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                Bogo, b 1248, d 1294. Not a priest but collected over 34 livings with 27 rectories. When Archbishop

                                Pecham’s messenger brought a summons, Bogo made him eat it..


THOMAS de CLARE, Governor of the City of London, killed in Ireland, m AMY (Julianne), dau of Sir MAURICE FITZMAURICE (see under FitzMaurice for ancestors)

                Gilbert, dsp


                THOMAS de CLARE



                MARGARET, his co-heir, m BARTHOLOMEW de BADLESMERE (see under Badlesmere for descendants)

                MAUD, a co-heir, 1stly m ROBERT, 1st Lord CLIFFORD (see under Clifford for descendants)


GILBERT “the Red”, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford (see above), b 1243, d 1295, m JOAN “of Acre” (d 1307), dau of King EDWARD I. They were ancestors of Thomas Dudley, an early governor of Massachusetts and through him of many current U.S. families.  JOAN 2ndly m Ralph de Monthermer, a servant of her 1st husband, who then became jure uxoris Earl of Gloucester and Hereford and Lord of Kilkenny. 

                ELEANOR, his co-heir, m HUGH le DESPENSER (see under Despenser for descendants)

                Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, b 1291, d 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn m Maud, dau of RICHARD de BURGH, Earl of Ulster. He 2ndly m Alice,

                     dau of Hugues XI “le Brun” Comte de Lusignan

      Isabel, m as 2nd wife ofxe "Gaveston, Piers" MAURICE “the Magnificent” 2nd Baron BERKELEY

                MARGARET, his co-heir, m 1stly Piers de Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall and homosexual companion of King EDWARD II, and they had a dau Joane who d young: she 2ndly

                             m HUGH d’AUDLEY, cr Earl of Gloucester 1337 (see under Audley for descendants)

                ELIZABETH, his co-heir, b ca 1294, d 1360, endowed Clare College Cambridge as first college  planned to take undergraduates, m 1stly JOHN de BURGH (d 1313) heir

                     to Earldom of Ulster to  whom she bore her only son William (see under Burgh). Abducted in 1316 probably with her consent by Sir THEOBALD, Lord VERDON by

                     whom she had a dau Isabel (see under Verdon). She 3rdly m Sir ROGER d’AMORIE (see under Damory for descendants). He d in 1321 and she  then lived in splendour

                     at Clare.

                Maud, m 1stly Roger de Clifford. She 2ndly m Robert, 2nd Baron de Welles


A Richard de Clare owned Bunratty Castle and was killed near there in 1318


CLARENCE - Earls (See under MacCarthy Mór)


CLAVERING - Barons (See under FitzRoger)




BAUDOUIN I, Comte de Clermont, ca 1023

                BAUDOUIN II


BAUDOUIN II, Comte de Clermont, ca 1042

                ERMENGARDIS, m RENAUD I (see below)


RENAUD, d after 1047



HUGUES, alive 1047-60

                RENAUD I


RENAUD I de Clermont, Great Chamberlain of France 1049-98, m ERMENGARDIS, dau of BAUDOUIN II (see above)

                HUGUES I


HUGUES I de Creil, Comte de Clermont, Mouchy & Creil, b ca 1030, d 1101, m  MARGUERITE, dau of EBLES II, Comte de ROUCY (see under Roucy for ancestors) 

                RENAUD II

                ADELIZA de CLERMONT, m 1stly Count GILBERT (Gislebert) of Brionne, Comte d’Eu (see under Clare for descendants). She 2ndly m BOUCHARD III,

                     Seigneur de Montmorenci (see under Montmorenci for descendants)

                RICHILDE, m DREUX II de Mello (see under Mello for descendants)

                ERMENTRUDE, m HUGH d’AVRANCHES (see under Abrincis for descendants)


RENAUD II de Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, d 1162, m 2ndly in 1140 as 1st husband of CLEMENCE, dau of RENAUD I, Comte de Bar-le-Duc (see under Bar-le-Duc for ancestors)

                SIMON I


SIMON I de Clermont & jure uxoris d’Ailly-sur-Noie, m as 2nd husband of MAUD, dau of VALERAN III de BRÉTEUIL (see under Bréteuil for ancestors)

