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HERBERT FITZHENRY, m EMMA dau of ÉTIENNE HENRI, Comte de Blois (see under Blois for ancestors)



HERBERT FITZ-HERBERT, d 1204, m 1stly SIBYLLA CORBET, concubine of King HENRY I and dau of Sir ROBERT CORBET son of CORBEAU who died at Hastings 1066 (see under Corbet for her ancestors)

HERBERT 2ndly m LUCIA dau of MILO, Earl of Hereford (see under Gloucester, Earls, for ancestors)

                Reginald dsp


                Matthew, Sheriff of Sussex


PETER FITZ-HERBERT, d 1235, one of King JOHN’s “evil” counsellors, m 1stly in 1204 ALICE dau of ROBERT de WARKWORTH (see under Warkworth for ancestors)

                Herbert FitzPeter, dsp

                REGINALD FITZ-PIERS


REGINALD FITZ-PIERS of Blewleveny in Wales, d 1286, m 1stly JOAN de VIVONIA (see under Vivonia for ancestors)

                ELEANOR (Mohun) m 1stly a Mohun; she 2ndly m WILLIAM, 1st Lord MARTIN (see under Martin for descendants)

                LUCIA, m WILLIAM de ROS (see under Ros for descendants)

REGINALD 2ndly m JOANE, dau of WILLIAM de FORTIBUS, Lord of Chewton  

                John FitzReginald, summoned to Parliament as a Baron

                PETER, ancestor of the FITZHERBERTS - Earls of Pembroke




BARDOLPH, Lord of Ravensworth, became a monk, illegitimate son of EUDO, Duke of Brittany (see under Brittany for ancestors)




                HERVEY FITZAKARIS



                HENRY FITZHERVEY


HENRY FITZHERVEY, d 1201, m ALICE dau of RANDOLPH FITZWALTER ancestor of the Barons of Greystoke (see under Greystoke for ancestors)

                RANDOLPH FITZHENRY

                ALICE, m ROBERT de MARMION (see under Marmion for descendants)


RANDOLPH FITZHENRY, d 1262, m ALICE dau and heir of ADAM de STAVELY, Lord of Stavely, by ALICE, dau of WILLIAM de PERCY of Riddel (see under Percy for ancestors)

                HENRY FITZRANDOLPH


HENRY FITZRANDOLPH, d 1262, the same year as his father

                Henry FitzRandolph, succeeded his father, dsp

                HUGH FITZHENRY, succeeded his brother


HUGH FITZHENRY, d 1304, summoned to Parliament as a Baron, m AUBREY, widow of William de Steyngrave who d 1264

                HENRY FITZHUGH


HENRY FITZHUGH of Ravensworth, whose descendants adopted the family name FitzHugh, d 1356, Governor of Barnard Castle, summoned to Parliament 1321-1351 as a Baron, m EVE dau of JOHN BULMER (see under Bulmer for ancestors)

                Hugh FitzHenry, dvp 1332/3, m Joan

                HENRY FITZHENRY, dvp 1352, m JOANE 2nd dau & coheir of Sir RICHARD de FOURNEUX of Carlton. They had 2 sons:

                                Hugh FitzHenry dsp 1349

                                HENRY FITZHUGH of Ravensworth, d 1386, who succeeded his grandfather as 3rd Baron

                Annabil, m Henry, son of Sir Henry Vavasour

                JOANE, d 1403, m 1stly as 2nd wife of WILLIAM, 4th Baron GREYSTOKE and Lord FITZWILLIAM (see under FitzWilliam for descendants). She 2ndly m Sir

                     Anthony de Lucy and 3rdly m Sir Mathew de Redman

HENRY 2ndly m Emma, widow of Sir Robert de Hastang and dau and heir of Sir Robert de Cleseby


HENRY, 3rd Baron FITZHUGH of Ravensworth, d 1386, m JOANE, dau of HENRY, 1st Lord Scrope of Masham (see under Scrope for ancestors) 

            John, killed at Battle of Otterburn


            ELEANOR, m PHILIP, 6th Baron D’ARCY (see under D’Arcy for descendants)


HENRY, 4th Baron FITZHUGH, d 1424, m ELIZABETH, dau and heir of ROBERT, son of Lord GREY of Rotherfield (see under Grey of Rotherfield for ancestors)

