pages 30-39 in ANCIENT ANCESTORS

GWELF, Count of Bavaria and Swabia, d 819, m HEILWIG, later Abbess of Chelles

                CONRAD I


CONRAD I, Count of Argengau, Linzgau and Auxerre, m ADELAIDE, dau of HUGUES “le Méfiant”, Comte de Tours (see under Tours for family), and his wife ABA 

                GWELF I

                CONRAD II, Comte d’Auxerre, Margrave of Transjuranian Burgundy, b 825, m  WALDRADA and had daughters

                                                ADELAIDE de Bourgogne, m RICHARD, Duc de Bourgogne (see under Burgundy for descendants)

                                                ITTA, m GUI I, Duc of Spoleto (see under Spoleto for descendants)


GWELF I, Count of Argengau and Linzgau



ETICHO, Count of Ammergau and Breisgau, d a monk ca 910, m JUDITH, dau of King AETHELWULF of England (see under England, Kings, for ancestors)

                HEINRICH, Count of Altdorf (see under Altdorf for descendants)



GERAUD, Bishop of Mayenne

                GERAUD I


GERAUD I, Duke of Allemania, alive 779, m IMMA. dau of HNABI (NEBI), Duke of Allemania   (see under Allemania for ancestors)

                ULRICH I

            HADRIAN, m WALDRAT, dau of LAMBERT, Count of Hornbach

                                EUDES, Comte d’Orléans, m ENGELTRUDE, and their dau

                                                ERMENTRUDE, m CHARLES II “the Bald”, Emperor of the West (see under Carolingian dynasty for descendants)

            WALDRADA, m RUTPERT III, Count of Wormsgau (see under Wormsgau for descendants)


ULRICH I, Count of Argengau & Linzgau, alive 808

                ULRICH II


ULRICH II, Count of Argengau & Linzgau, alive 815-18

                ULRICH III


ULRICH III, Count of Argengau & Linzgau, alive 860-85, m BERTA

                ULRICH IV, Count of Argengau & Linzgau

                                ULRICH V


ULRICH V, Count of Argengau, alive 894-909, m a niece of HEINRICH “the Fowler”, King of Germany

                ULRICH VI


ULRICH VI, Count of Hatien, killed 955, m DIETBERGE

                LUITFRIED I    


LUITFRIED I, Count of Winterthur

                ADALBERT I


ADALBERT I, Count of Winterthur & Kyburg, d 980

                LUITFRIED  II


LUITFRIED II, Lord of Burgellm


                                CONRAD I


CONRAD I, Count of Argengau, Linzgau and Auxerre, m ADELAIDE, dau of HUGUES “le Méfiant”, Comte de Tours (see under Tours for ancestors)  



ADALBERT, Count of Morsburg, Kyburg & Winterthur, d 1124/5, m MECHTILDE, dau of THIBAUD I, Comte de Bar (see under Bar for ancestors)

                MECHTILDE von MORSBERG, m MEGINHARD I, Count of Sponheim  (see under Sponheim  for descendants)


ARGYLE - Kings


FERCHAR FOTOA, King of Argyle and Loarn



SELBACH, King of Argyle and Loarn (701-23), d a monk 730

                FOREDACH WROLD


FOREDACK WROLD, m FLAND, dau of EOCHAUD II, King of Dalriada (see under Dalriada for ancestors)

                dau, m FERGUS, King of Dalriada (see under Dalriada for descendants)




HEIMAN d’Arkel, d ca 990

                FOPPO d’Arkel, d 1008

                                JAN I, d’ Arkel, d 1035

                                                JAN II d’Arkel, d 1082

                                                                JAN III d’Arkel, d 1112

                                                                                JAN IV d’Arkel, d 1144

                                                                                                JAN V d’Arkel, d 1176

                                                                                                                JAN VI d’Arkel & Asperen, d 1227

                                                                                                                                JAN VII d’Arkel & Asperen, d 1234

                                                                                                                                                JAN VIII              


JAN VIII d’Arkel & Asperen, d 1272

                JAN IX

                Otto de Heukelom & Asperen


JAN IX d’Arkel & Leerdam, d 1297

                JAN X d’Arkel & Leerdam, d 1329

                                JAN XI


JAN XI d’Arkel & Leerdam, d 1356

                Jan XII, d’Arkel & Leerdam, d 1360



OTTO, d 1396

                JAN XIII d’Arkel, d 1428, Comte de Gueldres, m JOHANNA, Comtesse de Gueldres (see

          under Gueldres for descendants)