                RAOUL I


RAOUL I de Clermont, d 1214, m ALICE dau of ROBERT I, Comte de Dreux and Vicomte de Châteaudun (see under Dreux for ancestors) 

                ALICE, m GUILLAUME de FLANDRES (see under Flanders for descendants)

RAOUL 2ndly m as 1st husband of GERTRUDE, dau of JEAN I de Neslé (see under Neslé for ancestors)

                SIMON II


SIMON II de Clermont, d 1288, m ALICE, dau of AMAURY VI de Montfort (see under Montfort for ancestors) great-grandparents of JEAN de LUXEMBURG (see under Luxemburg for descendants)  

                BEATRICE, m JEAN IV de LILLE (see under Lille for descendants)


Philippe Herepel, Comte de Clermont (d 1234), son of PHILIPPE II, (Augustus), King of France


CLÈVES - Comtes & Ducs


BAUDOUIN I, Comte de Clèves, d 830



EBERHARD, Comte de Clèves, d 835, m BERTHA



LUDGARDE, Comte de Clèves, d 881, m BERTHA

                BAUDOUIN II


BAUDOUIN II, Comte de Clèves, d 917, m MAUD

                YOLANDE, m ODOACRE de CREQUEY (see under Crequey for descendants)

                LUITGARDE de Clèves, m ARNULPH, Count of Holland, (see under Holland for descendants)


CLIFFORD - Barons, Earls of Cumberland



                RICHARD FITZ-PONS




RICHARD FITZ-PONS, d ca 1130, m MAUD dau of WALTER, son of MILO de GLOUCESTER (see under Gloucester, Lords & Sheriffs, for ancestors)

                son 1

                WALTER I

                son 3

                BERTHA, m HELIAS II GIFFARD, (see under Giffard for descendants)



WALTER I CLIFFORD, d 1190, m MARGARET, dau of RALPH de TOSNI (see under Tosni for ancestors)

                WALTER II, his heir

                RICHARD, ancestor of the Cliffords of Frampton

                ROSAMOND “the Fairwho had two illegitimate children by King HENRY II, including WILLIAM LONGSÉPÉE (see under England, Kings, for descendants)

                Lucia, m 1stly Hugh de Say of Richards Castle; she 2ndly m Bartholomew de Mortimer



WALTER II CLIFFORD, d 1223, Sheriff of Herefordshire, m AGNES, dau of ROGER de CUNDI, Lord of the manors of Covenby and Glentham, Lincs., by his wife ALICE, Lady of Horncastle and heir of WILLIAM de CHESNEY

                WALTER III

                ROGER I (see below)



WALTER III CLIFFORD, d 1264, joined rebellion of WILLIAM MARSHALL, Earl of Pembroke against HENRY III, outlawed, restored, m MARGARET, widow of JOHN de BRAOSE and dau of LLEWELLYN, Prince of Wales (see under Wales for ancestors) and JOAN, illegitimate dau of King JOHN

                MAUD (MATILDA) his heir, d 1282, 1stly m son of WILLIAM LONGSÉPÉE); she 2ndly m JOHN, 1st Lord GIFFARD (see under Giffard for descendants)


ROGER I CLIFFORD (see above), d 1231, m 2ndly as 3rd husband of SIBYL, widow of ROBERT, Lord TREGOZ and dau of ROBERT de EWYAS (see under Ewyas for ancestors)

                ROGER II


ROGER II CLIFFORD, d 1285, m 1stly in 1230 HAWISE, dau of JOHN BOTTERELL

                ROGER III, dvp

                + other sons


ROGER III CLIFFORD, dvp 1282, m in 1269 ISABEL dau of ROBERT VIPONT, Lord and hereditary Sheriff of Westmoreland (see under Vipont for ancestors)

                ROBERT I


ROBERT I, 1st Lord CLIFFORD, b 1274, sent to bar escape north of Piers Gaveston, joined rebellion of Lancaster 1322, captured and executed same year, m MAUD, dau of THOMAS de CLARE (see under Clare for ancestors) 

                Roger IV, Lord of Westmoreland, dsp 1327

                ROBERT II

                IDONEA, m HENRY, 2nd Lord PERCY (see under Percy for descendants)