                Henry, drowned

                John, d young



                Robert, Bishop of London

                Richard, d young

                Joane, m as 2nd wife of ROBERT, 6th Lord WILLOUGHBY of Eresby

                Eleanor, 1stly m Philip D’Arcy & 2ndly m Thomas Tunstal

                MAUD, m WILLIAM EURE, ancestors of Lords Eure

                Laura, m Maurice Berkeley of Beverstone


                Elizabeth, m Ralph Grey of Northumberland


WILLIAM, 5th Baron FITZHUGH, d 1452, m MARGERY, dau of WILLIAM, 5th Lord WILLOUGHBY de Eresby (see under Willougby for ancestors)


                Margery, m John Melton of Aston

                JOANE, m JOHN, 5th Lord Scrope of Bolton

                Eleanor, m Thomas, Lord Dacre

                Maud, m William Bowes

                Lora, 1stly m John Musgrave & 2ndly m John Constable of Halsham

                Lucy, a nun

                Elizabeth, m Ralph, 5th Lord Greystoke


HENRY, 6th Baron FITZHUGH, d 1472, m ALICE, dau of RICHARD NEVILLE, 1st Earl of Salisbury (see under Neville for ancestors)

                RICHARD, 7th Baron FITZHUGH

                Sons Thomas, John, George & Edward all dsp

                ALICE (mother of THOMAS, Lord DACRE), m John Fiennes

                ELIZABETH, 1stly m WILLIAM PARR (see under Parr for descendants), 2ndly m Nicholas, Lord Vaux


FITZMALDRED - Lords of Raby


MALDRED I, (son of BETHOC and grandson of King MALCOLM II, see under Scotland, Kings, for ancestors) Lord of Allerdale, Regent of Kingdom of Strathclyde 1034-45, m EALDGYTH, dau of UCHTRED, Earl of Northumbria (see under Northumbria for ancestors) by his 3rd wife AELGIFU, dau of King ETHELRED II of England

                GOSPATRICK, Earl of Northumberland and 1st Earl of Dunbar

                dau, m EADGAR “the Exile” (see under England, Kings, for descendants)

                MALDRED II (see below)


GOSPATRICK, Earl of Northumbria, b 1040, dispossessed by King WILLIAM I, created 1st Earl of Dunbar, d ca 1075


                Gospatrick, 2nd Earl of Dunbar  

                Waltheof, Laird of Allerdale, Abbot of Crowland (1125-38)

                WALDEVE (see under Dunbar for descendants)

                AETHELREDA, m ca 1090 DUNCAN II, King of the Scots (see under Scotland, Kings, for descendants)


MALDRED II, son of MALDRED I (see above), Laird of Winlaton

UCTRED FitzMALDRED, d 1128/9

                                DOLFIN FitzUCTRED, Laird of Raby

                                                MALDRED FitzDOLFIN

                                                Patrick FitzDolphin


MALDRED FitzDOLPHIN, d 1183, Laird of Raby, m dau of JOHN de STUTEVILLE of Long Lawford

                ROBERT FitzMALDRED              


ROBERT FitzMALDRED, d 1242/8, m ISABEL, dau of GEOFFREY VI de NEVILLE (see under Neville for ancestors)

                GEOFFREY FItzROBERT


GEOFFREY FitzROBERT (or FitzROBERT FitzMALDRED), later changed his name to GEOFFREY VII de NEVILLE, Laird of Raby, Lord of Brancepeth and Sheriff-Hutton, d 1242, m JOAN, dau and co-heir of JOHN de MONMOUTH

                ROBERT NEVILLE (see under Neville, Barons of Raby, for descendants)

                GEOFFREY VIII de Neville (also had many present day descendants)

                AGNES, m JOHN DEINCOURT (see under Deincourt for descendants_


FITZMAURICE - Lords and Earls of Kerry


For earlier ancestry see under FitzGeralds.