ARLES - Comtes 


CONRAD I, King of Arles, b 924, d 999, son of RUDOLPH II, King of Burgundy (911-37) and King of Italy (see under Burgundy for ancestors), m 2ndly in 955 MAUD, dau of LOUIS IV of France (see under Carolingian dynasty for ancestors)



THIBAUD (THEOBALD), Comte d’Arles & Vienne, m 1stly as 1st husband of BERTHA, dau of LOTHAIR II, King of Lorraine, son of LOTHAIR I, King of Italy (see under Carolingian dynasty for ancestors)    

                HUGH of ARLES

            BOZO, Marquess of Tuscany, (see under Tuscany for descendants)

By another woman THIBAUD had

            Guido, Marquess of Tuscany, m Marozia (lover of brother-in-law HUGH), dau of Theophylact, Patriarch of Constantinople (933-56) and son

                of Emperor ROMANUS Lecapenus


HUGH of ARLES, Comte de Provence & Vienne, King of Italy (925-47) d 948. When RUDOLPH II of Burgundy (911-37) and briefly of Italy died HUGH succeeded him, married his widow Bertha and married RUDOLPH’s dau ADELAIDE to his (HUGH’s) son LOTHAIRE.

                LOTHAIRE of ARLES

                WILLA of Tuscany, m BOSO, jure uxoris Comte d’Arles, Margrave of Tuscany. She 2ndly m ARDICINO (see under Ivrea for descendants)

                WILLA of Arles, m BERENGER II of Italy (see under Italy for descendants)

                Eudocia, m Byzantine Emperor ROMANUS II

By WANDELMODIS, a concubine, HUGH of ARLES had

                HUMBERT, Margrave of Tuscany and Spoleto (see under Tuscany for descendants)


LOTHAIRE of ARLES, King of Italy (947-50) m ADELAIDE, dau of RUDOLPH II of Burgundy 911-37, briefly King of Italy (see under Burgundy, Gwelf Kings for ancestors)

                GUILLAUME de PROVENCE



                CONSTANCE of ARLES, m as 3rd wife ROBERT II, “the Pious”, King of France (996-1031)

                                 (see under  France, Kings, for descendants)


Note: Following sudden death of LOTHAIRE, King of Italy in 950, he was succeeded as joint Kings by Berengar II of Ivrea (grandson of the Berengar I of Ivrea, Roman Emperor 915 until murdered in 924) and his son Adalbert. 


ROTBOLD I, Comte d’Arles, d 928

                ROTBOLD II


ROTBOLD II, Comte d’Arles, d 948

                BOSO II, Comte de Provence (see under Provence for descendants)


ARLON - Comtes


UDO, Count of Meinvelt, alive 964

                CONRAD, Comte d’Arlon

                WALERAN I


WALERAN I “the Old”, Comte d’Arlon, m ADELAIDE, dau of DIETRICH I, Comte de Bar, Duc de Lorraine Haut (see under Bar for ancestors) 

                WALERAN II


WALERAN II, Comte d’Arlon, m JUTTA of Luxemburg, dau of FREDERICK II, Duc de Basse-Lorraine and Count of Moselgau (see under Luxemburg and Moselgau for ancestors)

                HENRI I


HENRI I, Comte d’Arlon & Limburg, Duc de Basse-Lorraine, m 2ndly ADELAIDE, dau of BOTO von BOTENSTEIN (see under Botenstein for ancestors) 

                WALERAN III



WALERAN III, “Paganus”, Comte d’Arlon, Wassenburg & Limburg, Duc de Basse-Lorraine, m JUDITH, dau of GÉRARD I FLAMINIUS, Comte de Gueldres (see under Guelders for ancestors)

                HENRI II


HENRI II, Comte d’Arlon, Duke of Limburg, m 1stly MATHILDE, dau of ADOLPH von SAFFENBERG (see under Saffenberg for ancestors)

                MARGARET von LIMBURG, m GODFREY III, Duke of Brabant (see under  Brabant for descendants)


