m in 1199 GUY, Vicomte de Thouars (see also under Thouars for ancestors)

                                ALIX (ALICE), Duchess of Brittany (1203-21), m PIERRE I (see under House of Dreux below)


House of Plantagenet


Geoffrey, Duc de Bretagne (1170-86), son of King HENRY II and CONSTANCE above

                Eleanor, imprisoned by the English for 40 yrs

                Arthur, Comte de Bretagne (1187-1203 when murdered by direction of King JOHN)


House of Dreux


PIERRE I “Mauclerc” de Dreux, titular Duc de Bretagne (1213-21), son of ROBERT II, Comte de Dreux (see under Dreux for ancestors) b 1190, d 1250, m in 1213

ALICE de THOUARS, titular Duchesse de Bretagne (see under Thouars for ancestors)

                JEAN I


JEAN I “le Rouge” (the Red) de Dreux titular Duc de Bretagne (1221-86), b 1217, m 1stly in 1236 BLANCHE dau of THIBAULT I of Navarre (see under Navarre for ancestors)

                JEAN II


JEAN II de Dreux, Duc de Bretagne (1297-1305), b 1239, m BEATRICE (b 1242, d 1275) dau of King HENRY III of England (see under England, Kings, for ancestors)

                MARIE, d 1329, m GUY de Châtillon, Comte de St. Pol (see under Châtillon and St. Pol for descendants)

                ARTHUR II


ARTHUR II, Duc de Bretagne (1305-12), m 1stly MARIE de Limoges

                Jean III “le Bon”, Duc de Bretagne (1312-41 when d @ Caen 1341 childless)

                Guy, d 1331, m Jeanne d’Avaugour and had dau Jeanne de Penthièvre m Charles de Blois

                Peter, d 1312

ARTHUR II 2ndly m IOLANDE de Dreux

                JEAN, Comte de Montfort, Duc de Bretagne (1341-45), m JEANNE de Flandres

JEAN IV, Duke of Brittany (1364-99), m MARY, dau of EDWARD III)

 plus several daughters


House of Montfort   


JEAN IV “the Conqueror” (son of JEAN, Comte de Montfort, see above), Duc de Bretagne (1364-99)

                JEAN V, Duc de Bretagne (1399-1442)

                                Francis I, Duc de Bretagne (1442-50)

                                Pierre II, Duc de Bretagne (1450-57)

                                Son 3

                                                Francis II, Duc de Bretagne (1458-88)

                                                                Anne, Duchesse de Bretagne (1488-1514), 1stly m King Charles VIII & 2ndly m King LOUIS XII of France

                Arthur III of Richmond, Duc de Bretagne (1457-58)





DROGO de BRIVÈRE, a companion of the Conqueror, d 1066 ? at Hastings


                                HENRY de BRIVÈRE




                ROBERT, had a dau who m LAMBERT de MULTON (see under Multon for descendants)


WILLIAM de BRIVÈRE, d 1226, m BEATRICE de VAUX (see under Vaux for her ancestors and under Dunstanville for her Dunstanville descendants)

                ISABEL, m as 2nd husband BALDWIN WAKE (see under Wake for descendants)

                MARGARET, (d ca 1235, m WILLIAM de la FERTÉ-sur-AUBE (see under Ferté for ancestors), and their dau

                            GUNDRED m PAIN de Chaworth (see under Chaworth for descendants)

                GRACE, d 1223, m REGINALD de BRAOSE (see under Braose for descendants)

                JOAN, m as 2nd wife of WILLIAM PERCY (see under Percy for descendants)

                ALICE, m as 1st husband REYNOLD I de MOHUN (see under Mohun for descendants)


BROMFLETE - Baron Vescy




                JOANE, m THOMAS de FAUCONBERG, 6th Baron (see under Fauconberg for descendants)


THOMAS de BROMFLETE, d 1430/1, m MARGARET, dau & heir of EDWARD St. JOHN by ANASTASIA, dau & co-heir of WILLIAM de ATON, Lord of Vesci (sic) 



