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THEOBALD I, Count of Dillingen, d 955

                EDITH m HERMAN, Count Palatine


HERMAN, Count Palatine, d 996, and EDITH



EDZO, Count Palatine, d 1034, m MATILDA (d 1024) dau of OTTO II of Germany (see under Germany for ancestors)

                LUDOLPH, Count of Zutphen (see under Zutphen for descendants)

                RIXA, m in 1013 MIESKO II (see under Poland for descendants)


GEOFFREY, descended from Sir FOULKE de DINAN, a knight of ROGER de MONTGOMERY

                OLIVER I


OLIVER I de DINAN, summoned to Parliament as a Baron, d 1300, m ISABEL, dau of HUGH de VERE, Earl of Oxford (see under Vere for ancestors)




                John, his successor

                OLIVIER II

                HAWISE, m Sir FULKE FITZWARINE (see under FitzWarine for descendants)


OLIVIER II, Vicomte de Dinan, m AGNORIE, dau of ÉTIENNE, Comte de Penthièvre (see under Brittany, Ducs, for ancestors). One of their grand-daughters, ELEANOR, m 1stly Tirrel de Mainers and 2ndly m WILLIAM D’ÉVEREUX, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (see under D’Évereux for descendants); and another grand-dau GERVAISE, m JUHEL de Mayenne (see under Mayenne for descendants)


D’OYLEY (See under Oilley)




RIWAL II, King of Domnonée, d 520

                DEROCH, King of Domnonée, d 530

                                JONAS, King of Domnonée, d 540

                                                JUDUAL, King of Domnonée, d 585


JUDUAL, King of Domnonée, d 585                            

                JUDHAEL, King of Domnonée, d ca 607, m PRIZAL



St. JUDICAEL, King of Domnonée, d 658, m MORONËE

                URBIEN (for descendants see under Cornouaille, Comtes)


DONZY - Barons


GEOFFROY II, Seigneur de Semur m MAUD d’Autun, heiress of Châlons-sur-Seine (see under Châlons and Dijon for ancestors)

                GEOFFROY I, Baron de Donzy


GEOFFROY I, Baron de Donzy, d 1037, m MATILDE

                HERVÉ I

                SAVARIE, m ELIZABETH dau of GÉRARD II de Vergy (see under Vergy for descendants)


HERVÉ I, Baron de Donzy, d 1055, m MAUD dau of THIBAULT de Châlons (see under Châlons for ancestors)

                HERVÉ II


HERVÉ II, Baron de Donzy, d 1120

                GEOFFROY III


GEOFFROY III, Baron de Donzy, d 1157, m LITHUISE dau of GUILLAUME d’EU (see under Eu for ancestors)

                HERVÉ III


HERVÉ III, Baron de Donzy, d 1187, m MAUD dau of GUILLAUME IV, Seigneur de Montmirail

                HERVÉ IV


HERVÉ IV, Baron de Donzy, d 1223, m in 1199 as 1st husband of MAUD de Courtenay, Comtesse de Nevers (see under Nevers for ancestors) 

                AGNES de Donzy, Comtesse de Nevers, m as 2nd wife of GUY de Châtillon, Comte de St. Pol  (see under Châtillon for descendants)



DORCHESTER - Earls (See under Damory)


DOREL - Seigneurs de Botrun 


Raymond d’Agout

                Rostain (Guillaume) Dorel, Seigneur de Botrun, d 1174

                                Dau, m Plivain, jure uxoris Seigneur de Botrun (1181-1206)

                                                Dau, m Boémond


Boémond, son of BOÉMOND III, Prince of Antioch (see under Antioch for ancestors), jure uxoris Seigneur de Botrun (1231-44)

                Guillaume I (appears to have taken the family name Dorel


Guillaume I, Seigneur de Botrun (1255-62), m Agnes, dau of Balian Garnier I, Seigneur de Sidon (see under Garnier for ancestors)

                Jean, m Lucia Embriaco (see under Embriaco for ancestors)

                                Guillaume II, m as 1st husband of Stephanie, dau of HENRI de MILLY “the Buffalo”