THOMAS FITZMAURICE b ca 1180, d 1213, m Sabina and thus acquired Shanid and lordship of Connello, Co Limerick. He 2ndly m ELINOR dau of JORDAN de MARISCO (see under Marisco for ancestors)

                JOHN FITZTHOMAS, Lord of Connello and jure uxoris also of Decies and Desmond m 1stly

                                MARGERY dau and co-heir of Thomas Fitzanthony, Lord of Decies and Desmond. Ancestors of the FITZGERALDS, Earls of Desmond (daughters

                                     of 4th & 7th Earls married 6th & 8th Lords of Kerry respectively)

                MAURICE FITZTHOMAS


MAURICE FITZTHOMAS, hostage in England until 1215. Held Manor of Altry in Clanmaurice and d before 1253. Ancestor of the Marquesses of Lansdowne and Earls of Shelburne. 

                THOMAS FITZMAURICE, 1st Lord of Kerry


THOMAS FITZMAURICE, 1st Lord of KERRY, founded Grey Franciscan Friary of Ardfert in 1253, d 29.6.1280, m GRANIA MacMORROGH (see under MacMurrough for ancestors)

                maurice fitzmaurice


MAURICE, 2nd Lord of KERRY, d 14.4.1305, sat in Dublin Parliament 1295, attended King Edward I 1297 in expedition against Scotland, m 1stly ELENA daughter and heiress of WILLIAM FitzELLE

                NICHOLAS, 3rd Lord of KERRY

                Peter FitzMaurice

                JOANNA who m DERMOD O’CONNOR of Kerry (see under O’Connor for descendants)

MAURICE 2ndly m Sibilla

                Gerald FitzMaurice


NICHOLAS, 3rd Lord of KERRY, m MARY O’BRIEN (Slaine) dau of TURLOGH MÖR O’BRIEN, Prince of Thomond (see under O’Brien for ancestors)

                Maurice, 4th Lord of Kerry. Had a dispute with Dermod Oge MacCarthy whom he killed on the bench before the Judge of Assize at Tralee 1325. Starved to death in prison

                     1339 by his own kinsman the Justiciar MAURICE FITZTHOMAS.

                MARGARET, m DONAL ROE MacCARTHY MÓR, King of Desmond, b 1239, d 1302 (see under MacCarthy for descendants)

                JOHN, 5th Lord of KERRY


JOHN, 5th Lord of KERRY, had the family lands restored, summoned to Parliament No 48 of King EDWARD III. m 1stly HONOR, dau of MURTOGH O’BRIEN of Thomond (see under O’Brien for ancestors)

                MAURICE, 6th Lord of KERRY,

                Robert FitzMaurice


MAURICE, 6th Lord of KERRY, d 1398 at Lixnaw, m 1stly Elizabeth daughter of Redmond de Canton

                John FitzMaurice dvpsp

                Honoria, m Cormac MacCarthy Mór

MAURICE m 2ndly JOAN daughter of 4th Earl of DESMOND (see under FitzGerald, Earls of Desmond, for ancestors)

                PATRICK, 7th Lord of KERRY


PATRICK, 7th Lord of KERRY, killed 1410 in Co Clare, m KATHERINE daughter of TEIGE MacCARTHY MORE (see under MacCarthy for ancestors)

                THOMAS, 8th Lord of KERRY,

                Nicholas, Bishop of Ardfert

                Gerald, Abbot of Odorney

                Joanna, m Donal Glas MacCarthy Reagh


THOMAS, 8th Lord of KERRY, d 1469, m HONORA daughter of 7th Earl of DESMOND (see under FitzGerald for ancestors)

                EDMUND, 9th Lord of KERRY

                Robert FitzMaurice

                Joan, m TURLOGH DONN O’BRIEN, Prince of Thomond


EDMUND, 9th Lord of KERRY, m MORE (MORA) daughter of CONNOR of Carrigafoyle (see under O’Connor, Lords of Kerry for ancestors)

                EDMUND, 10th Lord of KERRY

                ELEANOR, m CORMAC LADRACH (see under MacCarthy for descendants)


EDMUND, 10th Lord of KERRY, d 1543 at Ardfert, m 1stly UNA daughter of TEIGE MacMAHON of Corcavaskin in Thomond

                Edmund, 11th Lord of Kerry, dspm 1541, created Baron of Odorney and Viscount Kilmaule, Co Kerry by Henry VIII

                Patrick, 12th Lord of Kerry, whose sons became the 13th and 14th Lords of Kerry and who both died without children

                Gerald, 15th Lord of Kerry, m June 1550, killed one month later, no children.