HENRY de BROMFLETE, Baron VESCY (also variously spelt Vesey and Vesci),dsp 1468, m  ELEANOR, dau of WILLIAM, Lord FitzHUGH  


HENRY 2ndly m as 4th husband of JOANE


MARGARET de BROMFLETE, 1stly m JOHN, Lord CLIFFORD and WESTMORELAND, killed at Battle of Towton (see under Clifford for descendants). She 2ndly m LANCELOT THRELKELD  


                                Grace, m Thomas Dudley

                                Dau, m James Pickering

                                Winifred, m William Pickering, brother of James


BRUNSWICK - Dukes & Counts


BRUNO I, d 972

                BRUNO II


BRUNO II, founded Brunswick, d 1006, m 2ndly GISELLE, dau of HERMAN II, Duke of Swabia (see under Swabia for ancestors)



LUDOLPH, Count of Brunswick, d 1038, m GERTRUDE, dau of ARNULPH, Count of Holland (see under Holland for ancestors)

                EGBERT I


EGBERT I, Count of Brunswick, m 2ndly as 2nd husband of IMILIA, dau of ULRIC MANFRED, Conte di Susa (see under Susa for ancestors)

                GERTRUDE, m HEINRICH of Northeim, and their granddaughter SOPHIA of Rheineck m DIETRICH VI, Count of Holland (see under Holland for descendants)


OTTO “Puer” (the Child), 1st Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1235-52), a son of WILLIAM of Windsor, son of HEINRICH the Lion of Bavaria and Saxony (see under Bavaria for ancestors) and MATILDA, dau of King HENRY II of England, m MATILDA, dau of ALBERT II, Elector of Brandenburg   

          John, 2nd Duke of Lüneburg (1252 -77)

          Otto II “the Severe”, Duke of Lüneburg (1277-1330)

          Wilhelm, Duke of Lüneburg (1330-69)


                Otto, Duke of Aquitaine


ALBERT I “the Great”, Duke of Brunswick, (1252-79), 2ndly m ADELHEID, dau of BONIFACIO III, Marquess of Montferrat

                Matilda, m Eirikr IV, King of Denmark

                Luther, Knight of St. John the Baptist

                Conrad, Knight of St. John the Baptist

                Heinrich “the Singular”, Duke of Brunswick (1279-86)

                Wilhelm, Duke of Brunswick (1286-92)



ALBERT “the Fat”, Duke of Brunswick (1292-1318), Count of Göttingen, Northeim and Minden (1286-1318), m RICHENZA, dau of HEINRICH, Prince of Wenden 

                Otto “the Mild”, Duke of Brunswick (1318-44)

                Ernst, Duke of Brunswick (1344-45)



MAGNUS I “the  Pious”, Duke of Brunswick (1344-69) m SOPHIA, dau of HEINRICH, Margrave of Brandenburg 

                MAGNUS II


MAGNUS II “Torquatus”, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1369-73 when killed), m CATHERINE, dau WALDIMAR I, Elector of Brandenburg 

                Friedrich, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1373-1400), Holy Roman Emperor, dsp 1400

                Heinrich I, shared Lüneburg from 1388 and Brunswick from 1400, Duke of Lüneburg (1409-16)

                                Wilhelm “the Victorious”, Duke of Lüneburg (1416-28)

                BERNARD I, the 3rd son

                + one other son and 5 daus


BERNARD I, Duke of Brunswick (1409-28) and Lüneburg (1428-34), m MARGARET, dau of OTTO, Duke of Saxony


                Otto I “the Lame”, Duke of Lüneburg (1434-46)


FRIEDRICH “the Pious”, Duke of Brunswick, (1434-41 when abdicated and 1446-58 when  retired to monastery at Zelle)

                Bernard II, Duke of Lüneburg (1458-64)