(see under Milly for ancestors)

                          Lucia, heiress of Botrun, m Plivano of Genoa


DORSET - Earls (See under Beaufort, Holland & Sackville)


DOUGLAS - Earls (The Black Douglases)


WILLIAM of Douglas, (1174-1213)

                ARCHIBALD, (1213-40)


                                ANDREW, ancestor of the Earls of Morton



                Hugh, dsp ca 1289



WILLIAM DOUGLAS “Le Hardi”, d a prisoner in the Tower of London 1298

                James “the Good”, heart-bearer of ROBERT BRUCE, killed in Spain 1330





DOUGLAS "the Tineman" (Loser), killed 1333

                WILLIAM, 1st Earl of Douglas & jure uxoris Earl of Mar, d 1384, m MARGARET, Countess of Mar (see under Mar for ancestors). She 2ndly m as 1st wife of Sir

                     John Swinton

                                JAMES, 2nd Earl of Douglas & Mar, ancestor of the Marqueses & Dukes of Queensberry, the hero killed at Otterburn 1388, m ISABELLA, dau of King

                                     ROBERT II

                          William, 3rd Earl of Douglas

                          Archibald “the Tineman”, 4th Earl of Douglas, Duke of Touraine, killed at Verneuil 1424, m dau of King ROBERT III

                                           Archibald, 5th Earl of Douglas & 2nd Duke of Touraine, Regent , m Euphemia, dau of Sir Patrick Graham of Kilpoint. She 2nd m Sir JAMES

                                                 the Hamilton 

                                                        William, 6th Earl of Douglas & 3rd Duke of Touraine, stabbed by JAMES I 1440

                                                   David, assassinated 1440

                                                   Beatrix “the Fair Maid of Galloway” (see below)


        James “the Fat”, 7th Earl of Douglas & 1st Earl of Avondale , m dau 2 of ROBERT STUART, 1st Duke of Albany

                   William, 8th Earl of Douglas, killed by JAMES II at Stirling 1452, m Beatrix (see above)

                   James, 9th & last Earl of Douglas, m Beatrix (see above), d a monk at Lindores 1488

                   Archibald, Earl of Moray, killed at Arkinhom 1455

                   Hugh, Earl of Ormonde, beheaded after same battle

                   John, Lord Balveny, beheaded 1463

                   Henry, Bishop of Dunkeld

          Brother, Earl of Ormonde

               ISABEL, Countess of Mar & Garioch (see under Mar for descendants)

By MARGARET STEWART, Countess of Angus (see under Stewart for ancestors) "the Tineman" had an illegitimate son

              GEORGE DOUGLAS, created Earl of Angus (see under Douglas, Earls of Angus for descendants)


JAMES, 2nd Earl of Douglas & Mar, ancestor of the Marqueses & Dukes of Queensberry, the hero killed at Otterburn 1388, m ISABELLA, dau of King ROBERT II

JAMES had an illegitimate son



WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 1st Laird of Drumlanrig, d ca 1421



WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 2nd Laird of Drumlanrig, d ca 1444, m JANET, dau of Sir HERBERT MAXWELL of Caerlavorock



WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 3rd Laird of Drumlanrig, d a 1484, m ELIZABETH, dau of Sir ROBERT CRICHTON of Sanquhar 



JAMES DOUGLAS, 4th Laird of Drumlanrig, d 1498, m JANET, dau of  DAVID SCOTT of Buccleuch



WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 5th Laird of Drumlanrig, d 1513, m ELIZABETH, dau of Sir JOHN GORDON of Lochinvar



JAMES DOUGLAS. 6th Laird of Drumlanrig, d 1578, m twice



WILLIAM DOUGLAS of Hawick, dvp 1572



JAMES DOUGLAS, 7th Laird of Drumlanrig, d 1615, m 1581 MARY, dau of JOHN, 5th Lord FLEMING



WILLIAM DOUGLAS b ca 1602, 1628 created Viscount DRUMLANRIG, 1633 created Earl of Queensberry, d 1640, m ISOBEL KER, dau of Lord NEWBOTTLE