                THOMAS, 16th Lord of KERRY, b 1502

                UNA, m WILLIAM, Knight of Kerry (see under FitzGerald for descendants)

EDMUND 2ndly m Amy, daughter of MacBrien Arra and widow of 11th Earl of Desmond. After her death he resigned his estate to his eldest son and became a lay brother of the Order of St. Francis in the Friary of Ardfert.


THOMAS, 16th Lord of KERRY, b 1502 in Milan, d 16.12.1590, served many years under Emperors of Germany, sat in Parliaments 3 & 4 of FELIPE III and Mary and No 2 of Queen Elizabeth I, m 1stly CATHARINE daughter of TEIGE MacCARTHY MORE, brother of Donal, Earl of Clarence (see under MacCarthy for ancestors)

                PATRICK, 17th Lord of KERRY,

                Edmund, killed at Kingsale, leaving a daughter Mary who m Teige MacCarthy of Cosmange

                Robert, killed in the Isles of Arran, leaving a son Gerald who became a Chief Commander under FELIPE III of Spain

                Richard, who had a son Gerald who dsp

                Joan, who m CONNOR O’BRIEN, 3rd Earl of Thomond  

THOMAS 2ndly m ca 1550 Margaret, daughter of 15th Earl of Desmond

THOMAS 3rdly m Penelope, daughter of Sir Donal O’Brien, brother of CONNOR, 3rd Earl of Thomond


PATRICK, 17th Lord of KERRY, brought up in the court of Queen Elizabeth but rebelled against her after his succession, m JANE, daughter of Viscount FERMOY (see under Roche for ancestors)

                THOMAS, 18th Lord of KERRY,

                Maurice FitzMaurice, who m and had children


THOMAS, 18th Lord of KERRY, d 3.6.1630, submitted to King James I and surrendered his estates, whereupon the King pardoned him 16.7.1604 and restored the estates. He m 1stly Lady HONORA O’BRIEN (d 1600), daughter of 3rd Earl of THOMOND (see under O’Brien for ancestors)

                PATRICK, 19th Lord of KERRY,

THOMAS 2ndly m Hon JULIA POWER, daughter of 3rd Lord POWER of Curraghmore (see under Power for ancestors)

                Edmund, m Hon Ellena MacCarthy, daughter of Charles, Viscount Muskerry  

                Garrett (Col), m Lady Lucia Touchet, daughter of 2nd Earl of Castlehaven

                KATHERINE, m JOHN FITZGERALD, KNIGHT of KERRY (see under FitzGerald for descendants)


PATRICK, 19th Lord of KERRY, b 1595 at Lixnaw, d 31.1.1660, took his seat in Parliament 14.7.1634, removed to England upon breaking out of rebellion 1641, m HONORA, daughter of Sir EDMUND FITZGERALD Knight of Cloyne

                WILLIAM, 20th Lord of KERRY,

                Reymond, m 1stly Anne, daughter of Sir James Barry, created Lord Santry

WILLIAM, 20th Lord of KERRY, b 1633, d 1697, m CONSTANCE daughter of WILLIAM LONG


                William, of Gallane, Co Kerry

                James (Capt), of Kilmihill


THOMAS, 1st Earl of KERRY and Viscount CLANMAURICE, created 17.1.1722, m 14.1.1692 ANNE (d Nov 1737) only daughter of Sir WILLIAM PETTY Kt., M.D., F.R.S., son of ANTHONY PETTY. (See under Petit for ancestors and see Burke’s Peerage p 1540 for details of Sir William’s career)

                William, 2nd Earl of Kerry

                JOHN, 1st Earl of Shelburne

                                WILLIAM (1737-1805), 1st Marquess of Landsdowne, Prime Minister to GEORGE III

                Daughter 1

                Daughter 2



FITZOSBERN - Earls of Hereford


WILLIAM FITZOSBERN, son of OSBORNE de Crépon (see under Crépon for ancestors) Seigneur de Bréteuil, Steward to and a companion of the Conqueror before and at Hastings, made Earl of Hereford, commanded the army in 1067 when WILLIAM I returned to Normandy, killed 1071 in Flanders. He 1stly m ADELISE, dau of ROGER de TOSNI, standard-bearer of Normandy (see under de Tosni for ancestors)