ARMENIA - Orontid dynasty


BAGABIGNA, living ca 550 BCE

                HYDARNES I, d 521 BCE

                                HYDARNES II, d ca 480

                                                ORONTES I (AROANDES)

                                                            ARTASYRAS, satrap of Hyrcania

                                                                                ORONTES II


ORONTES (AROANDES) II , d 344, Satrap of Armenia, m RHODOGUNDE, dau of ARTAXERXES II, King of Persia (see under Persia, Achaemendid dynasty, for ancestors)

                ORONTES III


ORONTES (AROANDES) III, Satrap of Armenia (ca 344-331 BCE when he became King)

                MITHRANES I, King of Armenia (331- ca 318)

                                AROANDES, King of Armenia (ca 318- ca 260 BCE)

                                                SAMOS I, King of Armenia (ca 260)

                                                                ARSAMES I, King of Armenia (ca 259-after 228 BCE)



XERXES, King of Armenia (ca 227-after 212 BCE), m ANTIOCHIS, dau of ANTIOCHUS II, King of Syria (see under Syria for ancestors)

                PTOLEMY I, King of Commagene (see under Commagene for descendants)


ARMENIA - Artaxiad dynasty  



                ARTASHES, Governor of Armenia under ANTIOCHUS III of Syria ca 200 BCE and following Syria’s defeat by Rome in 190/189, ARTAXIAS declared himself King of

                         Eastern Armenia (189-ca 161/0 BCE) Note: at same time Zareh became King of Western Armenia

                                Artavasdes I, King of Eastern Armenia (ca 161/0- ca 159 BCE when he suicided) 



VALASAKES, King of Eastern Armenia (158-149 BCE)

Tigranes I, King of Eastern Armenia (149-133 BCE)

ARSACES I, King of Iberia (Eastern Armenia) (133-120 BCE)

          ARTASHES II, King of Eastern Armenia (120-95)

                   TIGRANES II


TIGRANES II “the Great”, re-unified Eastern and Western Armenia as King of Armenia (95-56) and also temporarily took over Seleucid Empire by invitation in 83 BCE, 1stly m Anon, 2ndly m CLEOPATRA (by whom he had 2 sons, probably including ARTAVASDES II), dau of MITHRADATES VI Eupator of Pontus and 3rdly m Zosime. It is uncertain by which mothers he had the other following children

                ARTAVASDES II

                Aryazata, m Mithradates II, King of Parthia

                Tigranes I, King of Sophene, m dau of PHRAATES III, King of Parthia

                Dau, m Mithradates I, King of Media Atropatene 67 BCE

                                Ariobarzanes, King of Media Atropatene 36 BCE

                                Artavasdes I, King of Media Atropatene and lesser Armenia 20 BCE

                                                Iotape, m Alexander son of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and Marcus Antonius

                                                Ariobarzanes, King of Media Atropatene (BCE 20-2 CE) and Armenia (2-4 CE)

                                                                Artavasdes, King of Armenia (4-6 CE) and Media Atropatene (4-10)

                Dau, 1stly m Pharnabazus II, King of Iberia; she 2ndly m Meribanes II, King of Iberia


ARTAVASDES II, King of Armenia (56-34 BCE)

                Artaxias II, King of Armenia (33-20 BCE)

                Tigranes III, King of Armenia (20-6 BCE)

                       Tigranes IV, King of Armenia (BCE 6-1 CE), m his sister Erato

                                            Erato, Queen of Armenia (BCE 6-1 CE)



Tigranes IV (grandson of HEROD “the Great” of Judaea), made King of Armenia (6-8 CE) by Rome and d 36 CE


                                Tigranes V, King of Armenia (60-62)


Vorones, King of Armenia (11-16 CE)


Arshak (Arsaces), son of a Parthian King) made King of Armenia (34-36)


Mithridates, King of Iberia (Georgia)

                Pharasmenes, King of Iberia

                                Rhadimistus, King of Armenia (part of 51)

                Mithridates, King of Armenia (36-41 & 51 when killed by Rhadimistus)


Trdat (Tiridates), a son of 2nd dau of Tigranes III and thus a descendant of Tigranes “the Great”, made King of Western Armenia (51-60 & 63) as a Roman vassal under Emperor Nero


