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                DOUGAL CAMPBELL

                                JOHN CAMPBELL

                                                MARIOTA, m Sir COLIN CAMPBELL of Lochow (see below)


COLIN CAMPBELL of Lochow, d 1343, m HELENA, dau of Sir JOHN MORE son of the Earl of Lennox

                ARCHIBALD (GILLESPIE)



An illegitimate son NIALL was ancestor of the Campbells of Melfot


ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL of Lochow, d by 1394, 1stly m dau of Sir JOHN MENTEITH  


ARCHIBALD 2ndly m dau of Sir JOHN LAMONT of that Ilk

                DUNCAN, ancestor of the Campbells of  Glenfeochan


COLIN CAMPBELL of Lochow, d by 1414, 1stly m Margaret, dau of Sir JOHN DRUMMOND of Stobhall. He 2ndly m MARIOTA (see above) 

                DUNCAN (I) - see below

                JOHN of Barbreck, ancestor of the Campbells of Inverliver

                COLIN CAMPBELL of Ardkinglass

                MARGARET, m DAVID LINDSAY, 7th Earl of CRAWFORD (see under Lindsay for descendants)

                DUGALL MOR of Dunstaffnage, m dau of MacDONALD of the Isles, ancestor of many Campbell clans 




COLIN also had two illegitimate sons

                Dugall, Dean of Argyle

                DUNCAN, ancestor of the Campbells of Duntroon


DUNCAN (I) CAMPBELL of Lochow, d 1453, created 1st Lord Campbell 1445, 1stly m MARJORY, dau of ROBERT STEWART, Duke of Albany, Regent of Scotland 

                ARCHIBALD (I)

DUNCAN 2ndly m MARGARET, dau of Sir JOHN STEWART of Blackhall and Ardgowan, illegitimate son of King ROBERT III 

                COLIN, ancestor of the Campbells of Glenorchy

                NEIL, ancestor of the Campbells of Ormidale

                DUNCAN of Kilmichael, ancestor of the Campbells of Auchinbreck

                ARCHIBALD, ancestor of the Campbells of Otter


ARCHIBALD (I) CAMPBELL, Master of Campbell, dvp 1440, 1stly m ELIZABETH, dau of JOHN 3rd Lord SOMERVILLE (see under Somerville for ancestors) 


ARCHIBALD 2ndly m dau of Murdoch, Duke of Albany


COLIN CAMPBELL, d 1493, made 1st Earl of Argyle in 1457 and Lord of Lorn in 1470

                ISABEL, m in 1478/9 WILLIAM DRUMMOND (see under Drummond for descendants)


    Catherine, m Bronnach (The Gluttonous) of Dowart

                Isabel, m William, Master of Drummond

                Mary, m Angus, illegitimate son of 11th Earl of Ross


ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, 2nd Earl of Argyle, killed at Flodden 1513, m ELIZABETH STEWART, dau of 1st Earl of LENNOX  


                Archibald Campbell of Skipinche, 2nd as 2nd husband of Janet, dau of 5th Earl of Angus 

                JOHN of Calder, ancestors of the Earls of Cawdor


COLIN CAMPBELL, 3rd Earl of Argyle, d 1529, m JEAN GORDON, dau of 3rd Earl of HUNTLEY

                ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, 4th Earl of ARGYLE, d 1558, m 1stly HELEN HAMILTON, dau of  1st Earl of Arran (see under Hamilton for ancestors)

                KATHERINE, m DAVID LINDSAY, 9th Earl of CRAWFORD (see under Lindsay for descendants)




GÉRARD de CAMVILLE, d ca 1140, m NICHOLE, dau and coheir of RICHARD de la HAYE (see under La Haie for ancestors). She 2ndly m Oliver d’Aincourt



RICHARD de CAMVILLE of Stanton, d ca 1170


                ISABEL, m Sir ROBERT de HARCOURT (see under Harcourt for descendants)