                James, 2nd Earl of Queensberry, d 1671



WILLIAM DOUGLAS of Kelhead, d 1671


                Charles of Kelhead, 6th Marquess of Queensberry, dsp 1837

                JOHN, 7th Marquess of Queensberry, b 1779, d 1856, m SARAH, d of JAMES SHOLTO DOUGLAS

          ARCHIBALD WILLIAM SHOLTO DOUGLAS, 8th Marquess of Queensberry, b 1818, d 1858, m CAROLINE, dau of General Sir WILLIAM CLAYTON 


WILLIAM DOUGLAS, b 1637, High Treasurer of Scotland, 1682 created Marquess of Queensberry, 1685 created Duke of Queensberry, d 1695

                James, 2nd Marquess and Duke of Queensberry, b 1662, Lord High Treasurer of Scotland, drafted the Act of Union between England and Scotland, created  Duke of Dover,

                     d 1711

                                James, 3rd Marquess and Earl of Queensberry, criminally insane, said to have captured and roasted a small kitchen boy and found trying to eat him

       Charles, 3rd Duke of Queensberry and 2nd Duke of Dover, d 1778

       Henry, Lord Drumlanrig, dvp 1754

                WILLIAM, 2nd son created Earl of March






WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 4th Duke of Queensberry, b 1725, d 1810 aet 85



DOUGLAS - Earls of Angus (The Red Douglases)


GEORGE DOUGLAS, illegitimate son of ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS (see under Douglas, Earls, for ancestors), created Earl of Angus 1369, killed 1408, m Lady MARY STEWART, dau of King ROBERT III of Scotland (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)


                ELIZABETH, m 1stly m ALEXANDER, 1st Lord FORBES (see under Forbes for descendants); she 2ndly DAVID HAY of Yester (see under Hay for descendants) 


WILLIAM, 2nd Earl of Angus, d 1437, m MARGARET, dau of Sir WILLIAM HAY (see under Hay, Earls of Erroll, for ancestors)

                James, 3rd Earl of Angus, dsp 1446 (either unmrrd or m Joan, dau of King JAMES I of Scotland)

                HELEN, m WILLIAM, 2nd Lord GRAHAM (see under Graham for descendants)

                GEORGE, 4th  Earl of Angus, d 1462/3, m ISABEL, dau of Sir JOHN SIBBALD



ARCHIBALD, 5th Earl of Angus “Bell the Cat”, d 1513, m ELIZABETH, dau of ROBERT, 1st Lord BOYD (see under Boyd for ancestors)

                GEORGE, dvp 1513 at Flodden, m ELIZABETH, dau of JOHN, 1st Lord DRUMMOND


                MARIOTA, m CUTHBERT CUNNINGHAME, Earl of Glencairn (see under Cunningham for descendants)


ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS, 6th Earl of Angus, d 1566/7, m 1stly Margaret, dau of Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell. He 2ndly m MARGARET, dau of King HENRY VII of England (see under England, Kings, for ancestors) 

                MARGARET, m 1544 MATTHEW STUART, 4th Earl of Lennox, Lord Darnley (see under Stuart for descendants)


DREUX - Comtes


LANDRY, Comte de Dreux

                EVE, m GAUTHIER I de Vexin et Amiens (see under Vexin for descendants)


ROBERT I, Comte de Dreux, Perche & Braine, son of King LOUIS VI of France (see under France, Capetian dynasty, for ancestors), d 1188, m 1stly Agnes, dau of Anseau de Garlande, Comte de Rochefort; and 2nd m Hawise, widow of Rotrou II, Comte de Perche and dau of Walter d’Évereux, Earl of Salisbury.

ROBERT m 3rdly in 1152 as 2nd husband of AGNES, widow of Milon II, Comte de Bar-sur-Seine and dau of GUY de BAUDEMONT, Comte de Braine

                ANNE, m EUSTACE II de FIENNES (see under Fiennes for descendants)

                ALICE, m as 2nd wife of RAOUL de COUCY (see under Coucy for descendants).             