ROBERT II, Lord CLIFFORD, b 1305, d 1344, m ISABEL, dau of MAURICE, Lord BERKELEY (see under Berkeley for ancestors)

                Robert III, m Euphemia, dau of Randolphus, Lord Nevill (sic) of  Meddleham, dsp

                ROGER V


                Thomas, ancestor of Richard, Bishop of Worcester, later Cardinal


ROGER V CLIFFORD, Lord of Westmoreland, d 1390, m MAUD, dau of THOMAS BEAUCHAMP, 3rd Earl of Warwick (see under Beauchamp for ancestors)

                THOMASxe "ROS - Barons"

                William, m Anne, eldest dau of Thomas, Lord Bardolph


                LEWIS, KG, ancestor of the Cliffords of Chudleigh

                CATHERINE, m RALPH, 5th Lord GREYSTOKE (see under Greystoke for descendants)

                Richard, Keeper of the Privy Seal 1399


THOMAS CLIFFORD,, m ELIZABETH, dau of THOMAS, 7th Lord Ros of Hamlake (see under Ros for ancestors)



JOHN, Lord CLIFFORD and WESTMORELAND, d 1422, m ELIZABETH, dau of HENRY, Lord PERCY “Hotspur” (see under Percy for ancestors)



THOMAS, 2nd Lord CLIFFORD and WESTMORELAND, d 1455, m JOHANNA, dau of THOMAS, Lord DACRE of Gillesland



JOHN, 3rd Lord CLIFFORD and WESTMORELAND, m MARGARET, dau and heir of HENRY BROMFLETE, Baron VESCY (see under Bromflete for ancestors)



                Thomas, m Ellen, dau & heir of John Swarby of Brakenburgh


HENRY, 4th Lord CLIFFORD and WESTMORELAND, d 1524, 1stly m ANNE, dau of JOHN St. JOHN of Bletnesho 


                Thomas, m Lucia, dau of Anthony Brown

                Mabel, m William FitzWilliam

                + 4 other daus, all married

HENRY 2ndly m Florence, dau of Henry Pudsey of Barfoot

                3 sons, all d young + 1 dau


HENRY, Baron CLIFFORD, K.G., d 1542, created Earl of Cumberland 1525, 1stly m Margaret, dau of George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury. He 2ndly m MARGARET, dau of HENRY PERCY, 5th Earl of Northumberland


                Ingeram, dsp, m Anne, dau & heir of Henry Ratcliff (sic)

                CATHERINE, 1stly m John, Lord Scrope of Bolton; she 2ndly m RICHARD CHOLMONDELEY

                MAUD, m JOHN, Lord CONYERS (see under Conyers for descendants)

                Elizabeth, m Christopher Metcalf of Nappa, Yorks

                Jane, m John Huddlestone of Millum Castle


HENRY CLIFFORD, 2nd Earl of Cumberland, d 1569, 1stly m ELEANOR, dau and co-heir of CHARLES BRANDON, Duke of Suffolk (see under Brandon for ancestors)

                MARGARET, m HENRY STANLEY, Lord STRANGE, later Earl of Derby

HENRY 2ndly m ANNE, dau of WILLIAM, Lord DACRE of Gillesland


                FRANCIS, 4th Earl of Cumberland

                Frances, m Philip, Lord Wharton


GEORGE CLIFFORD, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, d 1605, m MARGARET, dau of FRANCIS RUSSELL, 2nd Earl of Bedford

                ANNE, 1st m RICHARD SACKVILLE, 2nd Earl of Dorset. She 2ndly m Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery 


CLINTON - Earls of Huntingdon


RENEBAULT de TANKERVILLE, (see under Tankerville for ancestors) d 1140, m AGNES, dau of ODON STIGAND

                GEOFFREY de CLINTON


GEOFFREY de CLINTON, Lord Chamberlain and Treasurer to HENRY I. He built Kenilworth and took his name from Glympton in Oxon., although his family estates were at St. Pierre de Semilly and Le Bar-de-Semilly in Normandy. He m AGNES, dau of ROGER de NEWBURGH (see under Newburgh for ancestors)  