GERALD de CAMVILLE, m NICOLA dau of RICHARD de la HAYE (see under Haye for ancestors)



RICHARD de CAMVILLE, m as 2nd husband of EUSTACIA, dau of GILBERT BASSET (see under Basset for ancestors)

                IDOINE, his dau and heir, m WILLIAM LONGSÉPÉE (see under Longsépée for descendants)




ERVIGIO of Spain m LIUBIGOTONA (see under Visigoth Kings of Spain for ancestors)



PEDRO, Duque de Cantabria



FRUELA, Duque de Cantabria

                RODRIGO FROLAZ, Lord of Castile (see under Castile for descendants)

                BERMUDO I of León (see under León for descendants)

                GONSALO, 1st Conde de Lara


GONSALO, 1st Count of Lara, c 762

                ARAGÓNTA, m TELLO, Count of Galicia, great-grandparents of NUNA de Lara who m GONSALO FERNÁNDEZ, Count of Castile (see under Castile for





NICOLAS de CANTITUNE, m MABEL, dau WILLIAM FITZGERALD of Carew (see under Canton - Lords Condon, for ancestors)





                Euphemia, m as 1st wife of AUBREY de VERE


WILLIAM de CANTILUPE, d 1250/1, Chief Steward of the Royal Household, m DENISE dau of THOMAS FitzANTHONY, Seneschal of Leinster (see under FitzAnthony for family)

                WILLIAM, his successor as Chief Steward

                Walter, Bishop of Worcester

                John, Lord of Smithfield, Worcestershire

                NICHOLAS, Lord of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, (see below)

                St. Thomas Cantilupe, b ca 1218, d 1282, appointed Chancellor of England in 1265 by SIMON de MONTFORT, Bishop of Hereford from 1275, excommunicated 1282,

                     last Englishman to be canonised (1320) before the Reformation.

                MABEL, m Sir MAURICE de LONDRES, Lord of Kidwilly, (see under Londres for descendants)

                JULIA, m ROBERT TREGOZ (see under Tregoz for descendants)

                AGNES, m 1stly Sir ROBERT de St. JOHN (see under Port for descendants). She 2ndly m John de Turville


WILLIAM de CANTILUPE, Chief Steward, jure uxoris Lord of Abergavenny , m EVE, dau of WILLIAM de BRIOUZE (see under Briouze for ancestors)

                George, dsp

                MILICENT, m 1stly John de Montalt, and 2ndly m EUDO La ZOUCHE of Haryngworth, d 1295 (see under La Zouche for descendants)

                Joan, m Henry de Hastings

                Thomas, Bishop of Hereford


NICHOLAS de CAUNTELLO, Lord of Ikleston (see above), d bef 1266, m EUSTACHE, dau and heiress of RALPH FITZHUGH of Greasley, Notts. She 2ndly m Sir WILLIAM de ROS and their dau ISABEL m MARMADUKE, 1st Baron THWENG (see under Thweng for descendants)



WILLIAM de CAUNTELLO (Lord Cauntello), b 1262, d 1308, m 1stly Maud dau and heir of Osbert d’Arches. He 2ndly m EVE, widow of Alan de Walkingham, dau and co-heiress of ADAM de BOLTEBY

                William, d unmrd



NICHOLAS de CAUNTELO, 2nd Lord Cauntelo, m 1stly Tiphaine. He 2ndly m JOAN de Littelbury, widow of Sir William de Kyme (2nd Lord Kyme) and dau of HUMPHREY de Littlebury, Knt (his heir was John de Littelbury)




                Joan, m as 2nd wife of JOHN de WELLES, 4th Baron



Note: in this section names shown in bold capitals do not infer present day descendants




                                Orophernes I, King of Cappadocia (361-351)

                                ARIARATHES I


ARIARATHES I, King of Cappadocia (351-22), claimed to be descended from CYRUS III “the Great” (see under Persia for possible ancestors), killed by Perdiccas 322 BCE who then appointed Eumenes as governor

