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ROBERT STUART, 1st Duke of Albany, d 1420, 3rd son of King ROBERT II, succeeded his brother Walter as Earl of Fife, jure uxoris Earl of Monteith, Great Chamberlain of Scotland, m MARGARET, widow of Sir John Murray of Bothwell and of Sir John Drummond of Concraig, dau of JOHN GRAHAM, Earl of Monteith (see under Graham for ancestors) 

                Beatrice, m 7th Earl of Douglas "the Fat"

                dau 2, m WILLIAM ABERNETHY, 6th Laird of Saltoun (see under Abernethy for descendants)

                MURDACH (MURDOCH)


MURDACH STUART, 2nd Duke of Albany, Regent of Scotland 1420, beheaded 1425, m ISABEL, Countess of Lennox, dau & co-heiress of DUNCAN, 8th Earl of Lennox 

                ISABEL, m Sir WALTER BUCHANAN of that Ilk (see under Buchanan for descendants)

                ROBERT, Master of Fife, dvp 1421, ancestor of Lords Avandale, Lords Doune, and 2nd and successive Earls of Moray

                Alexander Stewart, beheaded 1425, m Egidia, widow of 2nd Earl of Orkney and dau of Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale 

                JAMES STEWART “Seumas Mor” of Baldorran, d1451, ancestor of Stewarts of Balquhidder


ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS, 7th Earl of Fife & 6th Earl of Angus, m as 2nd husband of MARGARET, dau of King HENRY VII of England (see under England, Kings, for ancestors) and widow of JAMES IV, King of Scotland (1488-1513 when killed at Flodden Fields)


FINGALL - Earls (See under Plunkett)


FITZALAN - Earls of Arundel


FLATHALD (or Flaad), son of ALAN of Ryes (see under Rie for ancestors)



ALAN FITZ-FLAAD, given Castle of Oswaldwestre by WILLIAM I, m dau of WARINE, Sheriff of Shropshire xe "Warine, Sheriff of Shropshire"

                WILLIAM FITZ-ALAN

                Jordan, m Maria

                                Alan m Joan

                                                Oliva, m Robert de St. John of Halnaker

                                                Alice, m William Spina


WILLIAM FITZ-ALAN, b 1105, d bef 1160, Governor of Shrewsbury, Sheriff of Salop, m HELEN, dau of WILLIAM PEVERELL (see under Peverell for ancestors)

                WILLIAM FITZ-ALAN


WILLIAM FITZ-ALAN, d 1210, m 2ndly ISABEL, dau and heir of HELIAS de SAY, Lady of Clun, niece of ROBERT FitzHAMON, Earl of Gloucester (see under Saye and Sele for ancestors)

                William FitzAlan, succeeded, d 1214, m Mary, dau of Thomas de Erington, and had a son William who dsp

                JOHN FITZ-ALAN, succeeded his brother


JOHN FITZ-ALAN, d 1239, m 1stly ISABEL, 2nd dau of WILLIAM de ALBINI, Earl of Arundel (see under Albini for ancestors)

                JOHN FITZ-ALAN

JOHN 2ndly m Hawys de .Blancminster


JOHN FITZ-ALAN, d 1267, who was made 5th Earl of Arundel succeeding Hugh de Albini, m MAUD, dau of ROESIA de VERDUN (see under de Verdon for ancestors). She 2ndly m Richard de Amundevill

                JOHN FITZ-ALAN  


JOHN FITZ-ALAN, 6th Earl of Arundel, d 1269, m ISABEL, (who 2ndly m Ralph de Ardenne and 3rdly  m Robert de Hastings), dau of Sir ROGER MORTIMER (See under Mortimer for ancestors).

                RICHARD FITZ-ALAN, his successor

                ELEANOR, d 1328, m HENRY, 1st Lord Percy (see under Percy for descendants)


RICHARD FITZ-ALAN, 7th Earl of Arundel, b 1267, d 1302, m ALICIA, dau of TOMASSO I, Marquess di Saluzzo (see under Saluzzo for ancestors)

                EDMUND, his successor

                John, Sir, in holy orders

                Maud, m Philip, Lord Burnell

                Margaret, m William, Baron Boteler of Wemme


EDMUND FITZ-ALAN, 8th Earl of Arundel, KB, b 1285, Captain-General to the King Edward II, decapitated 1326 at Hereford, m in 1305 Lady ALICE PLANTAGENET, sister and sole heir of John,

last Earl of Warrenne and Surrey.