                LESCELINE, m NORMAN de VERDON (see under Verdon for descendants)


COBHAM - Barons




                Reginald, d 1248, Sheriff of Kent, Constable of Dover Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports



JOHN de COBBEHAM, Sheriff of Kent, m 1stly a dau of WARINE FitzBENEDICT

                JOHN (II)

                Henry of Rundell, summoned to Parliament as a Baron Septvaus m Joane, dau of Stephen de Pencestre

STEPHEN, summoned to Parliament 1327, d 1334

JOHN, his heir, m AVICE, ancestors of Barons Cobham of Rundell

                           RALPH COBHAM, summoned to Parliament as Baron Cobham 1324, d 1325, m MARY, dau of WILLIAM, 2nd Baron ROS, and widow of THOMAS

                                     PLANTAGENET de BROTHERTON, d 1338, Lord of   Catherlogh, son of King EDWARD I

             JOHN de COBHAM, ancestor of the Cobhams of Norfolk

             Sir Ralph (see below)

JOHN 2ndly m JOANE, dau of HUGH de NEVIL



JOHN (II) de COBBEHAM, Justice of King’s Bench and Common Pleas, Baron of the Exchequer, m JOANE de SEPTVAUS, co-heir of Roese, widow of Stephen de Pencestre XE "Pencestre"

                HENRY de COBHAM, d 1339, Constable of Dover Castle, Warden of the Cinque Ports, summoned to Parliament as a Baron 1313, m MAUD de COLUMBERS (see

                     under Columbers for ancestors)


                REGINALD (see below)


JOHN, 2nd Baron Cobham, m JOAN, dau of JOHN BEAUCHAMP



JOHN, 3rd Baron Cobham, d 1409, m MARGARET, dau of HUGH COURTENAY, Earl of Devon (see under Courtenay for ancestors)

                JOANE, m Sir JOHN de la POLE (see under La Pole for descendants)


JOHN de COBHAM, son of JOHN de COBBEHAM II (see above)

                JOAN, m Sir PHILIP le DESPENSER (see under Despenser for descendants)


REGINALD COBHAM, younger son of JOHN de COBBEHAM II (see above), summoned to Parliament as a Baron 1343, d 1361, one of the English heroes just before the Battle of Crécy, m JOANE, dau of MAURICE de BERKELEY (see under Berkeley for ancestors)



REGINALD, 2nd Baron Cobham, m 1stly Elizabeth, widow of Fulke le Strange; he 2ndly m ALIANORE, dau of Sir JOHN FITZALAN (alias Sir JOHN ARUNDEL



REGINALD, 3rd Baron Cobham, m 1stly Eleanore, dau of Thomas Culpepper; he 2ndly m ANNE, widow of Sir William Clifford and dau of THOMAS, Lord Bardolph 

                REGINALD, dvp

                                MARGARET, m as 2nd wife of RALPH NEVILLE, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland (see under Neville for descendants)

                Thomas, m Anne, dau of Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham (see under Stafford for ancestors)

                Margaret, m Reginald Curteys

                Alianore, a concubine of and then m Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, son of King HENRY IV  

                Anne, a nun at Berking



COGAN - Lords of the Moiety of the Kingdom of Cork


Anon de COGAN, m dau of WALTER FITZOTHO of Windsor (see under FitzGerald, Knights of Kerry for ancestors)



MILES (MILO) de COGAN, killed 1182 by MacTire, from Cogan, Glamorganshire, went to Ireland with Strongbow, given by HENRY on 1177 the “Kingdom of Cork” jointly with ROBERT FITZSTEPHEN and took the west side, thence being known as Lord of the Moiety of the Kingdom of Cork 1177, and ancestor of the Lords Kingsale, m CHRISTIANA PAINEL (see under Painel for ancestors)  




                MARGARET, m RALPH (d 1182), illegitimate son of ROBERT FITZSTEPHEN (see under FitzStephen for ancestors) and their dau m PATRICK de COURCY (see

                     under Courcy for descendants)

                RICHARD, a quo the Cogans of Cork


RICHARD de COGAN, d 1238



JOHN de COGAN, ca 1305, m MARIE de PRENDERGAST (see under Prendergast for ancestors)