                ARIARATHES II


ARIARATHES II, regained dynastic succession under Seleucid domination (301-259 BCE),

ARIARAMNES, King of Cappadocia (259-250/248)

   ARIARATHES II King of Cappadocia (250/248-221/220)

                   ARIARATHES III “Eusebes”


ARIARATHES III “Eusebes”, King of Cappadocia (221-163), m STRATONICE, dau of ANTIOCHUS II “Theos” (see under Persia, Seleucid dynasty)

                ARIARATHES IV “Eusebes Philopator”

                Orophernes II, Joint-King of Cappadocia (158-7)


ARIARATHES IV “Eusebes Philopator”, King of Cappadocia (163-145), m ANTIOCHIS, dau of ANTIOCHUS III (see under Persia, Seleucid dynasty)

                Stratonice, m Eumenes II “Soter”, King of Pergamum

                ARIARATHES V, King of Cappadocia (145-131), m NYSA

                                ARIARATHES VI, King of Cappadocia (131-105), m LAODICE, dau of MITHRIDATES V

                                   (see under Pontus, Kings,  for ancestors)

                          Ariarathes VII, King of Cappadocia (105-99)


ARCHELAUS III (ARIARATHES VIII), King of Cappadocia, son of MITHRIDATES VI (see under Pontus, Kings,  for ancestors), d 17 CE, m BERENICE, dau of PTOLEMY XI “NEOS DIONYSOS (AULETES)” and his sister CLEOPATRA VI TRYPHAENA

Glaphyra, 1stly m King JUBA II of Mauretania; when divorced she 2ndly m Alexander of Judaea and

          she 3rdly m Herod Archelaus, Ethnarch of Judaea (see under Judaea for descendants)

ARCHELAUS III 2ndly m Mariamme VI, dau of Agrippa I of Judaea and Cypros III

                Berenice IV

                Erato, m Tigranes “the Great”, King of Armenia


CAPUA - Contes


LANDULPH (LANDOLFO), ruler of Capua, d 842, m dau of ROFRIT of Benevento



LADENULPH (LANDOLFO), Conte & Bishop of Capua, d ca 870

                ATENULPH I


ATENULPH (ATENOLFO) I, Prince of Benevento, Conte di Capua, d 910, m SICHELGAITA (of Gaeta - a Lombard)

                ATENOLFO II

                LANDULPH I (see below)

                GATELGRIMA, m GUAIMAR II, Prince of Salerno (see under Salerno for descendants)


ATENOLFO II, Prince of Benevento, Conte di Capua, d 940

                ATENOLFO, Conte di Teano


ATENOLFO, Conte di Teano

                GAITELGRIMA, m GIOVANNI, Conte I Laurino (see under Salerno for descendants)


LANDULPH I, (see above) Prince of Benevento, Conte di Capua, d 943, m GEMMA dau of ATHANASIUS II, Duke of Naples (see under Naples for ancestors)

                LANDULPH II


LANDULPH II, Prince of Benevento, Conte di Capua, d 961, m WANZIA

                LANDULPH III

                SIKLEGAITA, heiress of Salerno, m GIOVANNI, Prince of Salerno (see under Salerno for descendants)


LANDULPH III, Prince of Benevento, d 969

                LANDULPH IV


LANDULPH IV, Conte di Capua, d 1007


                CLEOGIA, m PIETRO CARACCIOLO (see under Caracciolo for descendants)


PANDULPH “the Elder”, Prince of Benevento, Conte di Capua, d 1014

                SICHELGAITA, m LANDONE II d’Aquino (see under Aquino for descendants)

                GATELGRIMA, m GUIMAR III, Prince of Salerno (see under Salerno for descendants)


CARACCIOLO - Contes di Montemarano



                TEODORO CARACCIOLO

                                FILIPPO CARACCIOLO

                                                TEODORO CARACCIOLO, m URANIA



PIETRO CARACCIOLO, m CLEOGIA, dau of LANDULPH VII, Duke of Capua (see under Capua for ancestors)