                Guillaume de Bréteuil who had illegitimate son Eustace de Pacy (d 1136) who m Juliane, illeg dau of HENRY I

                ROGER de BRÉTEUIL, Lord of the Isle of Wight, Earl of Hereford, deposed 1075. Ancestor of Barons of Ballon 

                EMMA of Hereford, m RALPH de WAYER (Gael), Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk (see under Wayer for descendants) 

                MARGARET, m ROGER de SAMLESBURY (see under Samlesbury for descendants)

WILLIAM 2ndly m Richilde, widow of Baudouin VI, widow of Herman, Comte de Hainault, and dau of Renier, Comte de Mons

WILLIAM also had an illegitimate dau who was eventually made heir to his estates in Normandy and m ASCELIN GOUEL de PERCEVAL (see under Lovel for descendants)


FITZPIERS - Earls of Essex


PIERS de LUTEGARESHALE, 1stly m MAUD. She 2ndly m Hugh de Boclande

                Robert FitzPiers of Cherhill, dsp 1185/6, m as 1st husband of Perronelle who 2ndly m Eustace de Bailliol of Barnard Castle 

                GEOFFREY FITZPIERS & heir


GEOFFREY FITZPIERS, d 1213, succeeded to the Earldom of Essex through his 1stly wife BEATRIX de SAY (see under Manderville and Saye for her ancestors). As Earl he dispossessed the monks of Walden but was later reconciled with them as patron of the monastery.

                Geoffrey de Manderville, dsp 1215/6, succeeded his father as 5th Earl of Essex, one of the 25 Barons chosen to enforce the Magna Carta, m 1stly Maud, paramour of King

                     JOHN and 1st dau of ROBERT FITZWAUTER (sic) of Woodham Walter.

GEOFFREY 2ndly m Isabel, Countess of Gloucester, divorced wife of King JOHN, 3rd dau and coheir of WILLIAM FITZHAMON, Earl of Gloucester. She 3rdly m HUBERT de BURGH, Earl of Kent

                William de Manderville, dsp 1226/7, succeeded his brother as 6th Earl of Essex, m Christine, 2nd dau  and coheir of ROBERT FITZWAUTER. She 2ndly m Raymond de


                Henry de Manderville, Dean of Wolverhampton

                MAUD, Countess of Essex, d 1236, m ROBERT de BOHUN, Earl of Hereford, whose son  & heir became Earl of Essex as well as Earl of Hereford (see under de

                     Bohuns for descendants). She 2ndly m Roger de Daunteseye

                JOAN FITZ-PIERS, m NICHOLAS de VERDON (see under Verdon for descendants)

GEOFFREY 2ndly m as 2nd husband of AVELINE, widow of WILLIAM de MUNCHENSI and dau of ROGER, Earl of Clare and Hertford by MAUD, dau of JAMES de St. HILAIRE.  


                HAWISE, Lady of Streatley, m REYNOLD de MOHUN of Dunster  (see under Mohun for descendants)

                Cecily, d 1253, m Savary de Bohun of Midhurst


JOHN FITZGEOFFREY FITZPIERS, Justiciar of Ireland, Lord of Berkhampstead, d 1258, ancestor of the FitzJohn family, m ISABEL widow of Gilbert de Lacy and dau of HUGH BIGOD (see under Bigod for ancestors)

                John FitzJohn of Shere dsp 1275

                RICHARD (REYNOLD)

                MAUD, d 1301, 1stly m Gérard de Furnival and 2ndly m WILLIAM de BEAUCHAMP, Earl of Warwick (see under Beauchamp for descendants)

                ISABEL, m ROBERT VIPONT, Lord of Westmoreland (see under Vipont for descendants)

                JOAN, 1303, m THEOBALD, 4th BUTLER (see under Butler for descendants)

                Aveline, d 1274, m WALTER de BURGH, Earl of Ulster  (See note under WALTER de BURGH)


REYNOLD FITZJOHN FITZPIERS of Shere, d 1297 in Gascony, m ALICE (EMMA). She 2ndly  m Robert de Mohaut