                OTTO II


OTTO II “the Magnificent”, Duke of Lüneburg (1464-71), m ANN, Countess of Nassau, Vianden and Dietz 

                HEINRICH II


HEINRICH II “the Younger”, Duke of Lüneburg (1471-1522 when abdicated), d 1532, m MARGARET, dau of ERNST, Elector of Saxony 

                Otto III, Duke of Lüneburg (1522-27)           

           Francis, Duke of Lüneburg (1536-39)

                ERNST I, the 4th son

                + one other son and 3 daus


ERNST I “the Pious” (also known as the Confessor), Count of Zelle, Duke of Lüneburg (1522-46), b 1497, m SOPHIA, dau of HEINRICH, Duke of Mecklenburg 

                Francis Otto, Duke of Lüneburg (1546-59)

                HEINRICH, Duke of Danneburg 



                       FERDINAND ALBERT, Duke of Brunswick-Bevern, m ANTOINETTA-AMELIA, dau of LEWIS RODOLPH, Prince of Blackenburg 


                WILHELM, founder of the House of Lüneburg (see below)


CHARLES, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, d 1730, m PHILIPPINA-CHARLOTTE, dau of FRIEDRICH-WILHELM, King of Prussia 



CHARLES WILHELM FERDINAND, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, d 1806, m AUGUSTA, dau of FREDERICK LOUIS, Prince of Wales (father of King GEORGE III of Britain) 

                Son 1, dsp

                FREDERICK WILLIAM, Duke of Brunswick, killed at Quatre Bras 1815, m MARY ELIZABETH, dau of CHARLES-LOUIS, Prince of Padua. Ancestors of later

                     Dukes of Brunswick 

          Charlotte, m Charles-Friedrich, Duke of Württemburg

          Caroline, m King George IV of Britain


WILHELM, founder of the House of Lüneburg (see above), b 1535, m DOROTHY, dau of  King CHRISTIAN III of Denmark 

                GEORGE, the 6th son

                + 14 other children


GEORGE, d 1641 apparently of poison, m ANNE-ELEANOR, dau of LEWIS V “the Faithfull”, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt

                Christian Lewis, Duke of Zelle, dsp 1665

                GEORGE WILHELM of Callenburg and Göttingen, d 1675

                                SOPHIA DOROTHEA, m King GEORGE I of England (see in Appendix 1 for descendants)

                JOHN FRIEDRICH of Callenburg and Göttingen, d 1679  

                                AMELIA WILHELMINA, m Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor JOSEPH I, d of smallpox 1711

                ERNST AUGUSTUS, Bishop of Osnaburg


ERNST AUGUSTUS, Bishop of Osnaburg, became Duke of Hanover and in 1692 Elector of Hanover and Great Marshal of the Empire, d 1698, m SOPHIA, dau of FRIEDRICH, Elector Palatine and King of Bohemia by his wife ELIZABETH, dau of King JAMES I of Britain 

                GEORGE LEWIS

                Maximilian William, General of the Venetians, d 1702

                Charles Philip, killed 1690

                Ernst Augustus, Bishop of Osnaburg, Duke of York and Albany, d unmrrd 1728

                SOPHIA CHARLOTTE, m FRIEDRICH, Elector of Brandenburg and King of Prussia 


GEORGE LEWIS, Elector of Hanover, crowned 1714 as King GEORGE I of Britain, m SOPHIA DOROTHEA, dau of GEORGE WILHELM, Duke of Zelle (see in Appendix I for descendants)




Family name derived from Bruis, now Brix, an arrondissement of Valognes.