                RICHARD II, his successor

                Edmund, m Sibil dau of WILLIAM MONTACUTE, Earl of Salisbury and had dau Alice who m Leonard, Lord Carew

                ALICE de ARUNDEL, m 1stly John de Bohun, Earl of  Hereford, and 2ndly m STEPHEN de SEGRAVE (see under Segraves for descendants)

                JANE, m WARINE, Lord de L’Isle (see under de L’Isle for descendants)

                ALAIVE (ALIVA), m ROGER, 5th Baron le Strange  XE "STRANGE - Barons" (see under Strange for descendants)


RICHARD II, 9th Earl of Arundel, KG, b 1306, d 1376, was forced to m as a minor Isabel, dau of HUGH le DESPENSERthe Younger”

                Philippa, m Sir Richard Sergeaux

                Edmund, m Sibyl dau of WILLIAM MONTAGU, 1st Earl of Salisbury (see under Montagu for ancestors)

                                Elizabeth, m 1stly Leonard Carew XE "Carew" , ancestor of Earls of Totness

                                                Thomas, b 1369, d 1431

                                Elizabeth 2ndly m John Meryett

                                Philippa, m Richard Sergeaux

RICHARD was divorced in 1345 and m 2ndly in 1345 as 2nd husband of ELEANOR dau of HENRY PLANTAGENET, Earl of Lancaster (see under Plantagenet, Earls of Lancaster for ancestors)

                RICHARD III, his successor

                John, Lord Marshal of England

                Thomas, Archbishop of York, Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Chancellor of England

                JOANE, m HUMPHREY de BOHUN, Earl of Hereford, Essex and Northampton (see under Bohun for descendants)

                ALICE, d 1416, m in 1363 THOMAS HOLLAND, 2nd Earl of Kent (see under Holland for descendants)

                MARY, m 1stly JOHN, Baron Strange (see under Strange for descendants); she 2ndly m Thomas Neville, Lord Furnival 

                Eleanor, m Robert, son of William de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk


RICHARD III FITZ-ALAN, 10th Earl of Arundel, b 1346, executed 1397, m ELIZABETH, dau of WILLIAM BOHUN, Earl of Northampton (see under Bohun for ancestors)

                Thomas, b 1381, 11th Earl, dsp at siege of Harfleur 1415, m Beatrice, illegitimate dau of King JOÃO of Portugal. She 2ndly m John Holland, Duke of Exeter

                ELIZABETH, m 1stly Sir William Montagu; she 2ndly m as 2nd wife of THOMAS, Lord Mowbray and Seymour (see under Mowbray for descendants). She 3rdly m Sir

                     Robert Goushill; and she 4thly m Sir Gérard Usflete. 

                JOAN, m WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP, Baron Bergavenny (see under Beauchamp for descendants)




THOMAS FitzANTHONY, Seneschal of Leinster, d 1229, granted in 1215 custody of Counties Waterford and Desmond. He had 5 daus and co-heirs, including

                HELEN, m GERALD de la ROCHE (see under Roche, Barons Fermoy, for descendants)

                DENISE, m WILLIAM de CANTELUPE (see under Cantilupe for descendants)

                Isabel, m Geoffrey de Norragh

                MARGERY, m JOHN FITZTHOMAS (see under FitzGerald for descendants)

                Desirée, m Stephen l’Areedekne


FITZBERNARD - Lords of Kingsdowne


THOMAS FITZBERNARD, d 1184, m EUGENE, yngr dau and coheir of RALPH PIGOT of Tong (see under Pigot for ancestors)



THOMAS FITZBERNARD of Kingsdowne, d bef Dec 1214, m ALICE, dau of WILLIAM de JARPENVILLE by AUBREY de RUMENEL, Lady of Ilmer and Aston



RALPH FITZBERNARD, d bef 1238, m 1stly Alianore, dau and coheir of Stephen de Turnham, the King’s Marshal, by Edeline, dau and coheir of Randolf de Broc son of Oyne Porcel. He m 2ndly JOAN



JOHN FITZBERNARD, d 1271, m JOAN, dau of ROBERT AGUILLON by AGATHA, dau of FULK de BEAUFOE of Norfolk (see under Aguillon for ancestors)



RALPH FITZBERNARD, Lord of Kingsdowne, b 1244/6, Marshal of the King’s goshawks, d 1306, m AGATHA de la LEE

                JOHN FITZBERNARD


JOHN FITZBERNARD, dvp, m MARGARET, dau of Sir ROBERT de GREY of Rotherfield, Oxon (see under Grey for ancestors)

                Joan, m John de Rocheford, divorced before 7.8.1320

                THOMAS FITZBERNARD


THOMAS FITZBERNARD, b 1288/9, d 1361, summoned to Parliament as Lord FITZBERNARD, m BONE

                Sir John, Lord FitzBernard, m Elizabeth and dsp

                dau m GUNCELINE de BADLESMERE (see under Badlesmere for descendants)


FITZEUSTACE - Barons Portlester


JOHN FITZ-EUSTACE accompanied Strongbow to Ireland in 1169 and was the founder of the family in Ireland.