                JULIANA m MAURICE FITZGERALD, 2nd Baron of Offaly, (see under FitzGerald for ancestors)

                MARGERY, heiress of her father and grandfather m PATRICK de COURCY, mentioned 17.7.1221 as one of the magnates of Ireland, d 1251 (see under Courcy for


                John II


John II de Cogan m Juliana, dau of Gerald son of MAURICE FITZGERALD, 2nd Baron Offaly. Juliana left her lands to her cousin JOHN FITZTHOMAS, 1st Earl of Kildare 

                John III, dvp




TEDRIC (a Anglo-Saxon name) held Coggeshall Hall, Essex, in 1086




THOMAS of Coggeshall and held other estates in Essex, living 1149

                THOMAS de Coggeshall, living 1188 & 1196

                                Richard de Coggeshall, living 1236 & 1244



RALPH de COGGESHALL  of Codham Hall, Wethersfield, b 1250, d 1305 and wrote account of excavation of supposedly King Arthur’s coffin at Glastonbury in 1190/1, m ELIZABETH de CODHAM

                JOHN de COGGELSHALL, b 1275, dvp 1296 or 1302, m SARRA dau of LAURENCE de PLOMBERWE


                Yngr son, ancestor of Coggelshalls of Hundon, Fornham


JOHN de COGGLESHALL, d 1319, m SARA dau of JORDAN le BRUN, Lord of Hackerell



JOHN de COGGLESHALL, b ca 1302, d 1361, Lord of Sutton, Beneflete, Coldham, Coggeshall, Samhill, Hokewell, Ailsford, Fratyng, Pagesham & Roghir, Knighted by the Black Prince, High Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire, m MARGARET (MABELL), dau and heir of HUMPHREY de STANTON (STAUNTON)  

                WILLIAM HENRY


WILLIAM HENRY de COGGLESHALL, b 1331, d 1375, m JOANE, (d 1375), dau of WILLIAM de WELLES of Exning, Suffolk, and from whom she received the manor of Great Sampford   (See under Welles for ancestors)



THOMAS WILLIAM COGGESHALL, b 1359, m ANTIOCHA HAWKWOOD b 1351 in Italy (see under Hawkwood for ancestors)

                Margaret, 1stly m William Bateman XE "Bateman" & 2ndly m John Roppeley

                Maud 1stly m Robert Dacre & 2ndly m John St. George

                Blanche, b 1380, d 1460, m John Doreward, b 1390, d 1462 , son of William Doreward and Kathrine Wallcott

William Doreward, b 1418, m Jane Arsick (Harsyke), b 1420

John, d 1476

William, d 1481, m Margaret Harsyke

                ALICE, b 1382, d 1422, m JOHN TYRELL (see under Tyrelle for descendants)



COÏMBRA - Condes


ERVIGIO (see under Visigoths and León for ancestors)

                PEDRO, Duke of Cantabria (see under León for descendants)

                CIXILA, m EGIKA


EGIKA of Spain, d 701, and CIXILA



WITIKA of Spain, d 710



SISIBUTO, Conde de Coïmbra, ca 714



ATULPHO, Conde de Coïmbra



THEUDO, Conde de Coïmbra, ca 760



ERMENGILD, Conde de Coïmbra, ca 825



AGATON, Conde de Bierzo, ca 856, m EGILOMA




                ELVIRA NUNEZ, m ORDÓÑO II, King of León (see under León for descendants)


COLIGNY - Seigneurs


MANASSES, Seigneur de Coligny, m ADELAIDE, dau of AMADÉE II, Comte de Maurienne (see under Savoie and Maurienne for ancestors)



HUMBERT, Seigneur de Coligny, ca 1090, m BEATRICE

                GUERRIC, Seigneur de Coligny, d 1161

                                HUMBERT II


HUMBERT II, Seigneur de Coligny, d 1190, m as 1st husband of IDA, dau of GÉRARD, Comte de Vienne (see under Vienne for ancestors)



HUGUES de Coligny, m as 3rd husband of BEATRICE de Viennois (see under Viennois for ancestors)

                MARGUERITE, m AMADÉE, Comte de Savoie (see under Savoie for descendants)