                ROBERT IIxe "BAR-sur-SEINE - Comtes"


ROBERT II, Comte de Dreux & Braine, d 1218, m 2ndly ca 1184 YOLANDE de COUCY (see under Coucy for ancestors)

                ROBERT III

                PIERRE I “Mauclerc” (see under Brittany for descendants)

                PHILIPPA, m HENRI II, Comte de Luxemburg, Namur & Bar (see under Luxemburg for descendants)


ROBERT III, Comte de Dreux, d 1234, m in 1210 as 1st husband of LEONORE de St. VALERIE. She 2ndly m Henri I, Comte de Blois (see under St. Valerie for her ancestors)

                ROBERT IV

                YOLANDE, d 1255, m HUGUES IV, Comte de Bourgogne, King of Thessalonica (see under Bourgogne for descendants)


ROBERT IV, Comte de Dreux, Vicomte de Châteaudun, d 1266, m 1stly in 1253  CLEMENCE de Châteaudun (see under Châteaudun for ancestors)

                ALICE de Dreux, m RAOUL III de Clermont (see under Clermont for descendants)

                Yolande de Dreux, m ca 1275-80 Alexander III of Scotland

ROBERT IV m 2ndly in 1244  HAWISE DEVEREUX (see under Devereux for ancestors)

                ALICE, m 2ndly as 2nd husband of GUY II de Châtillon (see under Châtillon for descendants)

ROBERT IV 3rdly m in 1263 as 2nd husband of ISABELLE de VILLEBEON  

                ISABELLE, d 1300, m GAUTHIER V de Châtillon (see under Châtillon for descendants)


DRUMMOND - Earls of Perth




                MAURICE, ancestors of the Drummonds of Concraig & Megginch

                Margaret, m 1stly Sir John Logie; she 2ndly m in 1363 King DAVID II of Scotland, son of ROBERT the Bruce 


JOHN DRUMMOND, Baillie of Dull, m MARY of Montiflex

                Malcolm, murdered 1402, m as 1st husband of Isabel Douglas, Countess of Mar



                ANNABELLA, m in 1367 King ROBERT III (see under Scotland, Kings, for descendants)



                Walter, m Margaret, dau of Sir William Ruthven



MALCOLM, m in 1445 MARIOT, dau of Sir DAVID MURRAY



JOHN, 1st Lord DRUMMOND, m ELIZABETH, dau of ALEXANDER LINDSAY 4th Earl of Crawford (see under Lindsay for ancestors)




WILLIAM, m 1478/9 ISABEL CAMPBELL, dau of 1st Earl of Argyle (see under Campbell for ancestors)  



WALTER DRUMMOND, m ELIZABETH GRAHAM, dau of 1st Earl of Montrose (see under Graham for ancestors)

                DAVID, 2nd Lord DRUMMOND


DAVID, 2nd Lord DRUMMOND, 1st m Margaret


DAVID, 2nd m LILIAN, dau of 2nd Lord RUTHVEN



PATRICK, 3rd Lord DRUMMOND, m 1st ELIZABETH, dau of 9th Earl of Crawford (see under Lindsay for ancestors)

                James, 1st Earl of Perth, d 1611

                JOHN, 2nd Earl of Perth, m JEAN KERR, dau of 1st Earl of Roxburghe (see under Kerr for ancestors)


DUBLIN - Norse Kings


OLAF I of Vestfold, d 710

                HALFDAN I


HALFDAN I of Vestfold, d 750, m ASA, dau of EYESTEIN, Jarl of Throndheim (see under Throndheim for ancestors)

                EYSTEIN I of Vestfold, m HILDA, dau of ERIC who was the son of AGNAR (see under Vestfold for descendants)








                                Ivar, d 873


OLAF “the White”, (OLAF “the Young”) a Norse Yngling, Jarl of Dublin 853-72, Waterford and Limerick, m 1stly AUDA “the Deep Minded, dau of KETEL FLATNESS, Jarl of the Hebrides (see under Hebrides for ancestors)