                ALICE, m Sir JOHN de St. JOHN (see under Port for descendants)




ROGER FITZREINFRID, Sheriff of Sussex and Berkshire, m ROHESE, widow of GILBERT de GANT and dau of WILLIAM de ROUMARE (see under Roumare for ancestors) 



GILBERT FITZROGER FITZREINFRID, Lord of Kendal, Steward to HENRY II and Richard I, Sheriff of Lancaster and York, m HELEWISE, dau of WILLIAM de Lancaster (see under Lancaster for ancestors)

                HELEWISE de Lancaster, m PETER de BRUS (see under Bruce for descendants)



FITZROGER - Barons Clavering


ROGER FITZJOHN of Clavering (Essex), (see under Warkworth for ancestors) Warkworth (Northants), Horsford (Norfolk), d 1249, m as 1st husband of ISABEL

                ROBERT FITZROGER


ROBERT FITZROGER, b 1247, d 1310, summoned to Parliament 1295 thus becoming Baron FITZROGER, m MARGERY (MARGARET) de la Zouche (see under La Zouche for ancestors)

                JOHN FITZROBERT

                Edmund, dsp

                Alexander, dsp

                Robert, dsp

                Henry, dsp

                Roger, dsp

                Alan, m Isabella, eldest dau and co-heir of William Riddell

                EUPHEMIA, m as 1st wife of RANDOLPH de NEVILLE, 1st Lord NEVILLE of Raby (see under Neville of Raby for descendants)


JOHN FITZROBERT of Costessey (Norfolk), later took name de Clavering and known as the 2nd  Baron Clavering, b 1266, summoned to Parliament from 1299. He m at the age of 12 in 1278 HAWISE (who was under 13), dau of ROBERT de TIBETOT (see under Tibetot for ancestors)

                EVE, his dau and heir, m 1stly (when very young) THOMAS AUDLEY (see under Audley for descendants). She 2ndly m Sir Thomas de Ufford who was slain at

                     Bannockburn in 1314. She then lived with but did not marry Sir James Audley (cousin of her 1st husband and by whom she mothered Sir James Audley the hero of Poitiers.

                     Finally she m Sir Robert de Benhale.x



FITZROY (FITZROBERT) - Earls of Gloucester


ROBERT FITZROY (de Caen), “the Consul, illegitimate son of King HENRY I (see under England, Kings, for ancestors), b 1090, d 1147, 1122 made Earl of Gloucester, from 1126 had custody of his uncle Duke ROBERT of Normandy, m MABEL (d 1187), dau & heir of ROBERT FITZHAMON, Earl of Gloucester (see under FitzHamon for ancestors)

                MAUD m RANULPH de MESCHINES (see under Meschines for descendants)

                WILLIAM, Earl of Gloucester


WILLIAM FITZROBERT, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, d 1183, m HAWISE (d 1197), dau of ROBERT de BEAUMONT (see under Beaumont/Bellomont for ancestors)

                Robert, dvp 1166

                Mabell, m Amaury de Montfort, Comte d’Évreux in Normandy  

                AMICIA, m RICHARD de CLARE, 4th Earl of Hertford (see under Clare for descendants)

                Isabelle, Countess of Gloucester, dsp 1217, m 1stly Prince JOHN, divorced 1199; in 1200 sold by King JOHN with her earldom of Gloucester to m Geoffrey de

                     Manderville; and she 3rdly m HUBERT de BURGH, Earl of Kent


FITZSTEPHEN - Lords of the Moiety of the Kingdom of Cork


ROBERT FITZSTEPHEN, d 1185, son of STEPHEN the Constable of Cardigan and NESTA (see under Wales for her ancestors), former mistress of King HENRY I and widow of GERALD. ROBERT went to Ireland with Strongbow and HENRY gave him in 1177 jointly with MILO de COGAN the “Kingdom of Cork”. ROBERT took the east side, then being known as the “Lord of the Moiety of the Kingdom of Cork”. ROBERT gave his nephew PHILIP de BARRY control of Olethan, but his heir to the remainder was Richard de Carew, the nephew or illegitimate son of his nephew RAYMOND le Gros son of WILLIAM of Carew son of NESTA by GERALD of Windsor (see under FitzGerald for ancestors).