GUILLAUME  de COLUMBIÉRES, a companion of the Conqueror






ADAM COLUMBERS, m CICELY, dau of HENRY WALTON (see under Walton for ancestors)

                CICELY, m 1stly ROBERT HOLLAND (see under Holland for descendants)




PTOLEMY I, King of Commagene ca 163 BCE (son of XERXES, Orontid King of Armenia – see under Armenia for ancestors)

                SAMUS I


SAMUS I “Theosebes Dikaios”, King of Commagene ca 140 BCE, m ISIAS PHILOSTORGOS

                MITHRADATES I


                                Aka I


MITHRADATES I “Callinicus”, King of Commagene (96-70 BCE), m LAODICE “Thea Philadelphus”, dau of ANTIOCHUS VIII of Syria (see under Syria for ancestors)

                ANTIOCHUS I

ANTIOCHUS I “Theos Dikaios Epiphanes Philomaios Philellen” sanctioned by Pompey as King of Commagene (69-39), executed in Rome 29 BCE

                Mithradates II, made King by Marc Antony (39-30), m Laodice “Thea Philadelphus”, dau of  ANTIOCHUS VII (see under Syria, Seleucid dynasty, for ancestors)

           Antiochus II, King of Commagene, d 17 CE

      Antiochus IV, King of Commagene (37-40 & 57-)

           Dau, m ORODES II, King of Parthia (see under Parthia for descendants)


           Mithradates III, King of Commagene (20-? CE)

           Aka II (see below)

           Antiochus III (see below)


Aka II (see above), m Tiberius Claudius Thrasyllus

          Dau, m Lucius Ennius

                          Ennia Thrasylla, mistress of Emperor Caligula & m Naevius Sertorius Macro, Praetorian Prefect 31 CE

          Tiberius Claudius Balbillus, Prefect of Egypt 55 CE

                          Dau, m Antiochus Epiphanes (see below)


Antiochus III (see above), King of Commagene, d 17 CE

                Antiochus IV

                Iotape “Philadelphos”, m her brother Antiochus IV


Antiochus IV “Epiphanes”, King of Commagene (38-72 CE)

                Antiochus “Epiphanes”, m dau of Tiberius Claudius Balbillus (see above)

                                Gaius Julius Epiphanes “Philopappus”, m dau of Herod Agrippa II, King of Chalcis

                                Balbilla, living ca 130 CE

                Antiochus Callicicus

    Iotape, m Alexander, King of Western Cilicia, son of Tigranes VI, King of Armenia and

                descendant of Marcus Antonius

Antiochus of Commagene

   Zenobia, m Odenath, King of Palmyra, and ruled as Queen (266-272 when taken to Rome)

                   Lucius Julius Aurelius Septimius Vaballath Athenodorus, titular King of Palmyra (266-72)

Note:Zenobia claimed, almost certainly in error, to be descended from Queen Cleopatra of Egypt)




AZNAIRE, Comte de Comminges (900-32)



ARNAUD, Comte de Conserans andComminges (944-57) & jure uxoris Comte de Carcassonne (943-57), m ARSENDA, dau & heiress of ACFRID II, Comte de Carcassonne & Rasez (see under Carcassonne for ancestors)

                ROGER I, Comte de Carcassonne & Comminges (see also under Carcassonne for descendants)


                Eudes, Comte de Rasez


RAYMOND I, Comte de Comminges (997)

                AMELIUS, Comte de Comminges

                       BERNARD I, Comte de Comminges

                               GUILLAUME, Comte de Comminges (ca 1015-25)

                                                       ROGER II


ROGER II, Comte de Comminges (ca 1026-35)

                ARNAUD II, Comte de Comminges (ca 1074)

                          BERNARD II, Comte de Comminges (ca 1075-1100)

                                   BERNARD III, Comte de Comminges (ca 1120-50)



DODON, Comte de Comminges (ca 1150-81)

                BERNARD IV


BERNARD IV, Comte de Comminges (1181-1226), Conde de Bigorre (-1190), m BEATRIX III de Bigorre

                BERNARD V

BERNARD IV 2ndly m COMTORS, dau of ARNAUD GUILLAUME de la Barthe


                                BEATRICE, m ROGER d’ANDUZE (see under Anduze for descendants)