ROBERT de BRUIS, came from Normandy with the Conqueror, given castle and manor of Skelton, m EMMA 



ADAM de BRUS, m EMMA dau of Sir WILLIAM RAMSAY (see under Beauchamp for ancestors)

                ROBERT de BRUS


ROBERT de BRUS, Lord of Skelton, d 1141, at court of HENRY I met Prince David of Scotland who gave him the lordship of Annandale. He m 1stly EMMA (AGNES) dau of FULK PAGANELL (see under Paganell for ancestors)

                ADAM, heir of Skelton

                ROBERT (see below) heir of Annandale


ADAM II de BRUS, Lord of Skelton, d 1164, m 1stly as 2nd husband of IVETTA d’ARCHES

                AGENS, m WALTER de FAUCONBERG (see under Fauconberg for descendants)

                LUCY, m MARMADUKE I de THWENG (see under Thweng for descendants)

                MARGARET, m ROBERT de ROS, ancestors of Parr, Marquess of Northampton and of Queen Katherine Parr

                Laderina, m John de Bellew

ADAM II 2ndly m JOANNA de MESCHINES (see under Meschines for ancestors)

                ISABEL, m HENRY PERCY (see under Percy for descendants)

ADAM 3rdly m AGNES, Comtesse d’Aumâle, dau of STEPHEN, Comte d’Aumâle (see under Champagne for ancestors)

                PETER I


PETER I de BRUS, his successor as Lord of Skelton, m JOAN

                PETER II (PIERS) de Brus


PETER II (PIERS) de Brus, m HELEWISE de Lancaster (see under  FitzReinfrid for ancestors)

                AGNES, his 1st dau & co-heir, m WALTER, 1st Baron de FAUCONBERG (see under Fauconberg for descendants)

                LUCY (2nd dau & co-heir), m MARMADUKE II de THWENG (see under Thweng for descendants)


ROBERT de BRUS, Lord of Annandale, m EUPHEMIA

                Robert, succeeded as Lord of Annandale, m in 1183 Isabel, natural dau of King WILLIAM “the Lion”

                WILLIAM de BRUCE


WILLIAM de BRUCE, d 1215, succeeded his brother before 1191 as Lord of Annandale

                ROBERT de BRUCE


ROBERT de BRUCE, Lord of Annandale, d 1245, m ISABEL, 2nd dau of  DAVID, Earl of Huntingdon and coheir of her brother John (le Scot), Earl of Chester (see under Scotland, Kings, for  ancestors)

                ROBERT de BRUS, succeeded his father in 1245 and mother in 1251/2.  

                AGATHA m RALPH TALEBOIS (see under Tailebois for descendants)


ROBERT de BRUS, Lord of Annandale,  “the Competitor”, unsuccessful claimant to the throne in 1290 who d 1295, m 1stly in 1240 ISABELLA dau of GILBERT de Clare, “the Red Earl of Ulster”, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford (see under Clare for her ancestors)  

                ROBERT BRUCE XE

                BERNARD BRUCE of Conington and Exton, ancestor of the Dukes of Montague and Manchester, Earl of Sandwich, Earl of Feversham.

ROBERT 2ndly m as 3rd husband of CHRISTIANA, dau of Sir WILLIAM d’IREBY. She had 1stly m Sir Thomas de Lascelles and 2ndly m Sir Adam de Gesemuth

                CHRISTIANA, m PATRICK, 8th Earl of Dunbar (see under Dunbar for descendants)


ROBERT de BRUS, Lord of Annandale and jure uxoris Earl of Carrick, b 1243, d 1304, summoned to Parliament as Lord Brus. He 1stly m MARGERY, Countess of Carrick, dau and heir of NEIL, Earl of Carrick and widow of Adam de Kilconath, Earl of Carrick (see under Carrick for ancestors)

                ROBERT “the BRUCE”

                Edward, led expedition to Ireland, crowned King of Ireland in 1316

                Thomas, dsp, hanged 1307

                Alexander, dspxe, hanged 1307

                Nigil, dsp, hanged, drawn and quartered 1306

                ISABEL, m 1stly Sir THOMAS RANDOLPH (see under Moray, Earls, for descendants); she 2ndly m the Earl of Atholl; she 3rdly m Alexander Bruce