                                GIOVANNI CARACCIOLO

                                                LANDOLFO CARACCIOLO, m ANNA di Gaeta

                                                                LIGORIO CARACCIOLO, m SICHELGAITA di Gaeta & Capua

                                                                                RICARDO (Rosso)


RICARDO (Rosso) CARACCIOLO, m MAROITA dau of LANDULPH, Conte di Montemarano



GIOVANNI CARACCIOLO, Conte di Montemarano, c 1163, m DRUSA di Capece



LANDOLFO, Conte di Montemarano, m a dau of the Ursins

                TEODORA, m LANDOLFO I d’Aquino (see under Aquino for descendants)




BELLON, Visigoth Comte de Carcassonne, alive 812

                OLIVA I

                SUNIFRED, Conde de Urgell & Barcelona (see under Barcelona for descendants)

                SUNIARIO I, Conde de Ampurias & Rosellon (see under Ampurias for descendants)


OLIVA (OLIBA) I, Comte de Carcassonne, d 837, m 1stly ERMENTRUDE

                LOUIS, Comte de Carcassonne

                OLIVA IIxe "Rasez - Comtes"

                Acfred, Comte de Carcassonne, d 904

OLIVA 2ndly m Richilda


OLIVA II, Comte de Carcassonne & Rasez, d 879

                Bencion, Comte de Carcassonne, d 908

                ACFRID II


ACFRID II, Comte de Carcassonne & Rasez, d ca 935

                ARSENDA, his heiress, m ARNAUD I, Comte de Conserans and Comminges


ARNAUD, d 957, and ARSENDA above

                ROGER I

                Eudes, Comte de Rasez


ROGER I, Seigneur de Comminges, Comte de Carcassonne & Conserans, d 1019, m ADELAIDE de ROUERGUE de Pons

                ERMENSINDE, m RAYMOND BORREL, Conde de Barcelona (see under Barcelona for descendants)



                                Pierre, 11th Comte de Carcassonne, d ca 1060

                                Guillaume, 12th Comte de Carcassonne


BERNARD-ROGER, Comte de Carcassonne, Conserans and jure uxoris de Bigorre, d 1038, m GERSENDE, dau of GARCÍA ARNALDO, Conde de Bigorre (see under Bigorre for ancestors)

                Roger I, Comte de Foix

                PIERRE, Comte de Foix (see under Foix for descendants)

                CLEMENCE de Foix, m ADALBERT II, Duc de Lorraine (see under Lorraine for descendants)  


CARBERRY - Princes (See under MacCarthy Reagh)


CAREW - Marquesses of Cork


GERALD of Windsor, m NESTA, Princess of Wales (see under FitzGerald for ancestors and other children)

                WILLIAM FITZGERALD


WILLIAM FITZGERALD, Lord of Carew, d 1173/4

                ODO, m dau of RICHARD FitzTANCRED, Lord of Haverfordwest, and had son WILLIAM of Carew a quo the Carews of Idrone 

                RAYMOND (REIMAND) le GROS

                Griffin (Gruffyd)


                MABEL, m NICHOLAS de CANTITUNE (see under Cantilupe for descendants)


RAYMOND FITZWILLIAM of Carew, calledle Gros”, d 1186/88, m BASILIA (given by her father as a reward for rescuing him from the Irish), widow of ROBERT de QUINCY (see under Quincy for descendants) and dau of GILBERT de CLARE, Earl of Pembroke (see under Clare for ancestors)

                RICHARD, an illegitimate son or nephew, a quo the Carews, Marquesses of Cork


DONAL CAOMH “the Handsome”, Prince of Carberry (1311-20), m widow of Dermod O’Mahon and dau of ROBERT de CAREW - Marquis of Cork