                Ivar, said to have founded the Norse Kingdom of Dublin ca 870

                THORSTEIN “the Red” m THURID of Gothland (see under Gothland for her ancestors and under Orkney for their descendants)

OLAF 2ndly m a dau of AEDH FINNLIATH, King of Ireland (see under O’Neill for ancestors)



IVAR RAGNARSSON “Beinlaus”, King of Northumberland, son of RAGNAR “Lothbrok (see under Denmark for ancestors)

                SIGTRYGGR, King of Limerick (see below)

                dau m Jarl of the Hebrides

                (for other offspring see under Denmark)


Jarl of the Hebrides and dau of IVAR RAGNARSSON “Beinlaus”

                SIGTRYG I

                GUTHFRITH, d 934

                                Olaf Guthfrithsson (Olaf II), King of Dublin from 934


SIGTRYG I, King of Dublin (917-27)and King of York (921-7), in 919 slew NIALL “Black-knee” “Clundubh”. He m EDITHA, dau of King EDWARD I (see under England, Kings, for ancestors)

                Godfrey, Norse King of Dublin (927-38)

                                Olaf, King of Dublin (943-44)

                                Blacar, Norse King of Dublin (944-46), defeated MUIRCHEARTACH “of the Leather Cloaks

                SIGTRYG, Jarl of Desmond

                                Godfrey, 1st Christian Danish King of Dublin



OLAF (AULAF)  (also known as OLAF “Cuarán Hairy Brogues), the Danish King of Northumberland (941-3 and 948-52), also King of Dublin (945-8 and 953-81) when he resigned and died a pilgrim in Iona. He seized the kingdom of York and forced King Edmund in 942 to cede him the Five Boroughs. Retired to Iona where he died the next year. He m 1stly as 2nd husband of GORMLIATH (DONNFHLAITH), dau of MUIRCHEARTACH “of the Leather Cloaks (see under Naas for ancestors). She later m BRIAN BORU.

                SIGTRYG II

He 2ndly m a dau of King Constantine II of the Scots


SIGTRYG II OLAFSON “of the Silken Beard”, Norse King of Dublin (1000-28 when he d on pilgrimmage to Rome). Defeated in 998 but in 1000 combined with BRIAN BORU to invade Conn’s Half (the north). However SIGTRYG later turned against BRIAN who fought and beat him at Clontarf in

1014 where Brian was assassinated after the battle. He m EDITH, dau of King EDMUND I.



AULOCD (OLAF), King of Dublin (1028-34 when slain on pilgrimmage to Rome by Saxons), m a dau of KENNETH MacALPIN, King of the Scots (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)

                RAIGNALT, m CYNAN of North Wales (see under Wales, for descendants)

                MAELMUIR, d 1021, m GIOLLAPATRICK, Prince of Ossory (see under Ossory for descendants)


SIGTRIGGR, King of Limerick (see above), d 896

                HAROLD I, King of Limerick, d 940

                                GODFRED I, King of the Isle of Man, d 989

                                                HAROLD the Black of the Isle of Man


HAROLD the Black of the Isle of Man        

                GODFRED II, King of the Isle of Man, d 1092

                                OLAV I


OLAV I, King of the Isle of Man, 1stly m AUFRICK dau of FERGUS, Lord of Galloway ca 1136 and his wife ELIZABETH dau of King HENRY I (see under England and Wessex, Kings, for ancestors)

                GODFRED III


GODFRED III, King of the Isle of Man, d 1187, m FINGALA, dau of MALACHY O’NEILL (see under O’Neill for ancestors)

                AUFRICK, m JOHN de COURCY, Earl of Ulster (see under de Courcy for descendants)



DUDLEY - Earls of Warwick & Dukes of Northumberland


HERVEY de SUTTON, Lord of Sutton-upon-Trent

                Robert, dsp


                                Agnes, m Gilbert de Muschamp

                                Margery, m Stephen de Coverham


                                Mary, m Guichard de Charrons

                                Elizabeth, m --- de Caunton

                                                William de Caunton



ROWLAND de SUTTON, m ALICE, dau of RICHARD de Lexington, sister & co-heir of Robert, Baron Lexington and Henry, Bishop of Lincoln (see under Lexington for ancestors)