ARMENIA - Arshakunian (Arsacid) dynasty  


KHOSROES I ( (sometimes known as ARSACES III or as VAGHARDSH), a younger son of OLAGASES (VOLOGAESES) V,  Great King of Parthia (see under Parthia, Arsacid Kings, for ancestors), made King of Armenia (191-216 when kidnapped by Roman Emperor Caracalla) m dau of PHARSMAN (PHARASMENES) III, King of Armaz (see under Iberia for ancestors)



TIRIDATES (TRDAT) II, King of Armenia (238-52 when Armenia came under Sassanid control & 279-85)


                Tiridates (Trdat) III, King of Western Armenia (287-93) and whole of Armenia (293-98)

                + other sons


KHOSROES II, Joint King of Armenia “the Valiant”, King of Western Armenia (285-293 when killed by Tiridates II and his other brothers)




TIGRANES “Helios” (TIRIDATES IV), 1st Christian King of Armenia (298-330), m PHARRANTSEM (ruled as Queen from 363 till captured by Sapor II of Persia, d 370)

                Dau, m HESYCHIUS, Katholicos of Armenia (see under Armenia, Hereditary Bishops, for descendants)

                Arsaces IV, King of Armenia (363-67)

                                Pap, King of Armenia (367-75 when killed)

                                                Arsaces V, joint-King of Armenia (378-92)

                                                Valarsaces II, joint-King of Armenia (378-86)

                Salome, m Rev II, joint-King of Iberia (345-61)


                                Varaztad (Varahran Shapur), King of Armenia (375-78)

                                CHOSROES III, King of Armenia (390-92 & 412-13)

                                                BAMBISHN, m ATHENOGARNES (see under Armenia, Hereditary Bishops, for descendants)

                                                Bahram Shapur (Sapor)

                                                Varazdukht, m Pap I, Prince of the Gregorid domain


ARMENIA - Bagratid dynasty


Note: The Bagratids were probably descended from Bagadates, a general of Tigranes the Great, King of Armenia (96-56 BCE). They came to further prominence ruling Armenia as Viceroys for the Persians, then as High Constables for the Arab Caliphs, amd eventually became Kings of  Lesser Armenia.




                                SMBAT IV


SMBAT IV, Prince of the Bagratani, d 616/7, appointed Marzpãn (Viceroy) of Hyrcania for the Persians (595-602), then adopted as son by Emperor Maurice 


                ASHOT, ancestor of the Kings of Iberia (Georgia), see under Iberia for descendants.


VARAZ TIROZ II BAGRATANI, Prince of the Bagratuni and Aspet, appointed Marzpãn (Viceroy) of Eastern Armenia  by the Persians 628 till exiled in 636 to Western Armenia where he was appointed Curopalates in 645 by Byzantine Emperor Heraclius

                SMBAT V


SMBAT V, Prince of the Bagratani and Aspet, Curopalates of Armenia, m in 643 dau of MANUEL, an Arsacid Prince




                ASHOD (ASOT) III “the Blind”, Prince of the Bagratuni, Governor of Lesser Armenia for the Abbasid Caliphate (732-48), d 758

                                SEMPAD (SMBAT) VI

                                VASAG, m dau of GUARAM III, Prince of Klardjeti-Djavakheti, Prince of Iberia


                                                                ASHOD, King of Georgia (786-826) see under Iberia for descendants


SMBAT VI (SEMPAD), Prince of the Bagratids, High Constable of Armenia for the Caliph (761-72), d 781, m dau of SAMUEL, Prince of the Mamikonids (see under Armenia, Mamikonid Princes, for ancestors)

                ASHOD (ASHOT) “the Carnivorous”

                Apas, King of Kars (886-89)


ASHOD (ASHOT) “the Carnivorous”, Prince of Armenia (806-26), High Constable of Armenia for the Caliph

                SMBAT VIII

                RHIPSIME, m HAMASASP II (Artsruni), Prince of Vaspurakan (see under Vaspurakan for descendants)


SMBAT (SEMPAD) “Albabas” VIII “the Confessor”, High Constable of Armenia (826-855), m RHIPSIME

                ASHOT I


ASHOT I “Medz”( the Great), recognised by both the Caliph and Byzantine Emperor as  King of Armenia (884-90)