CARINTHIA - Counts & Dukes


CARLOMAN. King of Bavaria (876-80), (succeeded by Lewis II “ the Younger” of Saxony) leaving ARNULF (ARNOULD), a natural son by LITWINDE of Carinthia. Eventually chosen to reign in East Francia (Germany) (887-99), Emperor (896-99)


ERNEST V, Count of Sualafeld

                MARKWART II


MARKWART II, Duke of Carinthia, d 1000, m HADAMUT dau of ADALBERT I, Count of Ebersburg



ALBERT, Duke of Carinthia, d 1039, m BRIDGET dau of HERMAN II, Duke of Swabia (see under Swabia for ancestors)

                MARKWART III

                HAZAGA, m POPPO, Count of Rot


MARKWART III, Duke of Carinthia, d 1076, m HADAMUT dau of BERENGER of Friuli (see under Friuli for ancestors)



HEINRICH II, Duke of Carinthia, b 1066, d 1129, m 3rdly SOPHIA dau of LEOPOLD II of Austria (see under Austria for ancestors)

                EDITH, m ENGILBERT II, Count of Ortenberg (see under Ortenberg for other descendants)


ENGILBERT II, Count of Ortenberg, d 1141, and EDITH of Carinthia

                ENGILBERT III


ENGILBERT III, Duke of Carinthia, d 1147, m in 1110 UTHA dau of ULRIC of Passau (see under Wels for ancestors)

                IDA, m GUILLAUME III, Comte de Nevers (see under Nevers for descendants)


RABOLD I, Count of Carinthia, son of SIEGHARD I, Count of Bavaria (see under Chiemgau for ancestors), d 919, m ENGEMUNT

                ADALBERT I


ADALBERT I, Count of Carinthia, d 969, m LUITGARD, dau of PAPO von PREISING


                MARDEMUT, m MARKWART III von EPPENSTEIN (see under Eppenstein for descendants)

                ADALBERT, Margrave of Carinthia, m BEATRICE, dau of HERMAN II, Duke of Swabia

                                WILIBIRG, m OTTOKAR VI, Count of Chiemgau (see under Chiemgau for descendants)


ULRICH von EBERSBURG, Count of Ebersburg, Margrave of Carniola, d 1029, m RICHGARDIS, dau of MARKWART II von   (see under Eppenstein for ancestors)

                WILIBERG, heiress of Ebersburg, m WIRIGAUD, Count of Istria and Friuli (see under Friuli for descendants)


CARLAT - Vicomtes


BERNARD I, Vicomte de Carlat, alive 932



GERHARD, Vicomte de Carlat, alive 950

                BERNARD II


BERNARD II, Vicomte de Carlat, alive 980

                GILBERT I


GILBERT I, Vicomte de Carlat, m AGNES de Mels

                GILBERT II


GILBERT II, Vicomte de Carlat, d ca 1070, m NOBILIA, dau of ODO, Vicomte de Lodéve (see under Lodéve for ancestors)

                ADÉLE, heiress of Carlat & Lodéve, m BERENGER II, Vicomte de Gievaudin (see under Gievaudin for ancestors)


BERENGER II, Vicomte de Gievaudin, Milhaud and jure uxoris of Carlat & Lodéve, d ca 1111, and his wife ADÉLE

                DULCE di Gievaudin, m RAMÓN BERENGER II, Comte de Provence and Marquis of Barcelona (see under Barcelona for descendants)





                PÉPIN I of Landen


PÉPIN I “the Elder” of Landen in Brabant, b ca 585, came from a great landowning Belgian family. He became Mayor of the Palace (and effective ruler) of Austrasia (Eastern Franks) in 623, d 639, m St. ITTA of Nivelles (d 652), dau of St. ARNULF, Bishop of Metz (see below)

                St. BEGGA of Landen m ANSEGISEL (see below)

                Grimoald, Mayor of the Palace, attempted to usurp powers of the King in 656 and was executed 662. He proclaimed his son Childebert as King of Austrasia in 656