EDWARD FITZ-EUSTACE, d 1454, Lord Deputy 1542-4



ROWLAND FITZ-EUSTACE, d 1496, Lord of Kilcullen, Lord High Treasurer of Ireland, created Lord Baron of Portlester in 1462, m 1stly ELIZABETH, dau of JOHN BRUNE

                Richard, indicted of treason, dvp

                Oliver, indicted of treason, dvp

                Joan, m Richard Plunkett, 2nd Baron

                ALISON, dau and co-heir, m GERALD, “Geroit More”, KG, 8th Earl of Kildare. (see under FitzGerald for descendants)

ROWLAND 2ndly m Joan Cusack, widow of Christopher Plunkett, 1st Lord Killeen

ROWLAND 3rdly m MARGARET, widow of John Dowdall (by whom she'd had a dau Eleanor), widow of Thomas Bernewall, and dau of JENICO II DURTAS

                Joan, m Sir Maurice Eustace

                MAUD, m 1stly Thomas Marwood; she 2ndly m Sir JOHN PLUNKETT of Bewley (see under Plunkett for descendants)

                Janet, m Sir Walter Delahide


FITZGERALD - Earls of Desmond


For earlier ancestors see FitzGerald, Knights of Kerry family below


JOHN FITZTHOMAS, John of Callann”, Lord of Connello and Dungarvan, and jure uxoris also of Decies and Desmond, killed 23.7.1261 at Callan in Glennaraghta by the McCarthies, buried in the Dominican Abbey of Tralee which he had just founded, m 1stly Margery dau and co-heir of Thomas Fitzanthony, Lord of Decies and Desmond (see under FitzAnthony for ancestors)

                MAURICE FITZJOHN  


MAURICE FITZJOHN, killed with father on 23.7.1261, m MAUD (MATILDA) de BARRY, daughter of Lord Barry of Olethan (see under Barry for ancestors)

                THOMAS FITZMAURICE

                RICHARD FITZMAURICE, ancestor of the Seneshals of Imokelly


THOMAS FITZMAURICE, Thomas a Nappagh, or Thomas Simiacus, d 1296, Lord Justice, m MARGARET, daughter of JOHN, Lord BARRY (see under Barry for ancestors)

                Thomas FitzThomas, b 1290, d in or before 1309

                MAURICE FITZTHOMAS

                John FitzThomas, Sir John of Athassell

                JOAN, m JOHN (Kittogh) Lord Barry (see under Barry for descendants)


MAURICE FITZTHOMAS, Maurice the Great”, revolted, pardoned, appointed Justiciar of Ireland, acquired livery of Decies and Desmond in 1312 and of Kerry in 1315, created Earl of DESMOND 22.8.1329, died in Dublin 25.1.1355, buried at Tralee, had formed and led the Anglo-Irish movement against the English officials and rule from Westminster. As Justiciar starved to death in prison for rebellion his own kinsman Maurice, Lord of Kerry. He m 1stly Margaret, 5th daughter of RICHARD de BURGH “the Red Earl of Ulster” 16.8.1312.

                Maurice FitzMaurice, 2nd Earl of Desmond, d 1358/9, m Beatrice, dau of RALPH, 2nd Baron STAFFORD (She 2ndly m THOMAS, 5th Lord Ros of Hamlake and 3rdly

                             m Sir Richard Burley) 

MAURICE 2ndly m Margaret, daughter of Conor O’Brien of Thomond

                daughter 1 m James Barry Roe, Lord of Ibawne

MAURICE 3rdly m AVELINE daughter of NicHolas FitzMaurice, Lord of Lixnaw

                Nicholas FitzMaurice, 3rd Earl, mentally defective, d about 1367

                GERALD FITZMAURICE, 4th Earl of DESMOND


GERALD FITZMAURICE, 4th Earl of DESMOND, Gerald the poet, disappeared in 1398, m ELEANOR, daughter of JAMES BUTLER, 2nd Earl of ORMONDE who gave her the barony of Inchiquin in Imokilly (see under Butler for ancestors).