                MARY, m 1stly Sir NEIL CAMPBELL (see under Campbell for descendants); she 2ndly m Sir Alexander Fraser

                CHRISTIANA, m 1stly GRATNEY, Earl of Mar (see under Mar for descendants); she 2ndly m Sir Thomas Seton (hanged & drawn for treason); she 3rdly m Sir Andrew

                         Moray of Bothwell, later Regent of Scotland

                Matilda, m Hugh, Earl of Ros


ROBERT “the BRUCE”, Earl of Carrick, Lord Brus, b 1274 at Writtle, Essex, d 1329, crowned King of Scotland (1306-1329) at Scone 1306. He 1stly m ISABELLA, dau of DONALD, Earl of MAR (see under Mar for ancestors)

                MARJORY, d 1316, m WALTER the Steward and had son King ROBERT II (1371-90) founder of the Stuart dynasty (see under Scotland, Kings, for descendants)

ROBERT 2ndly m Elizabeth, dau of RICHARD de BURGH, “the Red” 2nd Earl of Ulster

                King David II (1329-71)

                Margaret, m William, 4th Earl of Sutherland

                Matilda, m Thomas de Izac

ROBERT also had an illegitimate dau who m Sir Walter Oliphant


BUCHAN - Earls (See also under Beaumont, Comyn & Stewart)


One of the 7 original Earldoms of Scotland, known as Mormaerships(Mormaer = Great Steward) until early 12th century





GARTNACH, Mormaer of Buchan 1115, m ETE, dau of GILLIEMICHAEL, Mormaer of Fife (see under Fife, Earls, for ancestors)

                EVE, m COLBAN


COLBAN, jure uxoris Earl of Buchan ca 1135, d ca 1180, and EVE



ROGER, Earl of Buchan, d ca 1190



FERGUS, Earl of Buchan, d ca 1199

                MARGARET (MARJORY), Countess of Buchan, m 1210 2ndly as 2nd wife of WILLIAM CUMYN


WILLIAM CUMYN, jure uxoris 5th Earl of Buchan and MARGARET



ALEXANDER CUMYN, 6th Earl of Buchan, m dau of ROGER de QUINCY, Earl of Winchester (see under Quincy for ancestors)

                JOHN CUMYN, 7th Earl of Buchan, opposed ROBERT the Bruce and had his lands and title forfeited

                Alice Cumyn, m Henry Beaumont,  8th Earl of Buchan, d 1340

                MARGARET CUMYN, m ALEXANDER STEWART (see below)


ALEXANDER STEWART, “the Wolf of Badenoch”,  4th son of King ROBERT II, made 4th Earl of Buchan 1382, d 1394

                JEAN, 1stly m Sir John Keith; she 2ndly m Sir JOHN LYON of Glamis (see under under Glamis for descendants); she 3rdly m Sir James Sandilands of Calder 

           ISABELLA, 1stly m JAMES, 2nd Earl of Douglas (see under Douglas, Earls, for descendants); she 2ndly m David Edmonston of Duntreath

                Katherine, m Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig

                ELIZABETH, m THOMAS HAY, 3rd Great Constable of Scotland (see under Hay for descendants)

ALEXANDER STEWART, also had an illegitimate son

                ALEXANDER STEWART, m ISABEL DOUGLAS, Countess of Mar & Garioch (see under Mar for descendants)

ALEXANDER also had 7 children by Margaret Atheyn


ROBERT STUART, 1st Duke of Albany and 3rd son of King ROBERT II, succeeded his brother Wolf” as Earl of Buchan, b 1341, d 1420, Regent 1390-1420, m MARY GRAHAM, Countess of  Monteith (see under Graham for ancestors)

                Murdoch, 2nd Duke of Albany

                John, succeeded his father as Earl of Buchan


JAMES STEWART “the Black Knight of Lorne” m 1439 as 2nd husband of JOAN, widow of JAMES I, “of the Fiery Face” King of Scotland (1406-37) and dau of JOHN BEAUFORT, KG, Earl of Somerset, son of JOHN of Gaunt (see under England, Kings, for ancestors).  