BODEGISEL II, (see under Merovingian dynasty for ancestors), m ODA, a Suevian

                St. ARNULF


St. ARNULF, Bishop of Metz, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, b ca 582, d 640, an adviser to the Emperor DAGOBERT and colleague of PÉPIN I of Landen. He m DODE of Old Saxony, b ca 586, nun at Treves from 612

                ANSEGISEL (WALCHIGISE)

                VALTRUDE, m EUDES, Duke of Aquitaine (see under Aquitaine for descendants)

                St. ITTA who m PÉPIN I of Landen (see above)

                St. CLODULE, Bishop of Metz, b 596, d 690, had dau GUNZA who m WARIN, Count of the Palace of Poitiers (see under Hesbaye for descendants)


ANSEGISEL (WALCHIGISE, Comte de Verdun), Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia (632-38) to SIGEBERT, b 602, murdered 685, m St. BEGGA of Landen, dau of PÉPIN (see above)

                PÉPIN II d’Héristal

                MARTIN of Laon (see under Laon for descendants) 


PÉPIN II d’Héristal, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia in 681 and of Neustria (Western Franks) and Burgundy in 687, b ca 635, d 714, m 1stly PLECTRUDA dau of HUGOBERT

                DREUX (DROGO), d 708, Duc de Champagne, m ANSTRUDE, dau of VARATON and ANSFLEDE (see under Chaumontois for descendants)

                Grimoald, Mayor of the Palace, Neustria, killed in 714 by a Frisian

                                Theudoald, Mayor of the Palace, Neustria (714-18)

By a mistress AUPAIS (ALPHAIDA), b ca 654, a sister of Dodo, PÉPIN II had illegitimate sons

                CHARLES MARTEL

                CHILDEBRAND I, Comte de Perracy, d 751/2 (see under Perracy for descendants)


CHARLES MARTEL, “the Hammer, Mayor of Austrasia 717 and of all Kingdoms of the Franks (720-41), defeated the Moslem army of Abdul Rahman at Poitiers in 732, d 741, m 1stly CHROTRUDIS, d 724, dau of St. LIUTVIN, Bishop of Treves (see under Wormsgau for ancestors)

                CARLOMAN, Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia (740-7), d 771, resigned his share of power to PÉPIN III and became a monk at Monte Cassino in 747, d 754 (see

                     under Friuli for descendants)

                PÉPIN III

                Duke BERNARD, d ca 784, m dau of HARIBERT, Count of Laon (see under Laon for ancestors)


                                GUNDORA, m PÉPIN, King of Italy

                                Wala, a monk influential with LOTHAR I

CHARLES MARTEL 2ndly m in 741 SWANHILDA dau of Duke GRIMALDO II of Bavaria (see under Bavaria, Dukes for ancestors)

                LANDRADA, m Count SIGRAMINE of Hesbaye, parents of Count GUNDERLAND of Hesbaye (d 778), father of Count INGERAMUN of Hesbaye, father of

                     ERMENGARDE who m LOUIS I of France (see below)

                AUDE, m THEODERICUS, (Jewish) Judiarch of Narbonne (Septimania) and Duc de Toulouse (see under Toulouse for descendants). She 2ndly m THIERRY,

                     Comte d’Autun (see under Autun for descendants)

                HILTRUDIS, m OTILO, Duke of Bavaria

                                TASSILIO III, Duke of Bavaria

CHARLES MARTEL also had an illegitimate son Grifon, b 726, imprisoned in 741 by elder brothers CARLOMAN and PÉPIN III, d 753



PÉPIN III, “le Bref, b 715, d 768, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia in 741, assumed title King PÉPIN I of the Franks in 752. (He and CARLOMAN at first reintroduced as figurehead Childerick III, the last of the Merovingians, but finally in 751 PÉPIN sent him off to a monastery well out of the way in Ireland). King PÉPIN III m BERTRADA au Grand Pied (Broadfoot), d 783, dau of CHARIBERT, Count of Laon (see under Laon for ancestors). When PÉPIN died he divided the kingdom between his two sons, the north and all Francia to CHARLEMAGNE and the south with all Burgundy, Swabia and East Aquitaine to Carloman.