                John FitzGerald, 5th Earl of Desmond, married a beautiful peasant girl, abandoned his lands in Ireland and settled in Rouen, drowned in the Suir 1399, and they had a son

                                 Thomas FitzJohn, the 6th Earl, expelled by his uncle JAMES the 7th Earl and d 1420

                ELLICE, m JOHN Lord Barry (see under Barry for descendants)

                Maurice FitzGerald, dsp 1410

                JAMES FITZGERALD, 7th Earl of DESMOND

                JOAN, m MAURICE FITZJOHN, 6th Lord of KERRY (see under FitzMaurice, Lords and Earls of Kerry, for descendants)

                CATHERINE m JOHN FITZTHOMAS, ancestors of the MacThomases of Knockmone


JAMES FITZGERALD, 7th Earl of DESMOND, called James the Usurper, not acknowledged as Earl till 1422, but in 1420 made Seneschal of Imokilly, Inchiquin and Yougal, d 1462, buried at Yougal, m MARY, daughter of William FitzRichard Burke (see under Burke for ancestors)

                Thomas FitzJames, 8th Earl

                GERALD MORE FITZGERALD, m ELLICE, 4th dau of PIERS BUTLER, Earl of Ormond and Ossory (see under Butler, Earls of Ormonde for ancestors) 

                                Maurice FitzGerald, b 1530, dsp, created Baron of Dromana 1568/9 and then Viscount Decies, m Ellen, dau of Sir John FitzThomas FitzGerald, Earl of Desmond

                                dau, m PETER, 3rd BARON le POER and 2nd Baron of Curraghmore (see under Power, Earls of Tyrone, for descendants)

                HONORA m THOMAS FITZPATRICK, 8th Lord of KERRY (see under FitzMaurice, Lords and Earls of Kerry, for descendants)

                Joan, m Thomas FitzJohn, 7th Earl of Kildare, founder of the Monastery of Adair (see under FitzGeralds, Earls of Kildare for descendants)


Thomas FitzJames, 8th Earl of Desmond (1462-7), Lord Justice, called “Thomas of Drogheda”, beheaded there 15.2.1487, buried at St Peter’s, m ELIZABETH, daughter of John or William BARRY, Viscount BUTTEVANT (see under Barry for ancestors)

                JAMES FITZTHOMAS, 9th Earl of DESMOND

                Maurice FitzThomas, 10th Earl from 1487-1520, had son James, 11th Earl, and a dau Alice who m  CONNOR O’BRIEN, King of Thomond

                Thomas “Maol” FitzThomas, (1454-1534) 12th Earl, had son Maurice and grandson James “the Court Page”, 13th Earl

                John FitzThomas, d 1536, father of the 14th Earl

                Gerald FitzThomas, of Macollop

                Catherine, m 1450 Finghin MacCarthy Reagh, King of Desmond  

                Ellen, m 1stly Thomas Butler, and 2ndly m Turlogh MacI-Brien Ara  


JAMES FITZTHOMAS, 9th Earl of DESMOND, slain 7.12.1487 by one of his servants John Murtagh, buried at Yougal, m MARGARET, daughter of TEIGE O’BRIEN of Thomond (see under O’Brien for ancestors)

                JOAN, m MAURICE, Viscount ROCHE of FERMOY (see under Roches - Viscounts Fermoy, for descendants)


CATHERINE FITZGERALD, b ca 1480, d 1615 (at the age of 135!!) 2nd wife of 12th Earl of Desmond



FITZGERALD - Earls of Kildare


GERALD FITZMAURICE, 1st Baron of Offaly, (see FitzGeralds, Knights of Kerry, for ancestors), d 1203, m ca 1193 EVA de BERMINGHAM, dau of ROBERT de BERMINGHAM (see under

Bermingham for ancestors) Note: Turton has GERALD FITZMAURICE marrying CATHERINE de VALOINES

                MAURICE FITZGERALD


MAURICE FITZGERALD, 2nd Baron of Offaly, b ca 1194, d 1257, m  JULIANA de COGAN (see under Cogan for ancestors)

                Gerald dvp 1243

                                Maurice, 3rd Baron Offaly, d 1268, whose son Gerald, 4th Baron dsp 1287

                                Juliana, m Sir John II de Cogan, b 1243, d 1275


                MAURICE, “the Bald”, Justiciar of Ireland, d 1286

                THOMAS FITZMAURICE (see later) of Banada


MAURICE FITZGERALD, 3rd Lord of Offaly, m EMMELINE, dau of STEPHEN de LONGSÉPÉE (see under Longsépée for ancestors)