                SMBAT I

            SOPHIA, m GRIKOR DERENEC (see under Vaspurakan, Princes, for descendants)


SMBAT I Nahadag” (the Martyr), King of Armenia (890-912) martyred by the Persian Emir Yusuf in 912

                Ashot II “the Iron”, King of Armenia (914-28)

           APAS (ABAS) I


APAS I, King of Armenia (928-52), m dau of GURGEN II, Duke of Tao  

            ASHOT III

            MUSHEL, King of Kars (962-84)

                    ABAS I, King of Kars (984-1029) 

                               Gakik Abas II, King of Kars (1029-64 when deposed)


ASHOT III “Sbarabied”( the Merciful), King of Armenia (952-77), took the title King of Kings, m KHOSROVANUSH

                Smbat II “the Conqueror”, King of Armenia (977-89)

                KAGIK (GAKIK) I

                GURGËN I, Prince of Tachir (982-89), King of Lori (980-89) and ancestor of later Tachir Princes till 1260



KAGIK I, Shahashah of Armenia (989-1020), m KOTRAMIDE, dau of VASAK VI of Siunia

                HOVHANNES (JOHN) SMBAT, King of Lesser Armenia (1020-41)

                RHUPIN (RUBEN) I (see under Armenia, Rhupenian dynasty for descendants)

            Ashot IV “Yergat”( the Valiant), anti-King (1021-40)

                          Kagik II, King of Armenia (1041/2-45 when he ceded his Kingdom to the Byzantine Empire), d 1080, m dau of David Artsruni of Vaspurakan  

                                                David, d ca 1080, m dau of ABULGHARIB ARTSRUNI, Byzantine governor of Tarsus


ARMENIA - Hereditary Bishops


ANAK, from the Suren-Pahlav family of Persia, conspired in assassination of King Tiridates II’s father

GRIGOR PARTAK  XE "Suren-Pahlav family of Persia"


GRIGOR, b 240 CE, d 322, took title “Katholicos”, Bishop of Armenia, rechristened as GRIGOR “Loussavich” the Illuminator, and known in later history as St. GREGORY, Prince of Acilisene, Taraun-Ashtishot & Bagravandene, m MARIA, dau of DAVID  

                 St. Vhartanes, Katholicos of Armenia (322-27), Prince of Acilisene, Taraun-Ashtishot & Bagravandene 

            St. ARISTAKES (RÉSTACES)


St. ARISTAKES (RÉSTACES), Katholicos of Armenia (327-42), Prince of Acilisene, Taraun-Ashtishot & Bagravandene



HESYCHIUS (YUSIK I), Katholicos of Armenia (342-8) , Prince of Acilisene, Taraun-Ashtishot & Bagravandene, m dau of TIRIDATES IV “the Great”, King of Armenia  

                Pap I, Prince of the Gregorid domain (348- . .), m Varazdukht, dau of CHOSROES III, King of  Armenia



ATHENOGARNES, m BAMBISHN, dau of CHOSROES III, Arsacid King of Armenia (see under Armenia, Arsacid Kings, for ancestors)

                St. NERSES          I


St. NERSES I “Shinogh” the Builder (also known as “the Great”), hereditary Katholicos (Primate) of Armenia (355-73), Prince of the Gregorid domain, m SANDUKHT, dau of VARDAN I, Prince of the Mamikonids (see under Armenia, Mamikonids, for ancestors)

                St. ISAAC


St. ISAAC “the Great”, d ca 440, hereditary Katholicos (Primate) of Armenia (378-438), Prince of the Gregorid domain,  founded the separate Armenia church 

                SAHAKANOYSH, the Gregorid heiress, m HAMAZASP I, Prince of the Mamikonids  (see under Armenia, Mamikonid Princes, for descendants)


ARMENIA - Mamikonid Princes


ARTAVAZD I, Prince of the Mamikonids in 314

                VACHE I


VACHE I, Prince of the Mamikonids, d ca 339

                ARTAVAZD II


ARTAVAZD II, Prince of the Mamikonids (ca 339-50)

                VARDAN I, Prince of the Mamikonids (ca 350-65)