                CHARLEMAGNE, joint heir

                Carloman II, joint heir, d 771 and his wife & sons fled to Verona

                BERTHA (BERTRADA) of France, m MILON, Comte d’Angleria (d 800). Their son ROLANDthePaladin” had a son FARALANDO who m FLORA VALDES

                     (see under Valdes for descendants). She later became Abbess of the Convent of Chelles.


KAROLUS “MAGNUS”, (CHARLEMAGNE), b 742, crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III 25.12.800, d 814.  

                Charles, his 1st born legitimate son, mother uncertain, crowned King of the Romans 800, d 811

CHARLEMAGNE 1stly m in 770 dau of DESIDERIUS, last King of the Lombards, but repudiated her a year later.

CHARLEMAGNE 2ndly m HILDIGARDE, b 757, d 783, a dau of GERAUD, Duke of Swabia and descended on mother’s side from GODFRED, Duke of the Alamans (see under Alamania for ancestors)

                BERTHA, m the Abbot ANGILBERT of St. Riquier after having 2 illeg. Sons by him (see under Alençon, Counts, for descendants)

                Gisla (dau)

                LOUIS I “the Pious”

                PÉPIN IV, King of Italy (781-810) (see below)

CHARLEMAGNE 3rdly m Fastrada, an East Frank who d 794

                Theodorada (dau)

                Hiltrud (dau)

CHARLEMAGNE 4thly m Luigard, an Alamannian who died ca 800

CHARLEMAGNE also had 6 concubines

·         Himiltrudis, probably before his 1st marriage

                Pépin “the Hunchback”, his 1st born but illegitimate son, conspired against CHARLEMAGNE and was sent to a monastery, d 811

·         Sigradane

                Hruodhaidis (dau)

·         Madelgard

                Tuothildis (dau)

·         Gersuind

                Adalartrud (dau)

·         Regina

                Drogo, Bishop of Metz (823-55)

                Hugues (Hugo) l’Abbé, d 844

·         ADALLINDIS

                THEODORIC (originally called Carloman) (see under Angoulême for descendants)

CHARLEMAGNE had several other illegitimate daughters, including

                DUODENE, (mother now unknown) who m BERNARD, Comte de Toulouse, ancestors of the Comtes d’Anjou (see under Anjou for descendants)

                ROTHILDE, (mother now unknown) who m LAMBERT, Comte de Nantes (see under Spoleto for descendants)

                AUPAIS, (mother now unknown) m BEGUE, Comte de Paris (see under Friuli for descendants)  

Some authorities hold that CHARLEMAGNE married his dau Rotrou to the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VI  before his mother Irene in 797 had Constantine blinded. In 802, with a view to uniting the East and West Roman Empires, CHARLEMAGNE sent an offer of marriage to the same Empress IRENE, widow of Emperor LEO IV. She may have been inclined to accept but was deposed and died a year later.


CHARLEMAGNE ultimately divided his Kingdom between his surviving legitimate sons.

                PÉPIN IV got Italy, but dvp 810 and in turn his illegitimate son  Bernard then became King of Italy (see later)

                LOUIS I “the Pious” got so-called Aquitaine


LOUIS I “the Pious”, “le Débonnaire, born 778, d 840, King of Aquitaine, succeeded his father as Emperor (814-40), m 1stly in 798 ERMENGARDE, (great-great-granddaughter of CHARLES MARTEL) d 818, dau of INGERMAN, Comte de Hesbaye (see under Hesbaye for ancestors)

                LOTHAIR I, King of Italy, Emperor (840-55)  

                Berengaria, m Giselbert, Comte de Masau

                Pépin I, King of Aquitaine, d 838

                                Pépin “the Younger”, claimed Aquitaine (838-48) but was disinherited, d after 864