                Robert, ancestor of Robert, Baron Lexington


WILLIAM de SUTTON of Worksop, d 1268, m MATILDA



ROBERT de SUTTON, Lord of Worksop, d 1272, m JOHANNA



RICHARD de SUTTON, m ISABEL, dau & heir of RODERIC son of GRIFFIN, Lord of Shokelach by his wife BEATRIX, dau & co-heir of DAVID de MALPAS  descended from ROBERT FITZHUGH, Lord of Malpas in Cheshire

                JOHN (I)


JOHN SUTTON (I) of Dudley Castle, d 1346, summoned to a Council 1341/2, m MARGARET, dau of Sir JOHN SOMERIE (see under Somerie for ancestors)

                JOHN SUTTON (II), his son, alive 1369


JOHN SUTTON (II), d 1359, summoned to Parliament as Baron Sutton of Dudley 1342, m ISABEL, dau of JOHN de CHERLETON (see under Cherleton for ancestors)

                JOHN SUTTON (III)



JOHN SUTTON (III) 2nd Baron Dudley, d 1376, m 1stly Margaret, dau of Roger de Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore. He 2ndly m JOHANNA

                JOHN SUTTON (IV)


JOHN SUTTON (IV) 3rd Baron Dudley of Dudley Castle, Staffs, d 1407, m 1stly Alice, dau of Philip le Despenser; he 2ndly m CONSTANCE, dau of Sir WALTER (WILLIAM) le BLOUNT (see under Blount for ancestors) 

                 JOHN SUTTON (V)

                Thomas, m Elizabeth, dau and co-heiress of Robert Goddard


JOHN SUTTON (V), 4th Baron Dudley, KG, b 1400, d 1487, summoned to Parliament as Lord Dudley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, taken prisoner 1455 at 1st Battle of St. Albans, m ELIZABETH, widow of EDWARD, Lord CHERLETON, dau of Sir JOHN BERKELEY by ELIZABETH dau of Sir JOHN BETTESHORNE


                JOHN DUDLEY (see below)

                William, Bishop of Durham

                Oliver Dudley, d 1469

                Margaret, m Sir John Longueville of Little Billing

                Jane, m Thomas Maynwaring of Ightfield

                Eleanor, m Henry Beauchamp


EDMUND DUDLEY, dvp 1483 or 1487, m 1stly JOYCE, 3rd & yngst dau of Sir JOHN de TIBETOT (see under Tibetot for ancestors)


                Joyce, m Sir Edward Bensted

EDMUND 2ndly m Matilda, dau of Thomas, Lord Clifford

                Thomas, m Grace, dau & co-heir of Lancelot Threlkeld

                Richard, a priest


                Robert, dsp;         

                George, a priest

                Joice, m William Middleton of Stockeld


                Alice, m Sir John Ratcliffe of Ordsal

                Dorothy, m 1stly Sir John Musgrave; she 2ndly m Richard Wrotttesley


EDWARD SUTTON, (known not as 5th but as) 6th Baron Dudley, KG, b ca 1439, d 1531/2, m CICELY, dau of Sir WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY by his wife JOAN, dau & co-heir of THOMAS STRANGEWAYES (see under Willoughby for ancestors)

                John, Baron Dudley, b ca 1495, d 1553, m Cicely, dau of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset by Cicely, Baroness Harrington and Bonville

                Geoffrey, m Eleanor Talbot

                                Thomas of Russells



                                                JOHN DUDLEY of Stoke Newington: his dau & heir ANNE m FRANCIS POPHAM


                Elizabeth, and Alice

                Eleanor, m Charles Somerset, Earl of Worcester

                Joyce, m Sir John Leighton

                Johanna, m Sir Thomas Fiennes, son & heir of Baron Dacre

                Margaret, m John Grey, Baron Powys

                Catherine, m Sir George Greseley of Drakelow


JOHN SUTTON (see above), son of JOHN SUTTON (V), 4th Baron Dudley, assumed family name of DUDLEY, m ELIZABETH, dau & heir of JOHN BRAMSHOT