                         SANDUKHT, m St. NERSES I, Katholicos of Armenia (see under Armenia, Hereditary Bishops, for descendants)


                          MANUEL I


MANUEL I, Prince of the Mamikonids (374/8-386) and Regent of Armenia (378-86)

                Hmayak, d 386

                Vardandukht, m Arsaces III, King of Armenia (379-84) & of Western Armenia (384-90)

                ARTASHIR (ARTAVAZD III)


ARTASHIR, Prince of the Mamikonids (386-7)



HAMAZASP I, Prince of the Mamikonids (387-432), m SAHAKANOYSH, the Gregorid heiress, dau of St. ISAAC (see under Armenia, Hereditary Bishops, for ancestors)  


                St. Vardan II, Prince of the Mamikonids (432-51 when killed at Battle of Avarayr)

                                St. Susan, d 474, m Vasgen I, Vitaxa of Gogarene

                                Vardanoysh, m Arshavir II, Prince of Kamsarakan

                                Magnus I, Prince of the Mamikonids (451-71)

                St. Hmaycak, d 451, m Dzoyk, dau of Vram Artsruni

                        Vahan I “the Great”, Prince of the Mamikonids (471-505), Viceroy of Armenia (485-505)


HAMAZASPIAN MAMIKONIAN, also killed at Battle of Avarayr 451



HMAYCEK MAMIKONIAN, Mamikonid Prince in Armenia, a Persian vassal


                Gregory, alive 555


MUSHEL MAMIKONIAN, Mamikonid Prince, alive in 555, a Roman vassal



DAVID MAMIKONIAN, Mamikonid Prince, alive ca 600, a Persian vassal

                HAMAZASP II

                Gregory, Prince of Armenia (662-84/5), m Helen, dau of Varaz Grigor I, Prince of Gardman


HAMAZASP II MAMIKONIAN, Prince of the Mamikonids (ca 638-61), heir of the Gregorid domain, Governor (Ostikan) of Armenia (655-8) under the Arab Governor of Syria, m dau of THEODOR, Prince of  Rushtuni 

                Mushel III



HRAHAT, a Mamikonid Prince under Arab suzerainty

                Gregory I, Prince of the Mamikonids (ca 748-50)



DAVID, a Mamikonid Prince, d 744



SAMUEL, Prince of the Mamikonids, heir of the Gregorid domain, killed at Battle of Bagravandène 772


                DAU, a Mamikonid Princess, m SMBAT VI, Prince of the Bagratids (see under Armenia, Bagratid dynasty for descendants)


HMAYEAK, Prince of the Mamikonids, m ANNA, dau of LEO V, Emperor of the East (813-20)

                KONSTANTINOS (see under Byzantium, Amorian dynasty, for descendants)


ARMENIAN CILICIA - Rhupenian dynasty


ROUPEN I (RHUPIN or RUBEN), (see under Armenia, Bagratid dynasty, for ancestors), a vassal of the Armenian Vahram (Philaterus) and titular King in exile of Cilician Armenia (1080-95)



GOSDANTIN (CONSTANTINE) I, King in exile of Cilician Armenia (1095-99), d 1100

                Thoros (Theodore) I, ditto (1100-29)

                DAU, m JOSCELIN I, Comte d’Edessa (see under Courtenay for descendants)

                LEVON (LEO) I


LEVON (LEO) I, King in exile of Cilician Armenia (1129-38), d in prison 1141 (Cilicia occupied by   Byzantines 1138-45)

                Roupen, murdered ca 1144


                Mleh, a vassal of Seljuk Turks, King in exile of Cilician Armenia ( (1169-75 when assassinated)    

                SDEPHANE (STEVEN) - see below


                                Thomas, the Regent

                dau, m Vasil Dogha, Lord of Kaisoun


THORUS (THEODORE) II, King in exile of Armenian Cilicia (1141-67). Note: some Armenian histories report he m Retha, dau of Sempad de Babaron, which may be erroneous or, if true, could suggest she before or later also m Sdephane – see below.