                LEWIS (LUDWIG) II “the German (840-76) - see below

                HILDEGARDE, m GERHARD, Comte d’Auvergne (see under Auvergne for descendants)

LOUIS I 2ndly m JUDITH, (d 843), dau of Count GWELF III of Andech (see under Burgundy for ancestors)

                GISELA, m EBERHARD, Marquess of Friuli (d 864) (see under  Friuli for descendants)

                                BERENGER, King of Italy (888), Emperor (915)

                CHARLES II “the Bald


LOUIS “the Pious” had also divided his kingdom among his sons (see above)

                LOTHAIR I was designated in 817 to succeed as Emperor (840-55) on his  father’s death, and got  Austrasia, Burgundy and Italy, d 855

                LEWIS II the German” got the area east of the Rhine, d 876

                Pépin I got Aquitaine (see above)

                CHARLES “the Bald got Neustria, d 877,

They fought and after the defeat of LOTHAIR I at the Battle of Fontenay in 841 he agreed with LEWIS III and CHARLES at Verdun in 843 on the following division.

                LEWIS III got Austrasia, Bavaria, Swabia, Saxony

                LOTHAIR I retained the title of Emperor (840-55) and got the long north-south middle section from Aix la Chapelle down to Rome

                CHARLES II “the Bald (823-77) got Neustria, Aquitaine and the Spanish March. He was later crowned Emperor in Rome (875-77)


CHARLES II “the Bald”, b 823, d 877, King of the West Franks ( 843-77), Emperor of the West Franks (875-77), 1stly m in 842 ERMENTRUDE (d 869), dau of EUDES, Comte d’Orléans and INGELTRUDE

                LOUIS II, “the Stammerer

CHARLES “the Bald” 2ndly m RICHARDIS, sister of BOSO I, Comte de Provence (see under Provence for ancestors)

                JUDITH, m 1stly AETHELWULF, King of the West Saxons (see under England, Kings, for descendants); she 2ndly m Ethelbald, King of the West Saxons (d 860); she

                     3rdly m BAUDOUIN I, Count of Flanders, (d 879) (see under Flanders, Counts, for descendants)

                HERSINDE, m REGNIER I, Count of Hainault (see under Hainault for descendants)

                Charles, King of Aquitaine, d 866

                Carloman, blinded by order of his father, d 874

                ROHEUT, m HUGUES, Comte de Bourges (see under Bourges for descendants)

                ROTHILDE, m ROGER, Comte de Maine (see under Maine for descendants)


LOUIS II, “the Stammerer, b 843, d 879, King of France (877-79), m 1stly Adelaide. He m 2ndly in 862 ANSGARDE, dau of BEGON II, Comte de Paris (see under Friuli for ancestors)

                Louis III, joint King of France (879-82)

                Carloman, joint King of France (879-84)

                ADÉLE, m ROBERT I, Comte de Paris & Poitiers, Marquis of Neustria and Orléans, Anti-King of France 922 (see under  France, Capetian dynasty for


                CHARLES III

                EDITH, m OTHO I, Duke of Saxony (see under Saxony for descendants)

                ERMENTRUDE, b ca 870, had dau KUNIGUNDE who 1stly m WIGERIC (see under Luxemburg  for descendants), and 2ndly m Richwin, Comte de Verdun


CHARLES III “the Simple, b 879, d 929, King of France (893-923), m 3rdly as 1st husband of EADGIFU dau of EDWARD “the Elder” of England (see under England, Kings, for ancestors)

                LOUIS IV

Possibly by his 1st or 2nd wife CHARLES III had

                Giselle, dsp 919, m as 2nd wife of ROLLO, 1st Viking Count of Normandy


LOUIS IV “d’Outremer”, King of France, b 920, d 954, m in 939 as 2nd husband of GERBERGA (d 969), dau of HEINRICH I of Germany (see under Germany, Kings, for ancestors)

                MAUD, m CONRAD I, King of Burgundy (see under Burgundy for descendants)

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