                EDMUND DUDLEY


EDMUND DUDLEY, Minister of HENRY VII, beheaded 1511, m ELIZABETH GREY, dau of  XE "Bramshot" EDWARD, 1st Viscount de L’Isle and sister and co-heir of Thomas Talbot, 2nd and last Viscount de L’Isle


                Edward, beheaded 1553


                Elizabeth, m William, Baron Stourton


JOHN DUDLEY, Duke of Northumberland, beheaded 1553, m JANE, dau of Sir EDWARD GUILDEFORD

                 Henry, d at siege of Boulogne

            John, Earl of Warwick, dvsp

            Ambrose, created Earl of Warwick

            Guildford, beheaded 1553, m Lady Jane Grey, eldest dau of Henry, Duke of Suffolk (see under Brandon for ancestors)

                 Robert, KG, Earl of Leicester, favourite of Queen Elizabeth, m 1stly and poisoned Amy Robsart; he 2ndly m and tried to poison widow of John, Lord Sheffield and dau of

                     Lord Effingham; he 3rdly m Lettice, dau of Sir Francis Knolles and widow of Walter, Earl of Essex.

                Henry, killed at St. Quentin

                Mary, m Sir Henry Sidney

                Catherine, m Henry Hastings, Earl of Hampshire


DUNBAR - Earls


CRINAN, Mormaer of Atholl, Steward of the Western Isles (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors) m BETHOC, dau of King MALCOLM II of Scotland (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)



MALDRED, Lord of Allerdale, Regent of Kingdom of Strathclyde 1034-45, m EALDGYTH (ALGITHA), dau of UCHTRED, Earl of Northumbria (see under Northumberland for ancestors)


                MALDRED, ancestor of the Nevilles, Marquesses of Abergavenny, Hansard, Letham and Strickland families


GOSPATRICK, b 1040, d 1075, made Earl of Northumbria by King WILLIAM I but then dispossessed by him, created 1st  Earl of Dunbar

                Dolfin, Lord of Carlisle


                Waltheof, Lord of Allerdale, Abbot of Crowland 1125-38

                AETHELREDA, m ca 1090 DUNCAN II, King of the Scots (see under Scotand, Kings, for descendants)

                WALDEVE of Dunbar, m SIGRID

                                GUNNILD, m UCHTRED of Galloway (see under Galloway for descendants)


GOSPATRICK, 2nd Earl of Dunbar & Earl of Lothian, d 1139


                EDGAR “Unnithing”, ancestor of the Kestern family

                EDWARD, ancestor of the Edlingham family


GOSPATRICK, 3rd Earl of Dunbar, d 1166


                PATRICK of the Hirsel, ancestor of the Barons and Earls of Home (see under Home for descendants) and of the Washington family 


WALDEVE, 5th Earl of Dunbar (Note: the 4th Earl is missing), d 1192, m AELINA



                Alicia, m Philip de Seton


PATRICK, 6th Earl of Dunbar, d a monk 1232, m 1stly ADA, illegitimate dau of King WILLIAM “the Lion” (see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors)


                William, d 1253, m Christiana, dau & heir of Walter de Corbet of Mackerston



                ADA, m 1stly anon de Courtenay; she 2ndly m WILLIAM DUNBAR, ancestors of the Earls of Home


PATRICK, 7th Earl of Dunbar, d at Damietta 1248, m EUPHEMIA, dau of WALTER, 3rd Lord High Steward (see under Stuart, Lords Darnley for ancestors)



PATRICK, 8th Earl of Dunbar, b 1213, d 1289, Regent of Scotland, m CHRISTIANA, dau of ROBERT BRUCE, Lord of Annandale (see under Brus for ancestors)



PATRICK “Black Beard”, 9th Earl of Dunbar, sided with King EDWARD I, King’s Lieutenant in Scotland, Earl of March, m MARJORY, dau of ALEXANDER COMYN, Earl of Buchan (and she sided with the opposite Baliol party) 


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