BERNARD V, Comte de Comminges (1226-41)

                BERNARD VI, Comte de Comminges (1241-95)

                      Bernard VII, Comte de Comminges (1295-1335), Comte de Turenne (1304-1335), m Marguerite de Turenne

                Jean I, Comte de Comminges & Turenne (1335-39)

                PIERRE-RAYMOND I


PIERRE-RAYMOND I, Comte de Comminges (1339-41)

                Cecilia, m Jayme, Conde de Urgell, d 1347, son of ALFONSO IV, King of Aragón

                PIERRE-RAYMOND II, Comte de Comminges (1341-76)


           Cecile, m Giovanni II, Marchese di Montferrat, d 1372 XE "MONTFERRAT - Marcheses"


MARGUERITE, Comtesse de Comminges (1376-1443), 1stly m JEAN II d’Armagnac, Comte de Comminges & Armagnac (1384-91) XE "Armagnac - Comtes"

Jean d’Armagnac-Lescun, Comte de Comminges (1462-72)

Odet I d’Aydie, Comte de Comminges (1472-98)

          Jeanne, m Jean (d 1494), son of Pierre de Lautrec son of JEAN, Comte de Foix  

MARGUERITE 2ndly m Jean III de Fézenzaguet, Comte de Comminges (1396-1403); she 3rdly m Mathieu de Foix (son of Archambaud de Grailli of Castelbon), Comte de Comminges (1419-53 when united with the Crown)



BERNARD IV, Comte de Comminges, m COMTORS, dau of ARNAUD GUILLAUME de la Barthe


     BEATRICE, m ROGER d’Anduze (see under Anduze for descendants)


COMYN - Earls of Buchan


JOHN, Comte de Comyn (Comines) and Baron of Tonsburgh  XE "Tonsburgh - Barons"

                HARLOWEN de BURGO (see under Burke for descendants)

                EUSTACE de BURGO, Baron of Tonsburgh in Normandy, had sons

                                Serlo de Burgh, dsp

                                JOHN “Monoculus”, (see under Vesci for descendants)

                                RICHARD (RODBERT) COMYN


RICHARD (RODBERT) COMYN, Earl of Durham 1068, Justiciary of Scotland

                Hugh XE "Durham - Earls"

                John, killed with King MALCOLM III at siege of Alnwick 1093




WILLIAM COMYN, Chancellor of Scotland 1133, m 1stly Anon

                Ancestors of the Comyns, Lairds of Badenoch

WILLIAM 2ndly m MARJORY (MARGARET), Countess of Buchan, only child of FERGUS, Earl of Buchan (see under Buchan for ancestors)

                WILLIAM, 1st  Earl of Buchan 1210

                                IDOINE, m GILBERT de HAYA (see under Hay for descendants)

                                Son, Constable of Scotland

                ELIZABETH, m WILLIAM, Earl of Mar (see under Mar for descendants)


                Son 3


ALEXANDER COMYN, 2nd Earl of Buchan, d 1290, Justiciary of Scotland, m ELIZABETH, 2nd dau and co-heir of ROGER de QUINCY, Earl of Winchester (see under Quincy for ancestors)



JOHN COMYN “the Red Comyn”, 3rd Earl of Buchan, last Lord of Badenoch, stabbed by King ROBERT the Bruce in church at Dumfries & d 1306, Constable of Scotland, m ISABEL (who placed the crown on ROBERT the Bruce at Scone) dau of DUNCAN, Earl of Fife. King EDWARD I had her confined in an iron cage at Berwick Castle. (See under Fife, Earls, for her ancestors)

                John, 4th Earl


He 2ndly m JOAN, dau of AYMER de VALENCE, Earl of Pembroke (see under Valence for ancestors)

                ELIZABETH, m RICHARD, 2nd Baron TALBOT (see under Talbot for descendants)


ALEXANDER COMYN, (sometimes referred to, probably erroneously, as 4th Earl of Buchan)

                ALICE, m ca 1319/20 HENRY de BEAUMONT jure uxoris Earl of Buchan (see under  Beaumont for descendants)

                Margaret, m Sir John the Ross

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