                RALPH, an illegitimate son

                Meredith (Marduke), an illegitimate son, dsp


RALPH, slain 1182, m MARGARET de COGAN (see under Cogan for ancestors)

                dau, m PATRICK de COURCY (see under Courcy for descendants)




RICHARD FITZGILBERT de CLARE, “de Bienfaite”, or “of Tunbridge”, (see under Clare for ancestors), m ROHESE, dau of WALTER GIFFARD, Earl of Buckingham (see under Giffard for ancestors)


                                ROBERT FITZWALTER, m SIBYL, Lady of Rudham (see under Chesney for descendants)

                HAMON PECHÉ, ancestor of Barons of Brune

                Simon Peché, had estates in Essex & Suffolk

                Ralph Peché

                ROBERT, the 5th son


ROBERT FITZRICHARD, d 1134, buried in the Priory of St. Neots, Steward to HENRY I, received the forfeited fiefs of the Baynards in the eastern counties, m MAUD, dau of SIMON St. LIZ, Earl of Huntingdon (see under St. Liz for ancestors)

                WALTER FITZROBERT


WALTER FITZROBERT, d 1198, buried in Dunmow Priory, m 1stly MAUD, Lady of Diss and dau of REYNOLD de LUCY (see under Lucy for ancestors) 

                ROBERT FITZWALTER

                HERVEY WALTER (see under Butler for descendants)


ROBERT FITZWALTER, Leader of the Barons forcing the Magna Carta

                Maud (Matilda), m Geoffrey de Manderville (dsp 1215/6), another of the Barons chosen to enforce the Magna Carta  (her husband and father both claimed she was seduced

                     by King JOHN)

                WALTER FITZROBERT


WALTER FITZROBERT, d 1258, m IDA, dau of WILLIAM LONGSÉPÉE, Earl of Salisbury (see under Longsépée for ancestors)



ROBERT FITZWALTER, b Henham 1247, d 1325/6, of Woodham Walter, Burnham, Roydon, Dunmow, Henham, Wimbish and Tey in Essex, summoned to Parliament 1295 as 1st Baron FitzWALTER. He m 1stly Dervorguille (Derbhorcaill), 1st dau and coheir of Sir John de Burgh of Wakerley.

                Walter FitzRobert, b 1275, d 1293, m JOAN, dau of Sir JOHN ENGAINE of Laxton by JOAN, dau  and heir of Sir GILBERT de GREINVILLE. She 2ndly m

                     ADAM de WELLES who d 1311 (see under Welles for descendants and under Engaine for her ancestors)

                Robert, d an infant in 1291

ROBERT 2ndly m Alianore, dau of ROBERT de FERRERS, Earl of Derby (see under Ferrers for ancestors)

                Sir Robert FitzWalter, 2nd Baron

ROBERT 3rdly m ALICE, widow of Sir WARINE de L’ISLE




GUARINE de MEER (descended from the Dukes of Lorraine), made Sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1083, won his wife in jousting with a son of the King of Scotland and a Baron of Burgundy. His wife MILETTA was a dau of RANULPHUS de WHITTINGDON and MAUD, sister to Pain Peverell, Lord of Whittington (see under Whittingdon for ancestors)

                FULKE (Note: because of the dates may have been a grandson rather than a son)


FULKE FITZWARINE, d before 1195, nearly killed John, son of King HENRY I, by a blow on the head with a chess-board, m HAWISE, dau of Sir JOSCE de DINAN (see under Dinan for ancestors)




FULKE FITZWARINE of Adderbury, drowned after Battle of Lewes 1263, m as 2nd husband of MAUD VAVASOUR (see under Vavasour for ancestors) 

                FULKE, his successor

                MABEL, d 1296, m JOHN, 1st Lord TREGOZ (see under Tregoz for descendants)

FULKE 2ndly m Clarice

                Eve, 2nd consort of Llewellyn ap Iorweth Drwyndun, Prince of North Wales


FULKE FITZWARINE, summoned to Parliament as a Baron 1295, d ca 1314, m MARGARET, dau of GRUFFYD ap WENWYNWYN, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn (see under Wales for ancestors)