                JULIANNE, m THOMAS de CLARE (see under Clare for descendants)



THOMAS FITZMAURICE (see above) of Banada, Co Sligo, d 1271, m ROHESIA, dau of RICHARD de St. MICHAEL, Baron of Reban (see under St. Michael for ancestors)



JOHN FITZTHOMAS FITZGERALD, 5th Baron of Offaly, created Earl of Kildare April 1316 and d Sept that year, saved as a child in a fire by an ape, m BLANCHE, dau of JOHN ROCHE, Baron of Fermoy (see under Roche for ancestors)

                THOMAS, 2nd Earl

                JOAN FITZGERALD, m EDMOND, 6th BUTLER (see under Butlers, Earls of Ormonde, for descendants)  



THOMAS, 2nd Earl, d 1328, m Lady JOANE de BURGH (who 2ndly m Sir JOHN D’ARCY, Lord Justice of Ireland) 3rd dau of RICHARD “the Red” Earl of Ulster (see under de Burgh for ancestors)

                John, b 1314, dvp 1323

                Richard, 3rd Earl, d 1331

                MAURICE, 4th Earl


MAURICE OGE FITZGERALD, 4th Earl, b 1318, d 1390, m ELIZABETH, dau of Sir BARTHOLOMEW BURGHERSH, KG (see under Burghersh for ancestors)

                GERALD, 5th Earl, d 1432, had dau & heiress JOAN who m JAMES BUTLER, 4th Earl of Ormonde  (see under Butler, Earls of Ormonde, for descendants)

                JOHN, 6th Earl

                Joanna, m Donal MacCarthy Mór


JOHN, reckoned as 6th Earl, d 1427, m MARGARET de la Herne

                JOHN “Cam


JOHN “Cam” (Crooked), not recognised as Earl

                THOMAS, recognised as 7th Earl only in 1456


THOMAS, 7th Earl, d 1477, Lord Deputy of Ireland, Lord Chancellor in 1468, m Lady JOAN FITZGERALD, dau of 7th Earl of Desmond (see under FitzGerald for ancestors)

                GERALD, “Geroit More

                Thomas of Laccagh, Lord Chancellor of Ireland in 1484






GERALD, “Geroit More meaning Great Gerald, KG, 8th Earl of Kildare 1477-1513. As Lord Deputy he was the effective uncrowned king of Ireland. When charged with burning Cashel cathedral he replied “I would never have done it had I not been told that the archbishop was within.” After holding him in the Tower of London King HENRY VII made him Lord Deputy saying of him “He is meet to rule all Ireland, seeing that all Ireland cannot rule him.” He m 1stly ALISON, dau and co-heir of ROWLAND FITZEUSTACE, Baron of Portlester (see under FitzEustace for ancestors)

                GERALD, “Garret Oge”, 9th Earl

                James of Leixlip, m Margery, dau of  Sir WILLIAM D’ARCY (see under D’Arcy for ancestors)

                Oliver, of Killeigh



                MARGARET FITZGERALD, m Sir PIERS ROE, 8th Earl of Ormonde. (see under Butlers for descendants)

                Eleanor, m as 2nd wife Donal MacCarthy Reagh

                Elizabeth, m Christopher Fleming

                Eustasia (Anastasia), m Ulick Burke of Clanricard

                Alice, m Conn Bacach O’Neill

                Joan, m Maelruana O’Carroll of Ely O’Carroll

GERALD 2ndly m Elizabeth St. John

                5 sons who all died with “Silken Thomas” in 1537 (see below)


GERALD, “Garret Oge”, 9th Earl, Treasurer of Ireland

                “Silken Thomas”, executed at Tyburn 1537

                Gerald, 10th Earl


FITZGERALD - Knights of Kerry


Possibly descended from AOTHER, an Aquitaine noble ca 660 of Gothic descent


OTHER, alive 987



AUTIER (OTHER), Seigneur de Mortaigne (and supposed by later FitzGeralds on very dubious grounds to have also been descended from the Gherardinis of Florence) held lands in Surrey, Berks, Hamps & Mdsex in reign of Edward the Confessor

                Gilbert, Seigneur de Mortaigne XE "Mortaigne - Seigneurs"

                WALTER FITZOTHER


WALTER FITZOTHER, accompanied the Conqueror to England, d after 1100, tenant in chief of lands in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Surrey and Hampshire in the 1086 Domesday Survey. Before 1100 he was Castellan of Windsor and Keeper of the Forests of Berkshire, m GWLADYS, (previously wife of RHYS ap TEWDYR) daughter of RHIWALLON ap CYNVYN, Prince of North Wales. (See under Wales, Princes and Kings for her ancestors)

                WILLIAM FITZWALTER (see under Windsor for descendants)

                dau m a de COGAN (see under Cogan for descendants)

                GERALD FITZWALTER

                ROBERT FITZWALTER, given by King HENRY I the barony of Little Easton (Estaine), Essex.