                Roupen II, King in exile (1167-69)

                Dau, m HETHOUM III of Lambron (see under Lambron for descendants)

                Philippa, m as 2nd wife of THEODORE LASCARIS, Emperor of Nicaea  


SDEPHANE (STEVEN), see above, d 1164, m RITA, dau of SMBAT I, Prince of Paperon, son of HETHOUM II, Prince of Lambron (see under Lambron for ancestors)

                Roupen III, King in exile (1175-85), m Isabella de Montfort (see under Montfort, Seigneurs de Tyre & Toron for ancestors)

                                Alice, 1stly Hethoum of Sassoun. She 2ndly m Raymond of Antioch (see under Antioch for ancestors)


                                                                Maria, m Philippe de Montfort, Seigneur of Tyre (see under Montfort, Seigneurs de Tyre, for descendants)

                LEVON (LEO) II

                DOLETA, m BERTRAND EMBRIACO, Seigneur de Giblet (see under Embriaco for descendants)


LEVON (LEO II) “the Great”, King of Armenian Cilicia (1185-1219), m 1stly ISABELLA of Antioch (see under Antioch for ancestors)

                Stephanie, m JEAN de Brienne (see under Brienne and Jerusalem)

LEVON 2ndly m SIBYLLA, dau of AMAURY I, King of Jerusalem and Cyprus (see under Jerusalem for ancestors)

                ZABEL (ISABELLE) – see under Armenian Cilicia, Hethumian dynasty, for descendants             


ARMENIAN CILICIA - Hethumian dynasty


ZABEL (ISABELLE), Queen of Armenian Cilicia (1219-51), b 1214, 1stly m Philippe, Prince of Antioch, briefly jure uxoris King of Armenia 1221-22 XE "ANTIOCH - Princes"  (see under Antioch for son); she 2ndly m as 1st wife of HETHOUM IV (see under Lambron for his ancestors and other descendants), jure uxoris King of

Armenian Cilicia (1224-68)

                LEVON III


                Sibylla, m Boémond VI of Antioch

                EUPHEMIA, m JULIAN GARNIER of Sidon (see under Garnier for descendants)


LEVON III, King of Armenian Cilicia (1268-89), m ANNA, dau of CONSTANTINE of Lambron (see under Lambron for ancestors)

                Hethoum II, King of Armenian Cilicia (1289-93), d 1307

                Thoros III, King of Armenian Cilicia (1293-95), m Marguerite, dau of HUGUES III, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem

                                Levon IV, King of Armenian Cilicia (1305-08), m Agnes, dau of Amalric of Cyprus (Tyre) 

                Sempad, King of Armenian Cilicia (1296-99), m Isabella of Ibelin (Jaffa)

                Gosdantin (Constantine) II, King of Armenian Cilicia (1299-1300)

                Oshin, King of Armenia Cilicia (see below)

                Zabel (Isabelle), m AMAURY (AMALRIC) de Lusignan, d 1310 (see under Cyprus, French Kings, and also under Lusignan for ancestors) - see below for descendants

                MARÍA-XENE, m MICHAEL IX, Associate Emperor of Byzantium (1295-1320) – see under  Byzantium, Palaeologue dynasty, for descendants


Oshin, King of Armenian Cilicia (1308-20), 1stly m Isabella, dau of HUGUES III, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem

            Levon V, King of Armenian Cilicia (1320-42), 1stly m Alice, dau of Oshin of Kirakos. He 2ndly m Constance of Aragon, Queen Dowager of Cyprus

Oshin 2ndly m Joanna of Anjou-Taranto (who 2ndly m Oshin of Kirakos) 

                Maria, m Gosdantin (Constantine) III, King of Armenian Cilicia (see below)


Amalric, son of HUGUES II, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (see under Cyprus for ancestors), Governor of Cyprus (1306-10), Seigneur de Tyre, m Zabel (Isabella) of Armenian Cilicia (see above)

                Gosdantin III, Seigneur de Neghir, then King of Armenian Cilicia (1342-43), m Maria, dau of Oshin, King of Armenian Cilicia  (see above)



                Kovidon, King of Armenian Cilicia (1343-45)

                Guy I, 1stly m dau of - - Cantacuzenus, Despot of Morea

                  Guy I 2ndly m dau of - - Syrgianes

                Boémond, Comte de Corycus, m Euphemia of Neghir 

                Jean, m Soldana of Georgia 

                                Marguerite, m Manuel Cantacuzenus, Despot of Morea 

                                Leo V, m Marguerite de Soissons 

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