FULKE, 2nd Baron FITZWARINE, d 1349, m JOAN, dau of HENRY, Lord BEAUMONT, Earl of Buchan (see under Beaumont for ancestors)

                FULKE, 3rd Baron, d ca 1374


FITZWILLIAM (See also under Greystoke)  


WIlLIAM FITZGODRICK, “cousin in blood to King Edward the Confessor” which, if correct, might infer he was a son of GODFREY, Comte d’Eu, eldest illegitimate son of RICHARD I, Duke of Normandy



WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM, sent as ambassador to William, Duke of Normandy, returning with expedition of 1066 as a marshal of the invading army. He m ELEANOR, dau & heir of JOHN de Elmley, Lord of Elmley and Sprotborough, Yorks.



WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM, Lord of Elmley and Sprotborough, living 1117, said to have m ELLA, (Note: unlikely)  dau and co-heir of WILLIAM de WARRENNE, Earl of Surrey

                WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM          

                Roger, given Lordship of Gretewell by WILLIAM  de WARRENNE


WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM, Lord of Elmley and Sprotborough, m as 3rd husband of  ALBREDA, dau and heir of ROBERT de LISOURS (see under Lisours for ancestors) and widow of Henry de Lacy and of RICHARD (Robert) FITZEUSTACE LACY of Halton, Baron of Pontefract


                Donatia, given lands in Crowle by her mother


WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM, took up arms with the Barons against King John, m ELLA (ADELA), dau of HAMELINE (HAMLYN) PLANTAGENET, Earl Warrenne and Surrey (natural brother to King HENRY II and son of GEOFFREY, Comte d’Anjou (see under Anjou for ancestors)

                THOMAS FITZWILLIAM


THOMAS FITZWILLIAM, m AGNES, one of the daus and coheirs of ROGER (III) BERTRAM, Feudal Lord of Mitford (see under Bertram for ancestors)


                Sir Roger of Woodhall

                Peter of Denby





                Alberda, m Sir Richard Walleis, Knt. of Burgh Walleis


WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM of Sprotborough, joined insurrection of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, captured at Battle of Boroughbridge 1322 and hanged at York. He m AGNES, dau of Lord GREY of Codnor 



WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM, summoned to Parliament as a Baron, m MAUD, dau of EDMUND, Lord DEINCOURT ,d 1326/7 (see under Deincourt for ancestors) -ancestors of Earls Fitzwilliam

                JOHN FITZWILLIAM, m JOAN, dau of ADAM RERESBY



JOHN FITZWILLIAM, m ELIZABETH, dau & heir of WILLIAM CLINTON, Earl of Huntingdon

                EDMOND FITZWILLIAM


                                                THOMAS FITZWILLIAM


THOMAS FITZWILLIAM of Aldwarke, Yorks, m LUCY, dau & co-heir of JOHN NEVILLE, Marquess of Montacute 

                Thomas, slain at Battle of Flodden Field 1513

                                Margaret, m Godfrey Fuljambe

                                Alice, m James Fuljambe

                William Fitzwilliam, Knt., K.G., d 1543, Admiral of the England, Wales, Ireland, Normandy, Gascony & Aquitaine, given Manor of Navesby, Northants, made Earl of

                     Southampton 1537, m Mabel, dau of Henry, Lord Clifford and sister of HENRY, 1st Earl of Cumberland, but had no children and his estates went to his two nieces 


WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM of Milton and Gainspark, Essex, d 1534, m 1stly ANNE HAWES


He 2ndly m Mildred Sackville

                Mary, m John Shelley



WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM, d 1576            

                WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM, b 1526, d 1599, Lord Deputy (Governor) of Ireland and Lord Justice

of Ireland 1560-94, m Anne Sidney & had brothers-in-law Sir Henry Sidney KG., and Thomas

Radcliffe, 3rd Earl of Sussex

          Sir William Fitzwilliam, Knt., d 1618

                          William Fitzwilliam, 1st Baron Fitzwilliam

          ANNE, m Sir ANTHONY COOKE (see under Cooke – Essex for descendants





                Guillaume, Bishop of Évreux

                ERMENTRUDE, m WALTER (II) GIFFARD (see under Giffard for descendants)

                BASILIA, m 2ndly HUGH III de GOURNAY, d 1093 (see under Gournay for descendants)


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