                            WILLIAM FITZROBERT

                                        DELICIA, m ROBERT de HASTINGS

                                                    DELICIA, m HENRY de CORNHILL

                                                                    JANE, m GODFREY de LOVAINE XE "LOVAINE"  (see under Lovaine for descendants)

            Maurice FitzWalter, before 1119 obtained stewardship (daptiferatus) of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds

                Reinald FitzWalter, became the Steward (Chief Clerk) to HENRY I’s Queen ADELIZA


GERALD “of Windsor” FITZWALTER b ca 1100, appointed by ARNULF de MONTGOMERY as Constable of Pembroke and captain of Pembroke Castle which had been built by ARNULF de MONTGOMERY. GERALD FITZWALTER d 1176 at Wexford. He m his half-sister NESTA, PRINCESS of SOUTH WALES, daughter of RHYS ap TEWDWR MAWR, Prince of South Wales, and they became ancestors of the Barons of Offaly, Earls of Kildare, Dukes of Leinster, Viscounts Buttevant and Earls of Barrymore. While still married to GERALD she became one of the mistresses of King HENRY I (see under England, Kings for her previous children), and after GERALD’s death she m STEPHEN, Constable (castellan) of Cardigan (see under FitzStephen for descendants). In 1096 GERALD led the successful defence of Pembroke Castle which thereafter secured the marcher barons in South Wales. GERALD accompanied RICHARD de Clare “Strongbow”, Earl of Pembroke, in his invasion of Ireland.

                WILLIAM FITZGERALD of Carew, d 1173/4, (had a son Odo a quo the Carews of Idrone), a son RAYMOND le Gros who m BASILIA, widow of ROBERT de

                     QUINCY (see under Quincy for descendants) and dau of GILBERT de CLARE, Earl of Pembroke (see under Clare for ancestors), a quo the Carews of Cork), a son

                     Griffyth a quo the Barons of Knocktopher, and a dau MABEL who m NICHOLAS de CANTITUNE a quo the Condons  

                MAURICE FITZGERALD xe "Canton - Lords Condon"

                David FitzGerald, Archdeacon of Cardigan, and Bishop of St David’s from 1147 to 1176, had sons Walter and  Milo FitzDavid, ancestor of the Barons of Iverk

                ANGARET (ANGHARAD), m as 2nd wife of  WILLIAM de BARRI, Lord of Manorbier, parents of Gerald of Wales (Giraldus Cambrensis), the historian (see under

                     Barry, Earls of Barrymore for descendants)

Thus GERALD and NESTA were ancestors of the FitzMaurices, Marquesses of Lansdowne, the Lords Gerald of Ince, and the  great houses of Carew, Grace and Condon (see also under Carew and Canton, Lords Condon for descendants)


MAURICE FITZGERALD b ca 1125, Baron of Naas and Wicklow by the gift of Strongbow, buried in the Grey Friars at Wexford, m 1stly Anne, dau of William de Valence, Earl of Pembroke. He 2ndly m ALICE, dau of ARNULF de MONTGOMERY (see under Montgomery for ancestors)

                William FitzMaurice, 2nd Baron of Naas, m 1stly ALINA, dau of STRONGBOW and 2ndly m Maud of Pont de l’Arche. Male line now extinct, but a William FitzMaurice

                     was still Lord of Naas in 1400

                Gerald FitzMaurice, 1st Baron of Offaly, d 1257, ancestor of the Earls of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster (see under FitzGerald, Earls of Kildare, for descendants

                THOMAS FITZMAURICE

                Alexander FitzMaurice

                Walter FitzMaurice

                Redmond FitzMaurice

                Hugh FitzMaurice

                Nesta, m Hervey de Monte Marisco, (see under Marisco), famous in the partial Norman conquest of Ireland, Constable of Ireland and dsp a monk at Canterbury

                MAURICE FITZMAURICE of Kiltrany (now Burntchurch) ancestor of the Barons of Burntchurch