                JAMES STEWART


JAMES STEWART, 1st Earl of Buchan, Lord Auchterhouse, High Chamberlain of Scotland, d 1497/1500, m MARGARET, dau of Sir ALEXANDER OGILVY of Auchterhouse (see under Ogilvy for ancestors)


                dau, m 11th Lord Saltoun of Abernethy

JAMES also had an illegitimate dau, m 2nd Earl of Bothwell


ALEXANDER STEWART, 2nd Earl of Buchan, d 1505, m 1stly Isabel Ogilvy; he 2ndly m MARGARET, dau of 1st Lord RUTHVEN. (She 2ndly m Sir John Erskine; 3rdly m James Stewart of Ryland and 4thly m William Wood of Bonnyton)  



JOHN STEWART, 3rd Earl of Buchan, d 1551, m MARGARET, dau of JAMES SCRYMGEOUR of Dudhope



JOHN STEWART, Master of Buchan, killed 1547, m 1stly Mary Stewart, dau of James, Earl of Moray; and 2ndly m MARGARET, dau of WALTER OGILVY of Boyne 

                CHRISTIAN STEWART, Countess of Buchan, m ROBERT DOUGLAS jure uxoris 4th Earl of Buchan, ancestors of Douglases, 5th-7th Earls of Buchan




GILBERT, a Steward of Earl of Lennox, given land in Buchanan



MAURICE, received same grant from DONALD 6th Earl of Lennox (d 1364), m dau of Montieth of Rusky"

                Son, m sole heiress of Leny

                                Alexander, killed at Verneuil 1424


                                3rd son succeeded to Leny family estates


WALTER BUCHANAN of that Ilk, m ISABEL, Countess of Lennox, dau of 8th Earl of Lennox (see under Lennox for ancestors)


                MARGARET, m ALEXANDER GRAHAM, 2nd Earl of Monteith (see under Graham for descendants)

                THOMAS, ancestor of Buchanans of Drumikil

WALTER 2ndly m Isabel, dau of MURDACH STEWART, 2nd Duke of Albany (see under Fife, Earls, for ancestors)


PATRICK BUCHANAN of that Ilk, m heiress of Killearn and Auchreoch



WALTER BUCHANAN of that Ilk, dau of WILLIAM Lord GRAHAM (see under Graham for ancestors)


                                WALTER, m twice, ancestor Buchanans of Auchmar

                Yngr son "King of Kippen"


BUCKINGHAM - Dukes (See under Stafford)


BUCKINGHAM - Earls (See under D’Évereux, Giffard, Grenville & Stafford)


BULGARIA - Khans and Tsars




                Dukum, 9th Khan of the Bulgars (814)

                Ditseng, 10th Khan of the Bulgars (814-15)


KHUM (KRUM), 8th Khan of the Bulgars (803-814), reputed to be a direct descendant of HERNAC, 1st Khan of the Bulgars (see under Huns)

                Omurtag, 11th Khan of the Bulgars (815-831)

          Malomir, 12th Khan of the Bulgars (831-36)

                ZVINICA (PRESSIAN), 13th Khan of the Bulgars (836-52)

                                MIHAÏLO-BORIS I


MIHAÏLO-BORIS I, 14th Khan of the Bulgars, (852-89 when abdicated), baptised 864 as MICHAEL,  returned as ruler for a short period in 893, died a monk in 907. He m MARIJA

                Vladimir, Khan of Bulgaria (889-93)

                SYMEON I (see below for descendants)

                NIKOLA KUMET


NIKOLA KUMET, Count in West Bulgaria

                AARON AMITOPOULOS

                John of Bulgaria


AARON AMITOPOULOS of Bulgaria, alive 988 (may actually have been son of John)

                JOHN WLADISSLAV


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