                Alexander Fitzmaurice dsp

                Robert Fitzmaurice


THOMAS FITZMAURICE of Shanid, b 1180, d 1213, ancestor of the FITZGERALDS, Earls of Desmond, the White Knights, Knights of Glin and the FITZMAURICES, Lords of Kerry, 1stly m Sabina and thereby acquired Shanid and Lordship of Connello, Co Limerick. He 2ndly m ELINOR dau of JORDAN de MARISCO (see under Marisco for ancestors)

                JOHN FITZTHOMAS

                MAURICE FITZTHOMAS, hostage in England until 1215. Held Manor of Altry in Clanmaurice and d before 1253. Ancestor of the Lords and Earls of Kerry (for

                     descendants see under FitzMaurice), Marquesses of Landsdowne and Earls of Shelburne


JOHN FITZTHOMAS, “John of Callann”, Lord of Connello and Dungarvan, and jure uxoris also of Decies and Desmond, killed 23.7.1261 at Callann in Glennaraghta by Fineen (Florance) McCarthy and his followers, buried in the Dominican Abbey of Tralee which he had just founded, m 1stly Margery dau and co-heir of Thomas Fitzanthony, Lord of Decies and Desmond (see under FitzAnthony for ancestors)

                MAURICE FITZJOHN, killed with father on 23.7.1261, m MAUD (MATILDA) de BARRY, daughter of Lord BARRY of OLETHAN. Ancestors of the Earls of

                     Desmond (see under FitzGerald, Earls of Desmond, for descendants)  

                Olyvia, m Elias Ketyng

JOHN 2ndly m UNA O’CONNOR said by Russel to be dau of PHELIM MACHUGH, the O’CONNOR DON of CONNAUGHT (but said by Betham to be HONORA dau of HUGH, the O’CONNOR KERRY ). JOHN had 4 or 5 sons by at least 4 different mothers, mostly the wives of other men.

                GILBERT FITZJOHN (by wife of O’Cuinnin), ancestors of the family of FitzGibbon, the White Knights. Family title dormant since 1612

                JOHN FITZJOHN (by the wife of O’Coilean), ancestors of the Knights of Glin, the Black Knights

                MAURICE BUIDHE FITZJOHN (by the wife of O’Cinneidigh) (O’Kennedy)

                THOMAS FITZJOHN by the wife of O’Connor Kerry, ancestor of the FitzGeralds of Ardnegraghe, Co Kerry

                Phillip FitzJohn


MAURICE BUIDHE FITZJOHN, son of the wife of O’Cinneidigh (Kennedy)


                ROBERT FITZMAURICE, living in 1345

                                CATHERINE, m Sir WILLIAM D’ARCY (see under D’Arcy for descendants)


RICHARD FITZMAURICE, knighted between 1330 and 1345, a follower of the 1st Earl of Desmond, Custos Pacis in Fermoy in 1347 and 1356

                MAURICE FITZRICHARD, Knight of Kerry,


MAURICE FITZRICHARD, Knight of Kerry, m by 1382 MARGARET dau and co-heir of Sir NICHOLAS FITZJOHN de COURCEY, who brought her husband the Manors of Ballycrenan, Rathcourcy and Killeagh in Co Cork (see under Courcy for ancestors).

                EDMUND, Knight of Kerry, ancestor of the FitzGeralds of Ballycrenan, Co Cork, expelled from his lands by brother NICHOLAS

                NICHOLAS FITZMAURICE, Knight of Kerry

                John FitzMaurice who received Cahirmona in Imokelly, Co Cork, but by 1600 his sept had no land and lived very poorly in Imokelly.

                Gerald FitzMaurice, Canon of Limerick and of Clyne in 1394, d before March 1406.

                David FitzMaurice, living in 1402.

MAURICE also had a “natural” son

                RICHARD FITZMAURICE, living in 1442, ancestor of the FitzGeralds - Seneschals of Imokelly.


NICHOLAS FITZMAURICE, Knight of Kerry. Appointed Bishop of Ardfert by Avignon Pope Gregory XII, removed 25.10.1409 by Pope Alexander V, restored 26.1.1410/11 by Pope John XXIII. In 1413 visited his supposedly (almost certainly not) Gherardini kin in Florence.

                James FitzNicholas, Knight of Kerry, dsp, one of the Munster magnates who joined in restoring JAMES, Earl of Desmond to his inheritance

                JOHN CAOCH, Knight of Kerry,


JOHN CAOCH, Knight of Kerry, succeeded his brother, m HELENA

                MAURICE Knight of Kerry

                Nicholas, living in 1479

                Richard, ditto

                Edmond, ditto

                Gerald, ditto

                James, ditto

                Patrick, slain by Tadhg MacCarthy More in 1489


MAURICE Knight of Kerry, pardoned in 1496 for his part in the rebellion of Perkin Warbeck, m before 1479 JOAN

                JOHN (SHANE), Knight of Kerry and Bishop of Ardfert


JOHN (SHANE), Knight of Kerry, As a Canon of Ardfert he was appointed Bishop 20.11.1495, and “did company with MORE O’CONNOR KERRY’s daughter who was wife to Mr Shane de Moor of Culemoyly in the Co. of Kerry, Steward to the Earl of Desmond . . . (and had) . . 3 sons and 2 daughters . . gotten by the Bishop”

                WILLIAM, Knight of Kerry, the eldest son


WILLIAM, Knight of Kerry, the eldest son, m UNA, daughter of EDMOND, 10th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw (see under FitzMaurice for ancestors)

                JOHN FITZGERALD, Knight of Kerry


                William McRudderie alias FitzGerald, a rebel in 1582

                Gibbon (Gilbert) FitzGerald, a priest


                A daughter m James FitzJohn FitzGerald


JOHN FITZGERALD, Knight of Kerry, a rebel in 1579/80, d 7.9.1595, m SHILE, daughter of DONAL O’SULLIVAN MORE (see under O’Sullivan for ancestors)

                WILLIAM FITZGERALD, Knight of Kerry

                Maurice McRuddery, pardoned in 1601 as “Maurice FitzJohn Gerald”

                Patrick FitzGerald, pardoned in 1601

                Gerald FitzGerald of Inismore, pardoned in 1603

                Una, d 1599




WILLIAM FITZGERALD, Knight of Kerry, pardoned at Rathonan 1603 and 1604, d 6.11.1640, m 1stly Margaret Tobin (died before 1582). He 2ndly m before 1603 MARY daughter of CALVAGH O’CONNOR of Derrymullen, King’s Co.

                JOHN FITZGERALD, Knight of Kerry m KATHERINE daughter of 17th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw (see under FitzMaurice for her ancestors)

                William FitzGerald

                Patrick FitzGerald, admitted 1645 as Knight of Santiago in Spain

                Maurice, dsp



JOHN FITZGERALD, Knight of Kerry, m KATHERINE daughter of 17th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw (see under FitzMaurice for her ancestors)

                Thomas FitzGerald dvp

                John FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry,

                Edmond, d unm

                PATRICK FITZGERALD

                Elinor, living 1676, m Florance (Fineen) McCarthy Mór of Pallas, Co Kerry


PATRICK FITZGERALD, of Gallerus, Co. Kerry, born ca 1650, living 1676, m THOMASINE daughter of EDWARD SPRING

                John FitzGerald

                Katherine FitzGerald m James Conway

                Anne m Thomas Conway

                Lucy m Richard Ferriter of Dingle


FITZHAMON - Earls of Gloucester


RICHARD, descended from ROBERT, son of Duke ROLLO of Normandy  



HAMON (Dentatus) de CREUILLY, 6th Comte de Corboile, d 1047, m GODCHILDE dau of IVRES I de Bellême (see under Bellême for ancestors)

                HAMON de CREVECOEUR

                RICHARD de GLANVILLE (see under Glanville for descendants)


HAMON de CREVECOEUR, a companion of and steward to the Conqueror

                ROBERT FITZ-HAMON

                ADELOYSE m PICOT de SAY (see under Pigot and under Saye and Sele for ancestors), parents of HÉLIAS de SAY, Lady of Clun, whose dau ISABEL m WILLIAM

                     FITZALAN (see under FitzAlan for descendants)


ROBERT FITZ-HAMON, given Earldom of Gloucester for services to WILLIAM I, d 1107, m SIBYL, dau of ROGER de MONTGOMERY (see under Montgomery for ancestors)

                MABEL, m in 1119 ROBERT FITZROY (de CAEN), illegitimate son of HENRY I, (see under FitzRoy for descendants)

                Caecilia, Abbess of Shafton

                Hawyse, Abbess of Wilton

                Amicia, m Earl of Brittany


FITZHERBERT - Earls of Pembroke


HERBERT, Chamberlain to King HENRY I, m EMMA dau of ÉTIENNE (HENRY) of Blois (see under Blois for ancestors)


                William FitzHerbert, Archbishop of York (1141-57 & 1153-4), canonised 1226





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